DIY Wall Hanging Ideas For Any Space

DIY wall hanging ideas

Wall hangings can bring life to any space; they have the power to tie your entire interior together if done tastefully. Unfortunately, quality pieces often come with a hefty price tag, making them out of reach for many. To address these issues, has given you a guide to DIY wall hanging ideas that enhance your setting and prove budget-friendly. Now, you can transform your space with creativity and style without breaking the bank.

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Textile-Related DIY Wall Hanging Ideas

If you enjoy working with textiles and related materials, this is your sign to start a new DIY wall hanging project to enhance any space you want. 


Crochet Wall Pockets

Since the mid-2010s, crochet has been one of the top trends among interior designers and home improvement influencers. A standout within this trend is the crochet wall pocket. This versatile wall decor not only enhances the aesthetics of a space but also serves the practical purpose of providing convenient storage.


DIY wall hanging ideas


Most people like hanging crocheted pockets near doors or beds to have an easily accessible space to organize and store small things. Additionally, they can double as charming holders for flowers and other decorative items, introducing a sense of cosiness in any setting.

To add a personalized touch, many craft crochet wall pockets instead of buying them from a store. With plenty of online tutorials, anyone can customise the piece according to their taste. 

Handy Hack: Besides bedrooms, you can hang these pockets in the kitchen, home entrance, and bathrooms. 



Around the same time, another crafty wall decor, “Macrme”, became popular. Macramé is a beautiful and intricate form of textile art that involves the creation of decorative patterns through the knotting of cords. 

Originating from ancient Arabic weavers, this technique has evolved into a popular DIY wall hanging idea. Using basic knots such as square knots, half-hitch knots, and spiral knots, macramé artists craft stunning decors. 


DIY macrame wall hanging craft


Similar to crochet pockets, macrame can offer both aesthetics and convenience. Aside from decorative wall hangings, these decorations can be used as plant hangers and vegetable holders. These pieces can be a fantastic addition to any space, including kitchens, living rooms, or patios. 

Helpful Hack

  • Use macrame to add more greenery and texture to spaces with neutral-coloured walls. 
  • Pick a rather plain backsplash or room wallpapers if you plan to add macrame plant or vegetable holders. 


Knitting Wall Art

If you enjoy knitting, you can create an exciting DIY wall hanging piece. Knitted wall art brings the warmth and charm of knitting into your home decor, offering a cosy and personalized touch. This form of textile art involves creating intricate patterns and textures with yarn, transforming a simple piece into a captivating visual masterpiece. 

From simple stitches to complex designs, knitted wall art adds a touch of handmade elegance to any space. Knitted wall art can enhance the ambience of various rooms in your home. A sizeable knitted wall hanging in the living room becomes a statement piece, introducing a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. 

Knitted tapestries or small art pieces in bedrooms contribute to a relaxing and comfortable setting. Moreover, nurseries or playrooms benefit from knitted wall art’s soft textures and playful designs.


Embroidered Wall Art

When it comes to DIY wall hanging ideas, embroidered wall art is an age-old craft. Often using various backdrop materials, including canvas, hoops, and fabrics, this captivating decor allows you to add colour and texture to your walls.


DIY textile related wall hanging ideas


You can create beautiful patterns, images, or even quotes through the delicate and detailed embroidery craft. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination, from floral motifs to geometric designs. Embroidery wall art can effortlessly elevate the environment of any space. 


String Art

String art is a visually striking form of wall decor. It involves arranging nails or pins in a specific pattern and then wrapping string or yarn around them to create intricate designs. From geometric shapes to personalized words, string art adds a touch of creativity and dimension to your walls.

DIY string art for wall

While string art is versatile, its suitability is not universal across all settings. This is primarily attributed to its somewhat restrictive shapes. Nevertheless, it stands out as a noteworthy DIY wall art option that finds compatibility in home spaces and office environments. This adaptability allows for incorporation into professional settings without overwhelming the space with excessive cosiness. 


Crafting Painted Wall Hanging DIYs

Paints are another amazing option to add character to your space. If you’re someone who enjoys painting, here are some DIY wall hanging ideas that you should try. 


Painted CDs and Records

Upcycling old CDs and records into painted wall hangings is a creative and sustainable way to breathe new life into forgotten music media. This crafty project allows you to transform these circular canvases into visually striking pieces of art, adding a touch of nostalgia and uniqueness to your decor.


DIY wall hanging ideas


Painted CDs and records can bring a retro and eclectic vibe to various spaces. In a music room or entertainment area, they pay homage to your love for music. Bedrooms benefit from the personalized and artistic touch of painted records as a focal point. Additionally, these upcycled creations make for conversation starters in living rooms or creative corners.


