What Material is Used for Kitchen Cabinets?

A kitchen is incomplete without cabinets, as they provide essential storage space. Moreover, they also play a huge role in uplifting the aesthetics of the kitchen. This is why you need to carefully choose the right type of material for your cabinets. Those who want to renovate their kitchens might be plagued by the question; what material is used for kitchen cabinets?
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Materials Used for Kitchen Cabinets

Following are the top materials used for the construction of kitchen cabinets.




hardwood cabinets with a microwave in a kitchen


Hardwood, also known as solid wood, is one of the most widely used materials for the construction of kitchen cabinets. It is used at a wide scale due to its durability.

A few types of solid wood are scratch and dent resistant, for example, maple and hickory. However, they are more pricey than some other types of wood such as walnut wood which tends to be softer.

Cherry wood is rich in colour and comes with an intricate pattern. The design has recently been trending among kitchen cabinets. Those of you who are looking for sleek and warm kitchen cabinets, opting for cherry wood would be the perfect option.




fibreboard kitchen cabinets


Over recent years, fibreboard has established its reputation among the most cost-effective materials for kitchen cabinets.
It is composed of recycled fibre and resins which are pressed under high pressure along with wax. It is a sturdy material, and has a smooth surface.

Due to its smooth surface, you have the option to paint it as well. However, its strength is no match to that of plywood and hardwood. Moreover, it is prone to moisture, which can damage its structure.




veneer kitchen cabinets with attached aluminium sink


For those who can’t afford hardwood, but want something a bit stronger than fibreboard, veneers are the best option. Veneers are a thin layer of solid hardwood peeled off of a log and pasted onto a fibreboard.

Veneer cabinets provide a beautiful finish and are extremely lightweight.



white coloured particle board kitchen cabinet


Particleboard is the same thing as fibreboard, just with a relatively low density. It is a factory-manufactured product, made by pressing particles of recycled wood together into the form of a sheet.

After that, it is laminated with a layer of wood veneer or a laminate. It is also widely used for making shelves and boards of kitchen cabinets.

It won’t be wrong to say that it is amongst one of the weakest materials used for the construction of cabinets, as it is not dense enough and moisture can be detrimental to it.




plywood kitchen cabinets with a shelf full of spice jars


Plywood is a material that shows great resistance to moisture and is relatively affordable as well. This is the reason a lot of carpenters prefer plywood for their cabinets.

It is composed of thin layers of wood glued on top of one another, with a thin layer of plastic laminate, thermofoil coats, or veneers coated on the outer surface of it.

Stainless Steel


Stainless steel cabinets for kitchen


Even though stainless steel makes more sturdy cabinets, it is not considered a desirable material for cabinets as compared to wood or other wood-like materials.

The use of stainless steel is more common in professional kitchens, such as in restaurants or hotels. It can be difficult to remove fingerprints and scratches off it. However, due to its excellent resistance against moisture, it proves to be good cabinet material.



Laminate cabinets of light brown colour with black countertops


Raw or solid wood is prone to weathering and infestation, which is why laminates are more often preferred over them. Laminate is a thin sheet composed of a layer of plastic resins, paper with printed layers of printed patterns, and a strong plastic film as the topmost layer.

You can find two types of laminates in the market; high-pressure laminates and low-pressure laminates. High-pressure laminates are more durable and resistant to weathering as compared to low-pressure laminates.

One of the advantages of laminates is that they provide better resistance against moisture and infestation at a lesser price compared to solid wood or stainless steel.

Moreover, its laminated skin is scratch proof and users do not need to polish it again and again. In addition to that, their smooth surface is easier to clean and is less prone to moisture.

One thing that the homeowners need to make sure of is that these laminates are installed properly because if not, their edges might peel off with the passage of time. Some of the laminates are known for releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere, which makes them harmful for the people living in the house.




pvc white boars for kitchen drawers and shelves


PVC or polyvinyl chloride sheets are a kind of plastic sheet that comes with a strong and sturdy finish. It is relatively light in weight and cost-effective cabinet material, making it easier to install.

PVC sheets are available in the markets in various colours. Unlike solid wood, PVC is free from the threat of termites and corrosion. However, PVC sheets are not resistant to fire and higher temperatures.


These were some of the top materials that homeowners usually prefer to choose for building their kitchen cabinets. Hope this answered your question; what material is used for kitchen cabinets?

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