Tinted Windows for House | Pros and Cons

Although windows are considered a crucial element of a house (in terms of ventilation as well as a visual appeal), it is sometimes difficult to install them while keeping your privacy intact. However, with tinted windows for house, you can resolve this.

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After applying a transparent thin film that clings to the glass, the result is a seamless finish with no air gaps, giving the impression that the glass is colored. However, tinted windows can have a few drawbacks as well.

Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, gives you a detailed insight into the advantages and disadvantages of tinted windows for houses, so you make an informed decision before installing them in your home.


What Are the Types of Tinted Windows?

These shaded windows are becoming a popular element in the construction or renovation of houses. It comes in a variety of colours, materials, and finishes that help elevate the impression of your space, along with multiple other advantages. Get know about curtains and blinds.

Typically, they come in three different broad categories as outlined below:


Solar Window Tinting

It is a special film that does not make the windows appear darker but gives protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This is especially useful for houses in extremely hot climates.


Security Window Tinting

For privacy purposes, windows are protected with a polyester film (of one or more layers) to keep your house safe against break-ins. 


Decorative Window Tinting

Decorative tints for windows are incorporated solely to enhance the overall aesthetics of your house.


Pros and Cons of Tinted Windows


tinted windows for front elevation of house


These days, window tinting is common in modern houses. They are usually matched and coordinated as per the chosen color theme. However, installing these windows can bring along both benefits and drawbacks, which may vary according to the weather, the property itself, and the personal taste of people.

Let’s take a look at some of these below. 


Pros of Tinted Windows


solar tinted windows in sunroom of house


Tinted windows are used for a number of reasons ranging from energy conservation to protection from the sun’s harmful rays. 

Following are some more benefits of installing tinted windows at your home. 

  • Temperature Control
  • Cost-Efficiency
  • Enhanced Security
  • Privacy
  • Protection Against UV Rays
  • Minimise Glare
  • Aesthetic Appeal


Temperature Control


solar tinted windows in the patio of house


Tinted windows play an important role when it comes to regulating the temperature of your house. Due to the additional layer, the windows reflect the sunlight, preventing heat from entering the inside space. 

This helps in keeping your house cooler and more comfortable during summers. 


Choosing the right tint for your windows can help you a lot in cutting down on your electricity expenses. This is because, during the daytime, sunlight can reduce the usage of light bulbs. In addition, keeping your windows protected, can also maintain a cooler temperature inside, reducing your usage of air conditioners. 


Enhanced Security

Secure tinted windows also keep your house safe from burglars; the protective layer makes it difficult for intruders to break the glass, which gives you enough time to take any action accordingly. 

This also applies to any unfortunate natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, and even fires.




dark tinted windows for front elevation of house


Privacy is a major reason why tinted windows have rapidly made their way into the construction industry. Even though there is no doubt about the importance of windows in a house, more windows increase the risk of privacy intrusion as people can peek in easily.

Tinted windows, however, can maintain your privacy, and you can roam freely in your own space.

A reflective tinted especially is a popular choice as it bounces back sunlight, creating an almost mirror-like effect. This makes it impossible to peek inside the windows of your house. 


Protection Against Ultraviolet Rays

Premium quality tints can block up to 99.9% of UV rays, which ultimately keeps you and your furniture safe from heat damage, and protects your carpets and furniture from fading.


Minimizes Glare

Sunlight glare can cause a lot of stress and strain to your eyes, which can ultimately affect your vision in the longer run. Even though blinds and curtains are commonly used for this purpose, they completely block out the light. 

However, with tinted windows, this can easily be avoided as they only filter outglares and harmful rays, resulting in smooth and diffused light. 


Aesthetic Appeal


tinted windows for front elevation of house


Tinted windows can greatly add to the aesthetic appeal of your house. As they come in many colours, they can be used as per the chosen theme of your space’s overall design.

Using the right colour can add a lot of character to your house, and is a great way to revamp your home and front elevation instead of spending a fortune on remodeling. 

They also come in different textures; for example, you can select from a variety of stain colors and opaque-frosted options for your house or even office space.  


Cons of Tinted Windows

Taking a closer look at some of the disadvantages of tinted windows can help you decide if this is the right choice for you. 

Window and Tint Compatibility

All tint films are not for all windows. Tinted windows for houses are specially manufactured with a basic flat glass structure, which is also known as annealed glass. This annealed glass is typically heat-treated and produced with two different layers of glass (hence, it is also called double-paned glass). 

You can consult a professional in this case to understand which is the best choice for your particular design.


Unsuitable for Cold Climate

If you live in a relatively colder region, letting sunlight waft through the window will only improve the inside temperature. Thus, installing tinted windows is not of much use given its properties to block the outside heat.

However, if you’re still choosing to opt for these, you can choose a lighter shade of tint film to allow in as much sunlight as possible.


Warranty for Tinted Window

Getting warranty coverage for the glass is a very important aspect of installing tinted windows. This is because the tint can fade over time, leaving your windows unprotected, as well as costing you more to get it redone. 

Many window manufacturers do not provide warranty coverage. However, opting for a reputable company that covers the warranty is recommended even if it’s on the heavier side of your budget. This is because they will offer you a lifetime warranty in case there is any damage to the windows. 


Choosing the Right Film Type


reflective tinted windows with mirror effect in balcony


Many people get confused in making the right choice for the type of film to be used for tinted windows. You can consult a professional to guide you on what serves your personal needs most appropriately.


Bottom Line

Tinted windows are undoubtedly great for the overall look and appeal of your house, as well as for temperature control and sun protection. However, installing these windows is a decision that you have to make keeping all aspects in mind.

For more information on house designs and elements, you can follow our blog at Graana.com.


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