Types of Shower Curtains to Upgrade Your Bathroom

different types of shower curtains

When it comes to picking the shower curtains for your bathroom, most people underestimate the importance of choosing the right one. Of course, they have a function but you need to find one that complements your bathroom decor as well as keeps water off your tiles. There are different types of shower curtains available in the market. If you have a hard time determining the right shower curtain for your bathroom, Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has listed some different types of shower curtains that can suit your needs.

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Difference Between Shower Curtains and Liners


Shower Curtains


Sometimes people mix up curtains with liners as both of them look quite similar. However, there is a difference between them.

A shower liner is a kind of sheet that is inserted inside the bathtub or shower area and stops water from spilling out on the floor. It is used for protecting the curtain. On the other hand, a shower curtain goes outside the shower or bathtub area, and it is used basically for privacy and decoration purposes.


Different Types of Shower Curtains

Following are the different types of shower curtains that you can buy from the market.


Cotton Shower Curtains

Cotton shower curtains are considered the best option for enhancing the look of the bathroom. These curtains are easy to maintain and provide a soft look to your bathroom. However, while cotton soaks a lot of moisture, it is also prone to mildew (a kind of fungus).  Hence, these curtains can be paired with polyester or vinyl liners, which can help in keeping the fungus at bay. 

You can also easily wash them in a machine to keep them clean. These curtains are available in different styles and colours, which include solid colours, fresh floral patterns and many others. 


Upgrading Bathroom with curtains


Decorative Shower Curtain

If you want to give your bathroom a luxury touch, consider using this decorative shower curtain. They are made up of high-quality fabrics like faux silk or rayon and feature hand embellishments and lace borders that give these curtains a unique and fancy look. However, these curtains are mostly used with liners that protect them from getting wet. They are not the most practical option, but if you prefer aesthetics over functionality then you should go for this type of curtain.


Hookless Shower Curtain

These types of curtains are used in most modern bathrooms with ceiling track curtain rods. They don’t have any kind of curtain loops, hoops or rings. They have large holes at the upper rim that are held with the help of grommets. Hookless shower curtains are available in different patterns and colours, and most of these curtains come with built-in liners. These curtains are available in materials like cotton, vinyl and microfiber. So, if you want a curtain that moves easily over the curtain rod and provides convenience, then you should opt for a hookless shower curtain.


shower curtains types


Vinyl Shower Curtains

If you’re looking for something that is low maintenance and repels moisture, then a synthetic vinyl shower curtain is best for you. This type of curtain is made up of materials like nylons or polyester. They come in different designs and colours. Most of the time, you don’t even need to pair them with liners. However, if you want to add more durability and keep water from getting on the tiles below, then this type is perfect for you. 


Microfiber Shower Curtains

A microfiber shower curtain is a great alternative to vinyl or plastic-type curtains. With this type of curtain, you don’t have to worry about residual wetness as it evaporates quickly as compared to other types of curtains. This means that there is no chance of mildew. They are fitted with magnetic weights and are heavier compared to other shower curtains. The best thing about these curtains is that you can wash them in a machine that makes it easy for you to maintain and clean these shower curtains.


Extra-Wide Shower Curtain

If you have an L-shaped or rectangular shower curtain rod that hangs over the bathtub from the ceiling, then an extra-wide shower curtain is the best option for you. With this type, you get additional coverage that stops water from splashing out from the tub or shower area. They are mostly paired with non-synthetic liners, such as cotton or linen, to prevent excessive moisture.

After choosing a suitable curtain type, it’s time to look for an appropriate curtain rod. There are different types of shower curtain rods including straight, L-shaped, rectangular, curved and double shower curtain rod types. You can pick one according to your needs.


Tips for Choosing the Right Shower Curtain

Following are some of the tips for choosing the right shower curtain for your bathroom. 


Know Your Requirements

The first part in selecting a curtain type is to know about your bathroom’s requirements. You need to decide whether you’re looking for aesthetics or functionality. For the former, decorative or cotton choices are the best for you. For options that are low maintenance, vinyl curtains may be suitable for you.


bathroom shower curtains


Keep Your Bathroom Interior in Mind

When choosing the curtain type, you need to keep the interior of the bathroom in mind. For instance, if the colour theme of your bathroom is of lighter shades, then you should go for some floral or patterned shower curtains.


Stay Within the Weight Limit

Before buying any shower curtain, you need to figure out the amount of weight that a rod can hold. For example, if you’re looking to buy some heavy shower curtains to add a luxury touch to your bathroom, then you need to find out if the rod can hold that weight in the first place. Otherwise, go for curtains like cotton that are easy to move and provide much better convenience compared to other shower curtains.


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