Glass Painting

Other DIY wall hanging ideas include painting glass and creating visually stunning art pieces. From vases to windows and even bottles, this technique can also be applied to glass panels or frames, turning them into captivating wall hangings that play with light and colour.


DIY wall decor involving glass art


Glass paintings can enrich many spaces with their vibrant and translucent beauty. In a sunroom or near windows, painted glass brings colourful reflections indoors. Bathrooms benefit from the artistic touch of painted glass panels. Living rooms and dining areas can showcase glass paintings as elegant and eye-catching wall decor.


Canvas Painting DIY Wall Hanging Ideas

Canvas painting is a classic and versatile form of art that involves creating paintings on stretched canvases. Whether an experienced artist or a novice, canvas painting allows you to experiment with colours, textures, and compositions to create visually appealing and expressive wall art. 

Canvas paintings are timeless and can enhance various spaces with their artistic allure. A large canvas DIY wall hanging in the living room becomes a statement piece. Bedrooms benefit from personalized paintings that reflect your taste and style. Home offices or creative spaces can display motivational or abstract paintings, fostering an inspiring atmosphere.


Tapestry Painting

Tapestry painting combines the beauty of textile art with the expression of painted designs. This DIY wall hanging project involves painting on fabric or canvas to create a tapestry that can be hung on your walls, offering a dynamic and visually appealing alternative to traditional wall art.

Tapestry paintings can infuse elegance and creativity into various spaces. In the dining room, a painted tapestry becomes a sophisticated backdrop. Bedrooms benefit from the soft and artistic touch of a painted tapestry. Living rooms can showcase tapestry paintings as eye-catching and unique wall decor.


Vintage Map Wall Hanging

A vintage map wall hanging combines the charm of cartography with artistic expression. This DIY wall hanging project involves repurposing old maps into visually appealing wall art. Whether you have a penchant for travel or want to evoke a sense of nostalgia, vintage map wall hangings are a unique and personalized addition to your decor.

Vintage map wall hangings are versatile and can enhance different spaces. In a home office, they evoke a sense of exploration and curiosity. Living rooms benefit from the conversational charm of vintage maps. Bedrooms can showcase map wall hangings to inspire dreams of future travels.


Paper DIY Wall Hanging Art

Paper DIY wall hanging art showcases the beauty of paper as a versatile medium for creating stunning decor pieces. From intricate cut-outs to elaborate sculptures, this DIY project allows you to infuse your space with crafted elegance using simple paper as the primary material.


Paper Flower Wall Decor

Paper flower wall decor offers a timeless and everlasting alternative to traditional floral arrangements. This DIY project involves crafting delicate and vibrant paper flowers that can be arranged into beautiful compositions, providing a permanent burst of nature-inspired elegance for your walls.

Like faux plant decor, paper flowers are versatile and can enhance various spaces. In bedrooms, it adds a romantic and whimsical touch. Living rooms benefit from the vibrant colours and organic shapes of paper flowers. Nurseries or children’s rooms can showcase paper flower arrangements with a playful and enchanting atmosphere.


Origami Wall Art

Origami wall art involves the ancient Japanese art of paper folding to create intricate and visually appealing sculptures. This DIY wall hanging project allows you to transform simple sheets of paper into three-dimensional masterpieces, adding a touch of calmness and sophistication to your walls.

Origami wall art is a serene addition to various spaces. Delicate origami cranes or butterflies create a calming atmosphere in a meditation corner or reading nook. Bedrooms benefit from the minimalist and tranquil nature of origami sculptures. Living rooms can showcase large origami pieces as striking and sophisticated wall decor.


3D Paper Wall Art

The 3D wall designs are all the rage these days. Incorporating this tactic into a DIY wall-hanging project allows you to create multi-dimensional pieces that add depth and texture to your walls. 

Such DIY wall hanging ideas allow you to play with shadows and perspectives, transforming simple sheets of paper into visually striking and dynamic decor. In a modern living room, it becomes a contemporary focal point. Bedrooms benefit from the added depth and texture of 3D paper sculptures. Home offices or creative spaces can showcase intricate 3D paper art as visually stimulating decor.


Papier-Mâché Wall Sculptures

Papier-mâché wall sculptures are whimsical and charming creations made by layering paper strips with a paste mixture. This DIY wall hanging project allows you to sculpt unique and imaginative forms, adding a touch of playfulness and artistic flair to your walls.

Papier-mâché wall sculptures can bring a sense of whimsy to various spaces. In children’s rooms or play areas, they become delightful and colourful additions. Living rooms benefit from the artistic and unconventional nature of papier-mâché sculptures. Entryways or hallways can showcase these sculptures as conversation starters.


Paper Lantern Wall Decor

Paper lantern wall decor blends the traditional charm of lanterns with the modern touch of wall art. As a DIY wall hanging idea, it involves creating decorative paper lanterns that serve as visual and ambient elements, adding a warm and inviting atmosphere to your walls.

