Top 5 Locations to Buy a Commercial Plot in Faisalabad

Faisalabad is among the major metropolises of Pakistan which provides a strong economic vigour for the country’s development. The significance of Faisalabad is evident from the fact that the city has a large magnitude of textile-based industries; these industries provide major commodities for the value-added sector which are a major contributor to the country’s exports. The economic landscape of the city is the representation of two major economic sectors i.e. agriculture and manufacturing; as a result, in 2016 the city contributed $18bn to Pakistan’s GDP. Moreover, the city is also the major beneficiary of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), as Allama Iqbal Industrial City, Faisalabad will transcend the city into the new era of development.

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Foreseeing the potential and the upcoming opportunities, for the convenience of investors brings top 5 locations of Faisalabad for buying a commercial plot. The city is already serving the interest of the business community and still provides the best commercial opportunities. Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA) is the civic authority that is responsible for urban planning and development of the city.



Civil Lines

The first location where a commercial plot can be brought is Civil Lines, Faisalabad.  Civil Lines encompasses four different colonies which include Afshan Colony, Usman Colony, Islam Nagar Colony, and Mustafabad. Real estate developments in the areas adjacent to Civil Lines have increased the worth of this area thus becoming a suitable area for starting the commercial activity.

Civil Lines has all the basic amenities which are a prerequisite for commercial activity. Some of the notable features of this area include easy-to-access transport facilities, public and private educational institutions, 24/7 security, and basic utilities. Civil Lines lie adjacent to Jail Road and Sargodha Road which are the major roads for inter-district transport. Prominent universities like the University of Agriculture Faisalabad is easily accessible from civil lines moreover, Government College University Faisalabad is also close to civil lines. Furthermore, the Clock Tower can also be accessed from civil lines which provides access to eight different bazaars.

The price of a commercial plot in Civil Lines is as follows

  •         As per the data provided in the table, a 6 Marla commercial plot in Civil Lines, Faisalabad can be purchased within the price range of Rs4.5crore-5.5crore.


Kohinoor City

The next area which can cater to the needs of investors looking to buy a commercial plot in Faisalabad is Kohinoor City. Kohinoor City is located beside Jaranwala Road which is an important road for daily transit and transport. The most prominent feature of this area is that it is surrounded by commercial areas which increase its worth and importance among the investors. Furthermore, Kohinoor City has all the basic amenities which are necessary for running a successful business.

Some prominent educational institutes located adjacent to Kohinoor City include Sitara Institute of Management and Technology, Superior College Faisalabad, and Abdul Salam College of Science and Commerce. Similarly, the famous commercial hub of Faisalabad ‘D-Ground’ is also easily accessible from Kohinoor City. Furthermore, Al-Fatah departmental store is also located on Jaranwala Road.

The price of a commercial plot in Kohinoor City, Faisalabad is as follows

  •         According to the data, the price of a 1 Kanal commercial plot in Kohinoor City, Faisalabad varies between Rs10crore-10.5crore.


Peoples Colony

Peoples Colony is situated adjacent to Jaranwala Road and also located near to Kohinoor City. The Peoples Colony has also an extension known as Peoples Colony 2, an important residential area of Faisalabad. The colony is connected to the major arteries of Faisalabad including Jaranwala Road, Habib Jalib Road, and Khawaja Islam Road. Some of the prominent neighbouring areas of Peoples Colony include D-Ground, Faisalabad Railway Station, and Hockey Ground.

Furthermore, the colony incorporates public and private educational institutes including Government Model Girls Higher Secondary School, Government Rehmannia High School near D-Ground, The City School, and Frobel’s International School. Residents of Peoples Colony also have access to the local markets like D-Ground market, Hajvery market, and Makkah market. Similarly, renowned banks like Bank of Khyber, Bank of Punjab, and Standard Chartered are also located adjacent to Peoples Colony.

The price of a commercial plot in Peoples Colony, Faisalabad is as follows


Canal Road

Commercial plots on Faisalabad Canal Road also provide a great opportunity to the investors which are looking to tap the market of Faisalabad city. Canal Road is one of the major expressways of Faisalabad which passes through Faisalabad. Moreover, WAPDA city is also located beside Canal Road which shows that commercial activity nearby or adjacent to canal road.

The price of a commercial plot on Canal Road Faisalabad is given below

  •         As per the data, a commercial plot over 10 Marla can be bought between Rs4cr-Rs5cr.



The last area on the list is Gulberg, Faisalabad. Gulberg Faisalabad is situated near clock tower the main commercial vicinity of Faisalabad. The areas adjacent to Gulberg include Jinnah Colony, Awami Colony, and Gurunanakpura. Similarly, the UAF Monument near the University of Faisalabad, and Lyallpur Museum are also a few minute drives from Gulberg. Furthermore, the area is equipped with all the basic amenities and utilities which are necessary for quality living. Some notable features of Gulberg include affordable accommodation, basic utilities, and a connection to Narwala Road and Bakar Mandi Road.

Gulberg is also close to famous educational institutes including the University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Government College University, Faisalabad, and the University of Faisalabad. For fulfilling the daily needs of people, commercial markets are also easily accessible from Gulberg including University Market, Katchery Bazar, Jhang Bazar, and Karkhana Bazar.  

The price of a commercial plot in Gulberg Faisalabad is given as


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