Lahore Smart City: Features, Investment Plan and More

Ever since the advancement in technology, peoples’ lifestyle demands and living standards have skyrocketed. And to reach that standard, Habib Rafiq Pvt Ltd and FDH are soon set to launch Lahore Smart City in Lahore. 

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It’s not just a city; it is set out to become the next epitome of luxury and tranquillity for people in Pakistan and those looking forward to either moving back or investing in Pakistan. 

A smart city with intelligent technology that will not miss your eye, providing an eco-friendly environment (30% of the total area reserved for natural assets) and amenities; a grandeur lifestyle with modern construction ideas having an innovative economy and housing style. 

This project will be more than a living standard; it will provide an adaptable, recreational, social environment and create ample job opportunities for the residents and attract foreign investors.

Its smart features include:

  • Smart Security
  • Smart Building
  • Smart Health
  • IoT
  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart Resource Management
  • Smart Connectivity
  • Smart Facilities

An eco-friendly and sustainable urban development with all the civic infrastructure based on data collected through the residents, municipal buildings, transportation infrastructure, etc. 

The housing plan will be the second-largest smart city of Pakistan spread over thousands of Kanal of land.  

An appealing modern villa on its own with world-class attractions and unmatched facilities in the heart of Punjab. LSC offers the best residential and commercial plots and luxury apartments. The LDA approved the NOC of the project in February, and the acquired land has also been approved and confirmed by the project owners. Surbana Jurong is a Singapore-based consultancy firm appointed as the Master Planner for this entire scheme. It is one of the largest Asia-based urban, industrial and infrastructure consulting firms with 50 years of history and clients, providing creative, sustainable consultancy solutions.

Lahore Smart City Location 

The Lahore Smart City is planned to be developed along the Lahore by-pass road, covering 20000+ Kanals of land. The infrastructure of the society is designed and will be implemented upon the international standards of infrastructure withholding extraordinary development strategies. Its prime location makes it ever so unique, away from the hustle and bustle of the city but connected with all the primary road links to and from Lahore and having easy access to N5 GT road and M2 motorway. For real estate, location is the first thing that needs to be considered before any investment; location depicts the pros and cons of a society. Therefore, the LSC location carves out lucrative mid to long term business investment opportunities and a hub spot. 

Installment & Payment Plan

The plots that are for sale can be availed through easy payment plans. LSC has set10% down payment followed by confirmation payment and equal quarterly instalments. The instalment plans mentioned below are available for prelaunch bookings. 

As per the soft launch, the following payment plan is available for LSC for early investors.

Like Capital Smart City, the LSC is also set to comprise two major blocks.

  • Executive Block
  • Overseas Block

The executive and overseas blocks of Lahore Smart City are set to include the following sizes of plots:

  • 5 Marla Residential plots
  • 7 Marla Residential plots
  • 10 Marla Residential plots
  • 12 Marla Residential plots
  • 1 Kanal Residential plots

As per sources, the Lahore Smart City location and the map are officially released by FDH, and they are designed appropriately. 

Executive Block 

  • 5 Marla – Rs: 2,375,000/-
  • 7 Marla – Rs: 2,820,000/-
  • 10 Marla – Rs: 4,350,000/-
  • 12 Marla – Rs: 4,380,000/-
  • 20 Marla – Rs: 7,125,000/-

Overseas Block 

  • 5 Marla – Rs: 2,500,000/-
  • 7 Marla – Rs: 2,975,000/-
  • 10 Marla – Rs: 4,480,000/-
  • 12 Marla – Rs: 4,500,000/-
  • 20 Marla – Rs: 7,260,000/-

Rates can be revised by the project developers. The payment plans do not include development charges and are based on 3.5 years instalment plans. 

To wrap it up:

  • 10% down payment to be made on booking.
  • 10% confirmation charges to be paid after 60 days.
  • The remaining amount can be cleared in the span of 3.5-years.  

Booking Procedure

The booking process is very easy and smooth. It offers two options:

  • Manual Booking:

Download, print, and fill out the application form.

Deposit down for your selected property size through credit/debit card, interbank transfer or cheque in the name ofLahore Smart City (Private) Limited.”

Attach the following documents with your application form and send it to the address given on their website:

  1. Passport size recent photographs
  2. Copy of NICOP or Passport or Residence
  3. Copy of Nominee’s CNIC/NICOP
  4. Payment evidence
  5. Original deposit slip (PO/DD/Cheque) duly stamped by the bank

In case of an online transaction, get a print of a screenshot/transaction and attach it.

  • Smart E-Booking

Print application form to fill out manually or get the computerized form by becoming a smart member of the society.

Deposit down payment for your selected size of the property along with the processing fee.

Pay the general payments online through your visa/master card or interbank transfer.

Smart City Features

The society provisions state of the art services and eco-friendly facilities. It provides all the good essentials that one can dream of in a perfect community.  

  • Hill Vista: The Hill Vista is a golfer’s point having the following eye-catching features; residential plots and villas, golf farmhouses, retail, food/beverages, golf club house, community club, 18-hole golf course, golf academy. 
  • China Village: A living combination of residential and commercial space with a beautiful crystal lake will become a recreational point as the city will grow. 
  • Financial Square: The central commercial hub has banks, offices, hotels, apartments, and gate offices.
  • Aviation Village: A commercial area with warehouses, exhibition halls, hotels, cold storages, and technical, operational offices.
  • Internet and smart software for weather, electricity, and traffic
  • Recreational activities
  • Aviation point
  • 24/7 gated security
  • Gas and water leak detection
  • Waste management
  • Smart streetlights
  • Water quality management
  • Public safety management
  • Intelligent shopping
  • Controlled electromagnetic emissions
  • Air pollution control
  • Traffic management
  • Educational facilities
  • Open-air theatre for residents and a great investment opportunity  
  • Bus lanes and stations for to facilitate inter-city travelling. 
  • Electric vehicles such as bikes and cycles provided to be used inside the society. This is done by giving electric bicycles and bikes to be used inside the society.

Not only this, but Lahore smart city also has wide boulevards with about 150-350 ft wide lanes. The streets are lightened with mesmerizing green belts and lights. 

The facilities and utilities offered by the (city electricity, gas, water) will be uninterrupted and limitless, having underground wired electricity and water supply. 

The most captivating motive of the Lahore smart city is the environmentally friendly infrastructure and facilities the developers have kept in mind in its making.

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