Paper lantern wall decor is a cosy addition to various spaces. In bedrooms, it creates a soft and ambient lighting effect. Living rooms benefit from the decorative and elegant touch of paper lanterns. Outdoor spaces, like covered patios or balconies, can showcase paper lantern wall decor for a whimsical and inviting atmosphere.


DIY Wooden Wall Hanging Art Ideas

DIY wooden wall hanging art ideas bring wood’s warmth and natural beauty into your living spaces. From intricate patterns to functional displays, these projects allow you to infuse your walls with timeless elegance and rustic charm using wooden materials.


Floating Shelf Display

A floating shelf display is a practical and stylish way to add storage and decorative space to your walls. This DIY project involves creating sturdy and visually appealing floating shelves that hold various items, from books and plants to decorative objects.

Floating shelves are versatile and can enhance various spaces. In the living room, they serve as a showcase for books, art, and decor items. Bedrooms benefit from floating shelves as functional and aesthetic storage solutions. Home offices or creative spaces can utilize floating shelves to organize supplies and display inspiration.


Wooden Herringbone Art

Wooden herringbone art is a visually striking wall hanging that features the classic chevron pattern. This DIY project involves arranging wooden pieces in a herringbone pattern to create a dynamic and eye-catching display.

Wooden herringbone art is a bold addition to various spaces. In a dining room, it becomes a sophisticated and modern focal point. Living rooms benefit from the visual impact of the chevron pattern. Bedrooms can showcase herringbone art as a unique and stylish wall decor.

Wooden Mandala Wall Art

Wooden mandala wall art features intricate geometric patterns that radiate symmetry and tranquillity. This DIY project involves creating a wooden mandala using laser-cut or hand-cut wooden pieces, bringing a sense of balance and beauty to your walls.

Wooden mandala wall art is a serene addition to various spaces. In a meditation or yoga room, it enhances the tranquil atmosphere. Bedrooms benefit from the calming presence of a wooden mandala. Living rooms can showcase this intricate art piece as a focal point for relaxation.


Nature-Inspired Wall Hanging Ideas

Capture the serenity of nature with these delightful DIY wall-hanging crafts that seamlessly blend the beauty of the outdoors into your living space.


Branch Hanging

One of the best DIY wall hanging ideas includes introducing organic elegance to your walls with branch hangings. Embrace the rustic charm of nature by selecting unique branches and adorning them with twine, feathers, or even small LED lights. These handmade creations bring a touch of the outdoors inside, creating a visually captivating and calming atmosphere.


Sea Shell Chimes

Infuse coastal vibes into your home with sea shell chimes. Crafted from collected shells, these hanging creations emit gentle sounds reminiscent of ocean waves. Arrange shells in different patterns, paint them for added flair, and let these charming chimes evoke a sense of beachside tranquillity in any room.


Hanging Wall Planters

Combine the love for greenery with wall decor by creating hanging wall planters. Utilize macramé, twine, or repurposed materials to fashion unique holders for your favourite plants. These hanging planters bring nature indoors and serve as living, breathing art pieces that add a refreshing touch to your walls.


Bamboo Stick Wall Hanging

You can explore sustainability with DIY bamboo stick wall hangings. Arrange bamboo sticks into geometric patterns or create free-flowing designs, adding an eco-friendly touch to your decor. Embrace the simplicity and versatility of bamboo to bring a natural and stylish aesthetic to your walls.


Dry Leaves and Branches Decor

Celebrate the changing seasons with DIY decor using dry leaves and branches. Arrange dried leaves in artistic compositions, combine them with twigs or branches, and secure them with twine or wire. This nature-inspired wall hanging introduces earthy textures and shapes, infusing your space with a subtle yet captivating connection to the great outdoors.


Collages Decors DIY Wall Hanging Ideas

Collage decor is a versatile and visually engaging way to display a curated collection of images, art pieces, and memorabilia. This DIY project involves arranging and adhering various items onto a surface, creating a personalized and artful composition that reflects your unique style and memories.


Photo Collages

Photo collages are a delightful way to curate and showcase a collection of photographs. This DIY project involves arranging and displaying your favourite photos creatively and visually appealingly, telling a story or capturing specific moments in a visual narrative.

Photo collages are particularly suited for spaces where memories are cherished. In a hallway, they become a gallery of family moments. Bedrooms benefit from photo collages that evoke personal memories. Living rooms or communal areas can showcase these collages as a conversation-starting visual display.


Painting Collages

Painting collages combine traditional painting techniques with the layered and textured appeal of collages. This DIY project involves creating a multi-dimensional artwork by layering painted elements on a canvas or other surfaces, resulting in a visually engaging and dynamic composition.

