Wooden Doors: Overview, Prices, Types and Much More

Houses are a crucial aspect of one’s life, as they provide shelter, prevent intense weather, and most importantly, give privacy to the owners. However, the structure of a house is incomplete without a few integral components, with doors being the main one.

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In markets, you will find a variety of doors for residential units made of different materials, including wood, glass, and metal. When it comes to the construction of houses, wood doors are the most preferred ones, as they come in a variety of designs, and also, add a lavish touch to the overall interior of the house, hence, their prices also differ from the rest.

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Why Wooden Doors?

As mentioned earlier, wooden doors are preferred over other types of doors for residential units in Pakistan. In this section, we will identify some of the upsides of installing wooden doors, and why you should consider buying wooden doors over other materials.

Following are some of the reasons why your house needs wooden doors.


Good Insulator

The composition of wood makes it a durable material that can easily stand weather conditions. It does not conduct heat which means it is a good insulator. Adding a layer of paint adds to its strength, which in turn enhances its insulation properties.


Exquisite Appearance

If your house lacks that classic and exquisite ambiance, you can always rely on wooden doors. It is easier to carve wood which is why you can find wooden doors in a vast variety of designs, also you can paint them in colours that are in line with the decor of your house.

Hence, you can easily make your house more elegant and classy.


Corrosion Resistant

Unlike most metals, wood is known for being corrosion-resistant. The exterior door of your house is more prone to weathering. Hence, it is advised to use a wooden exterior door to prevent it from rusting.


Minimal Maintenance

Wooden doors require minimal maintenance as compared to doors made of metal.


What to Consider While Choosing Wood Doors for Your House?

Wood is not used directly in its raw form, rather it goes through a process of preparation. Raw wood contains high moisture levels, also there may be some deeper knots in it which have to be removed before using it for making doors.

High moisture levels can damage the wood which is why raw wood cannot be used for construction purposes. Talking about the moisture content, it may differ depending on the kind of wood. Before usage, the wood is dried through a proper industrial method.

People living in places where the climate is mostly humid need to regularly polish the surface of their wooden doors to protect them from potential weathering.

Another possible threat that wooden doors might come across is termite infestation. To prevent that, you need to spray borate onto its surface before polishing and painting.


Types of Woods Used For Doors

Here are some of the common types of wood used for manufacturing doors:


Wood Door Price in Pakistan


Names Wood Door Price in Pakistan
Deodar WoodRs. 4,500/ cubic foot
AshwoodRs. 5,000/ cubic foot
Partal WoodRs. 1,500/ cubic foot.
Poplar WoodRs. 3,200
OakwoodRs. 2,800/ cubic foot.
Mahogany WoodRs. 5,200/ cubic foot
Local Kail WoodRs. 3,200/ cubic foot

Deodar Wood


handmade deodar wood table


Commonly known as Diyar, Deodar wood is one of the top-quality woods extracted from Pakistan’s national tree “Deodar Tree.” It is famous for having a smooth texture which is an essential quality taken into consideration while making outdoor wooden doors. The price of Deodar wood in Pakistan is much higher than other types of wood.

Following are some of the pros and cons of Deodar wood.


Pros and Cons of Deodar Wood


Advantages Disadvantages
The texture of Deodar wood doors is really fine owing to its smooth and even grains.It is prone to scratches.
The sturdiness of Deodar wood makes it quite suitable for exterior doors, as it ensures the safety and security of your house.Deodar wood doors are a bit costlier than other wooden doors in Pakistan.
Besides being a great repellent of humidity and heat, Deodar wood is also resistant to termite and mold.


Besides being a great repellent of humidity and heat, Deodar wood is also resistant to termites and mould.


Partal Wood


partel wood door


Partal wood is another type of wood commonly used in Pakistan for the manufacturing of doors and window panels. It has a relatively low bending property because of its soft texture, which makes it less pricey and more affordable. The Partal wood door price in Pakistan is not that high. Its natural colour is white which changes to light brown with time.


Pros and Cons of Partal Wooden Doors

Here are some of the pros and cons of Partal wooden doors.


Advantages Disadvantages
It is easily available in the market in various designs.Being soft, Partal wood does not provide as much durability and security as other types of woods.
Those on a low budget can easily afford Partal wood for making their house’s doors.One of the biggest downsides of Partal wood is that it is prone to termite infestation.


