Things you need to know about sector I-12

Things you need to know about sector I 12

Islamabad is one of Pakistan’s top cities for investment owing to its high standard of living, safety, and magnificent beauty the city has to offer. There has been a steady growth of interest in investment and business in the capital city for several years. To fulfill rising property demand in places like Islamabad, developers are expanding their developments into previously underdeveloped areas. Sector I-12 is one of the most beautiful and picturesque locations in Islamabad. brings you all things you need to know about sector I-12 in this blog.

Islamabad’s real estate market has begun to boom recently. Capital Development Authority (CDA) is on its mission to ensure a steady stream of development activities. Because the city is separated into four zones, a rather more zonal approach needs to be implemented to understand the real estate market.

Things you need to know about sector I12

Of all the things you need to know about sector I-12, one of the most interesting is that it has a lot of untapped potential for commercial purposes too.  Most areas in of Zone 1 market are already saturated except for a few projects. The sector has been gaining traction for investment as well as development prospects.

Things you need to know about sector I-12

Genuine buyers are showing interest in the area along with investors. The sector has properties ranging in size from 5 to 8 marla. The properties of 7 marlas are most popular among buyers and investors. Possession of property is also readily available which is also a great plus for the investors and buyers. The I.J.P Road, one of the most important roads in Islamabad, which connects the Islamabad Expressway in the west and the N5 Highway in the east, lies at the south of Sector I-12.

The sector is currently under development, but the residents can expect to have access to all living amenities and luxuries in the near future. There used to be a landfill site at I-12, but CDA removed it last year. The capital city produces around 600 tonnes of waste every day. It still lacks a proper and permanent landfill site. Due to this, CDA had little choice but to dump garbage in sector I-12. It was finally removed from the sector, as it had been impeding the sector’s development. Keeping in mind all the things you need to know about sector I-12, you must consider it a good shot for buying or investment purposes.