Painting collages add a touch of artistic flair to various spaces. They become a testament to your artistic expression in a home studio or creative space. Bedrooms benefit from the unique and personalized nature of painting collages as wall decor. Living rooms or focal areas can showcase these collages as captivating pieces of art.

Incorporating collages into your decor allows you to express creativity and showcase meaningful moments or artistic endeavours. Whether you opt for a versatile collage decor, a personalized photo collage, or an artistic painting collage, each project offers a unique way to transform your walls into visually engaging and personalized expressions of style. Dive into the world of collaging, experiment with different elements, and watch your living spaces come alive with artful compositions.


DIY Recycled Wall Hanging Decor

DIY recycled wall hanging decoration ideas take eco-friendly crafting to the next level. You can repurpose materials that might go to waste into pieces like straws or ice cream stick wall hangings. This project turns discarded items into unique and visually appealing wall hangings, combining creativity and sustainability.


Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets offer a rustic and weathered charm that can be transformed into stunning wall hanging decor. This DIY project involves repurposing pallets into unique pieces, bringing sustainable elegance to your walls.

Wooden pallet wall hangings add rustic charm to various spaces. In a farmhouse-style kitchen, they become a focal point. Living rooms benefit from the natural warmth and texture of pallet decor. Bedrooms or entryways can showcase pallet wall hangings for a touch of rustic elegance.


DIY Magazine

Often considered waste, magazines can be transformed into artistic frames for photos or glass. This DIY project involves rolling and arranging magazine pages to create unique and visually interesting frames, adding a touch of recycled art to your walls.

Magazine roll frames are artistic additions to various spaces. In a creative home office, they become eye-catching wall decor. Bedrooms benefit from the personalized touch of upcycled frames. Living rooms can showcase these frames as conversation-starting pieces.


Paper Cup Flowers

Transforming disposable paper cups into vibrant and everlasting flowers, this DIY project brings a touch of nature to your walls without harming the environment. Create a stunning floral arrangement using paper cup flowers for sustainable wall decor.

Paper cup flowers are ideal for spaces where a pop of colour is needed. In a children’s room, they add a playful and eco-friendly touch. Living rooms benefit from paper cup flower arrangements’ cheerful and sustainable nature. Entryways or hallways can showcase these blooms for a welcoming atmosphere.


Plastic Bottle Bird Feeders

Turn plastic bottles into bird feeders that double as eco-friendly wall decor. This DIY project involves repurposing plastic bottles to create functional bird feeders mounted on outdoor walls, bringing a touch of nature to your balcony, terrace, or garden.

Plastic bottle bird feeders are perfect for outdoor spaces. Balconies, terraces, or garden walls benefit from the green touch and bird-friendly atmosphere. Consider them as a delightful addition to spaces where nature meets your walls.


Upcycled Newspaper or Book Page Art

Turn old newspapers or book pages into elegant wall art with this upcycling project. Create visually appealing collages, sculptures, or framed arrangements using discarded paper, adding a literary touch to your walls.

Upcycled newspaper or book page art complements spaces that appreciate literary aesthetics. Home libraries, reading nooks, or creative corners benefit from upcycled paper decor’s intellectual and artistic presence. Living rooms can showcase these pieces as conversation-starting



Creating a DIY decor for your space is a delightful journey of self-expression and creativity. With these DIY wall hanging ideas, you can add life to your space. By understanding your space, defining your style, and considering practical aspects like budget and placement, you can curate a visually stunning environment that resonates with your personality. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information on DIY wall hanging ideas? Check out these FAQs 


What colours are best for bedroom DIY wall hanging ideas?

For bedroom DIY wall hanging ideas, consider soothing and neutral colors to create a relaxing atmosphere. Soft tones like pastels, muted blues, greens, and earthy neutrals can enhance the tranquility of your bedroom. Additionally, you can opt for colors that complement your existing decor or go for a monochromatic scheme for a cohesive look. 


How do I decorate a wall for cheap?

Decorating a wall on a budget can be creative and cost-effective. Consider using items like washi tape, framed fabric swatches, or even repurposed materials for a unique touch. DIY projects such as paper wall art, gallery walls with thrifted frames, or creating a feature wall with removable decals can add flair without breaking the bank. Shopping at thrift stores or repurposing items you already own are also great ways to achieve a stylish look on a budget.


What are some of the cute DIY wall-hanging ideas?

Cute DIY wall hanging ideas can vary based on personal preferences, but some universally adorable options include macramé plant hangers, fabric tassel garlands, and felt flower wall art. For a whimsical touch, consider creating a photo collage with string lights, or craft animal-shaped wall hangings using various materials. Personalized touches, like hanging your favorite quotes or creating a DIY dreamcatcher, can also add a cute and charming element to your wall decor.

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