What is PropTech? How Graana.com is reshaping the Real Estate Industry?

what is proptech

The evolution of the ‘start-up ecosystem’ in Pakistan is marked by different concepts and experiments that yielded output.

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Where the world witnessed the fourth wave of the industrial revolution, many sectors in the country remained untapped.

The existing market gap challenged by demands, changing dynamics, the scope of financing and investments, etc. pushed the predominantly agricultural economy of Pakistan to expand to different horizons. This resulted in an explosive growth of start-ups with domains varying from e-commerce, FinTech, Edtech, ConTech, etc.

Amidst all this, the phenomena of Proptech was introduced. 

What is Proptech?

An acronym coined by putting together ‘Property’ and ‘Technology’ is a digital transformation, merged to eliminate the challenges caused by distance, location.

PropTech is a technological advancement disrupting every vertical in the Real Estate sector.

It encompasses property-related assets including construction (Contech), investments (FinTech), buying, selling, and renting, and offers efficient management and transparent transactions.

Despite the extensive potential, the real estate sector has been one of the last sectors to adopt technological transformation.

What is PropTech

The First Wave of Proptech | Early Proptech (1980s – 2000)

The digital transformation that substantially transformed the Real Estate market globally was first experienced in the 1980s, with the introduction of personal computing. 

Initiating a domino effect, the real estate market adopted the technology to derive quantitative approaches for investment and portfolio management. This, in turn, created a demand for better tools for critical functions such as underwriting, accounting, and analytics from the software companies.

The Second Wave of Proptech | Proptech 1.0 (2000 – 2008)

The second wave of Proptech unfolded in 2000, with the emergence of large companies taking up the traditional model of real estate transactions and forming e-commerce apps that dealt in online real estate.

The Third Wave of Proptech | Proptech 2.0 (2008 – present)

The changing dynamics of InfoTech, as well as technology itself, pushed the third wave of technological advancement.

The growing access to the internet, smartphones, start-up economy, revolutionized Finance Tech (Fintech) helped transform processed data and storage, reshaping the dynamics of buying, selling, and renting properties.

Companies and software strived to present means of advanced user experience and participation, along with the growing importance of social media presence.

Taking into account Pakistan’s real estate market, it currently contributes approximately one-third ($15 billion) of the construction sector ($50 billion) to total GDP.

How Graana.com is Reshaping Real Estate?

Graana.com – a dream, a goal, an ambition.

With an ambition to achieve the goal of creating an efficient ecosystem, to fulfill the dream of transforming the Real Estate sector of Pakistan.

A vigorous journey began to assess the dynamics of the real estate industry in the nation that reached its destination in 2018 when Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal was introduced. 

Pakistan’s first self-funded Proptech Company, Graana.com offers a complete user experience for every Pakistani looking to buy, sell, rent or invest in just a few clicks.

After careful research, a platform offering over thousands of verified listings across Pakistan was curated, to facilitate smooth transactions so that you never have to deal with real estate woes again!


Graana.com – Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal

By replacing the traditional methods of real estate, through PropTech, Graana.com offers smart apps and portals to help you buy, sell, and rent properties on the go.

The app merges the physical and distance digitally, to offer a dedicated ‘invest’ page, featuring the hottest selling mega projects in the twin cities. The projects page includes detailed multimedia coverage, floor plans, and pricing lists.

The app is aimed at offering efficient digital solutions, which includes

  • Thousands of verified listings, updated regularly, to provide smart property solutions.
  • Wanted feature – Lets you buy, sell, rent, or invest directly with Graana Gurus. 
  • Secure transactions – Helping you perform due diligence before you make any transaction.
  • Seamless navigation – Easy to use interface.
  • All-you-need on a single screen
  • Quality customer-care and query response

The smart app, with millions of portal hits, is available to download on both, App Store and Google Play Store.

App Store: Graana app

Google Play Store: Graana app

graana real estate app

Highly Professional Sales Teams

The highly-professional teams of sales representatives at Graana, work around the clock to collect and compile demographic information including pricing, home-value trends, and potential value of neighbourhoods and market trends on buying, selling and renting in every specific area of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, to give you the best investment advice.

For an in-depth discussion, all you need to do is call on 051 111-555-555 or 0343 2-555-555 to book an appointment with our sales representative.

They will further guide you through the process of renting/buying or selling property and update you on our easy investment plans. 

Redefined Virtual Experience

In the past few months, the world witnessed the increasing influence of information technology, triggered by the outbreak of COVID-19. Amidst these challenging ties, the world was connected ‘Digitally’. This caused a surge in internet usability and e-commerce penetration to increase by 15-25%.

As one of the early adopters of Proptech, Graana.com has rendered its services accordingly. To keep helping our valuable customers in such times, Pakistan’s smartest property portal introduced cutting edge technology to redefine the virtual experience.

The company was the first in Pakistan to spark technological innovation and bring 360° Virtual Reality Guided Tours and 360° Live Guided Tours | Projects, Property services from our customers. Under this initiative, the company offers VR tours and Live tours for our valued customers.

This customized technology ensured flexibility that has changed not only investment deals, but also the future of the commercial real estate.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has unveiled the importance of Proptech and technological advancements introduced. These services have redefined the role of Graana.com in the real estate industry.

Nationwide Presence

The market gap and the potential of Proptech in major cities of Pakistan remained untapped for the longest.

After successfully conquering the real estate and Proptech matters of the twin cities, Graana.com ventured to the major cities of Pakistan, ensuring nationwide transformation.

Redefining the real estate experience, Graana.com – Pakistan’s smartest property portal also offers revolutionary Proptech services in Lahore and Karachi.

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