Ashwood Doors


ashwood door in Pakistan


Ashwood is mostly imported from the US and Canada and is known for its flexibility and toughness. It has a rough surface with straight grains. As compared to Deodar wood, it is relatively less costly and commonly used in Pakistan for making wooden doors. The actual colour of Ashwood is light brown which changes to a darker shade with time.

Pros and Cons of Ashwood

In the following table, you will find some of the advantages and disadvantages of Ashwood.


The wood is strong and has mild bending and crushing properties.As it is imported, the cost is higher than other types of wood, and it is used for the manufacturing of doors.
Ashwood does not expand or shrink easily.It is not durable enough to stand harsh weather conditions.
The wood comes with a smooth surface.


Poplar Wood


Poplar wood antique door


If you are short on a budget yet want to use wooden doors for your house, Poplar wood can be a good choice. It possesses medium hardness and is found in greenish-yellow colour.

The grains of Poplar wood are closed and come with purple streaks. Its texture is quite smooth and even, which makes it a popular option for manufacturing wooden doors for your homes. Besides making doors, Poplar wood is also used for making kitchen cabinets.


Pros and Cons of Poplar Wood


Poplar wood doors give good insulation and help maintain the temperature inside your house.It can cause eye or skin allergies if not handled properly.
This type of wood makes a good choice when it comes to painting.It can only be painted in darker hues due to its natural greenish colour.


Local Kail Wood


local Kail wood door in Pakistan


Also known as Pinewood, the source of local kail wood is Pine trees. This type of wood is also one of the less costly options for wooden doors. In Pakistan, Pinewood is commonly used for construction purposes and typically comes in pale yellow or white colour.

In the markets, you will find several types of Kail wood imported from other countries, however, construction experts mostly prefer local kail wood because of its better flexibility.


Pros and Cons of Local Kail Wood


It is light in weight.The Pine wood is not strong enough to be used for exterior doors.
This type of wood takes paint easily.As the wood is relatively soft, it is more prone to dents and scratches.
It is one of the most affordable types of wood used in Pakistan for making doors.


Mahogany Wood


mahogany wood door in Pakistan


If budget is not a problem and you are looking for exterior wood doors, then the best choice is Mahogany wood. Besides doors, this wood is also used for making cabinets and furniture.

It comes with some of the most desirable qualities of wood such as durability, sturdiness, and thickness, which is why the Mahogany wood door price in Pakistan is very high. Moreover, it has a fine texture and comes in dark red and brownish-red shades.


Pros and Cons of Mahogany Wood Doors


Mahogany wood is ideal for houses located in areas where the atmosphere is humid.Mahogany is more expensive than other types of wood.
It is one of the sturdiest kinds of wood.Mahogany wood is quite hard, which makes it difficult to carve it.
It comes in dark shades giving a sleek look to the doors made of it.




sleek design one panel oakwood door


Oakwood has a granular texture and is very much like ashwood. In the wood markets, you will find a vast range of Oakwood, with each one of them in different patterns and grain types.

In Pakistan, it is typically used to make doors, however, its other uses include making furniture and kitchen cabinets. Talking about shades of Oakwood, it comes in two colours, brownish-yellow and reddish. If we talk about wooden doors, the Oak wood door price in Pakistan is not that high.


Pros & Cons of Oakwood


Being sturdy and durable makes Oakwood one of the best materials for making the exterior door of your house.With time, Oakwood changes its shades from light to dark, making it look double-toned.
Oakwood does not warp easily.If the wood is not dried properly, there is a chance it might crack and contract easily.


These are some of the popular types of woods used for making wooden doors in Pakistan. Our list includes both costly and affordable types of wood along with wood door prices in Pakistan.

It is also important to mention here that wood doors are prone to scratches, infestation, and getting warp due to humidity, so make sure you have taken all the measures to tackle these issues.

For more information regarding wood doors, visit the Graana blog.




What is the price of wooden door in Pakistan?

The prices start from Rs.3500 per cubic foot

Which door is best in Pakistan?

Wooden doors are generally preferred due to their durability, energy efficiency, and ability to resist harsh weather conditions.

Which type of wooden door is best?

Walnut wood and accoya wood are known for their durability.

Are wooden doors expensive?

No, wooden doors are not very expensive.

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