Steel Railing Design Ideas

Not only do stairs make a functional part of the house, but also they have a major share in elevating the interior decor of the house. Also, they take up a substantial amount of space, which is why it is practically impossible to not notice them. Intricately designed railings play a huge role in boosting the overall look of the stairs. There are numerous types of materials which are used for making railings, however, steel is one of the most commonly used ones. In case you are looking for steel railing design ideas, you are at the right place., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has come up with some interesting ideas to incorporate steel into your staircase design.

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Things To Consider When Choosing a Steel Railing Design For Your Home

Here are a few things, that you need to consider before selecting your steel railing design.

  • It is essential to select a railing design that is easy to maintain and clean.
  • The space where you want to install the railings should also be assessed so that the perfect size can be selected.


Various Steel Railing Designs Ideas

An elegant railing design will not only make the staircase look pretty but will also offer an aesthetic focal point. Moreover, it will uplift the overall interior decor of the house.

Your vision of having an appealing steel railing for your stairs can turn into reality. All you have to do is select the right type of steel railing. The special thing about steel railings is that no matter what vibe your space portrays, it can always match that.

Following are a few steel railing design ideas.

  • Minimalist Stainless Steel Railing Design
  • Steel and Glass Railing Design
  • Floral Steel Railing Design
  • Wood and Steel Combination
  • LED Lights Steel Railing Designs
  • Steel Railing With Geometric Patterns
  • Rainier Cable Railing
  • Mesh Infil Steel Railing
  • Glacier Panel Railing Design
  • Painted Steel Railing Design
  • Curved Steel Railing


Minimalist Steel Railing


minimalist steel railing design of a house


A minimalist style simple steel railing can never go out of fashion. It has the ability to match the decor of your house while giving it an elegant look at the same time.

What material a product is composed of, plays a major role in determining its overall elegance. Homeowners usually seek contemporary decor for their houses with a subtle hint of a vintage style.

A classic stainless steel railing would be the best choice for them, as it will not only sustain the classic appearance of the railing but will also give a modern vibe at the same time.

Moreover, a simple steel railing is easier to maintain as well.


Steel & Glass Steel Railing Design Ideas


steel and glass railing of a terrace


You can add a little more contemporary touch to your railings by incorporating glass with steel. Also, you have multiple options while choosing the glass, ranging from tinted and textured to simple plain ones. Incorporating textured glass will accentuate the decor of your house even further.

This design is quite popular among homeowners, as it does not require any further embellishments, and is complete on its own.


Floral Steel Railing Design


floral steel railing in a house


There is another railing design which is quite commonly used in South Asian houses and that is the floral steel railing design. You will find a vast variety of floral railing designs in the markets, or you can even customise one as per your style.

A floral steel railing will add a traditional element to the house while adding warmth to it. Hence it is perfect for overly simplistic or minimalist spaces.

Using a floral steel railing for the house front would be a nice way to enhance your home’s curb appeal.


Wood & Steel Combination


wood and steel railing in a house


If you don’t like glass and have a preference towards a warm and cosy interior, you should go for the timeless combination of wood and steel. You can utilise wood for making balusters. Moreover, steel and wood blend perfectly with each other.


LED Lights Steel Railing Designs


LED steel railing outside a house


A lot of people incorporate LED lights into their railings. This is a fancy way to enhance the appearance of the staircase by adding glamour to it.

Lights will add a luxurious element to railings and will brighten your staircase, consequently making it the focal point of the living area. You can experiment with the lights of various types, designs and colours.

When it comes to selecting LED bulbs, you have multiple options to choose from. You can either go for fancy colourful lights for a vibrant ambience, or you can choose simple soft and warm lights to match your mood.


Steel Railing With Geometric Patterns


Geometric patterned stainless steel railing design of a house's stairs


Steel staircase designs do not necessarily have to be just vertical or horizontal. If you want to have a geometric pattern for your steel railings, you will find a wide range of them in the markets. You can choose the one you like or you can customise one as well.


Rainier Cable Railing


rainier cable steel railing design of outdoor stairs


If you want to sustain the minimalist appearance of the railings while adding a little more style to them, you can use rainier cable railings. It is a revolution of classic designs.

Rainier cable railing presents a discerning, linear horizontal style with its fine, highly-tough stainless steel cabling that is perfect for both staircases and exterior spaces.

Rainier’s unwavering resistance and plainness provide a modern look devised to survive a long time.


Mesh Infil Steel Railing


mesh infil design of an outdoor railing


Although not common in the interior of a house, the mesh steel railing design is a cool design for outdoor railings. Mesh infill railings offer resistance and durability while providing a sleek look at the same time. You can simply let it be it as it is or paint it any desired colour.

However, there is one downside to using this railing design and that is its high price. Another flaw about this type of railing is that it can get damaged if not handled with proper care.

On the other hand, it has a lot of advantages as well, for instance, low maintenance, a wide variety of designs, and durability. If budget is not an issue problem, mesh infill railing can make the best exterior decking railing for your house, giving the space a sleek and stylish appearance while adding durability as well.


Glacier Panel Railing Design


glacier panel glass steel railing design of indoor stairs


It is another popular steel railing design among homeowners in Pakistan. Glacier panel railing offers a clear sight as opposed to a mesh or cable railing design.

Commonly, it comes with infills of glass and generates an illusion of wider space. In addition, it will give a high-end feel to your space. If the house is small and the rooms are congested, or the place is not bright enough, you should go for a glacier panel steel railing design.

To add more glamour to it, you may incorporate LED lights, which will further brighten and maximise the illusion of a big space.


Painted Steel Railing Design


black painted steel railing design of outdoor stairs


The smooth and lustrous appearance of steel railings is arguably one of its most attractive features, however, it might not serve everyone’s sense of style.

This is the reason a lot of people paint their railings. The most popular colours for railings are white and black. This type of railings is a perfect fit for the decking space of the house.

If you are someone who likes unusual and modish railings for your home, try coating them with a colour which complements the rest of the house’s decor.


Curved Steel Railing


curved steel railing of indoor stairs


Curved railing is not itself a design but is more of the shape of the railing. Any of the above-mentioned railings can be converted into a curved railing. It is typically used in houses for making staircases and balcony railings.

If you are looking for some extra style for your railings, you should opt for this design.

Steel is arguably one of the most used materials for the construction of houses and buildings. Not only that, it is also used for decoration purposes for e.g for making railings.

In this blog, we presented a few of the various steel railing design ideas you can choose from. For more information, visit Graana blog.

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