Zong Call Packages

Zong Call Packages

Zong is the first overseas set-up of China Mobile, the leading telecommunications services provider in Mainland China. It offers several different plans for both prepaid and postpaid services. 


Zong Daily Call Packages

You can find the right plan from the daily call packages compiled below. 

The most widely used call plan is the ‘Zong Student Bundle Offer’, which includes 120 free on-net minutes from 10 pm to 6 pm at the low cost of Rs. 5.

On the other hand, the ‘Zong Super Student Package’ provides 10,000 on-net minutes, in addition to 30 MB of internet data for Rs. 5. It is important to note, however, that the included internet package only lasts for 2 hours after activation. 

In the ‘Zong Full Gup Package,’ you can get 75 off-net minutes, 100 SMS (that apply to any network), and 30 MB of internet data, for only Rs. 5 per day (excluding tax charges). The package is automatically activated at midnight each day. 

For customers only looking for basic call and SMS bundles, the ‘Zong Sixer Plus Package’ conveniently offers these services at Rs. 8. It includes unlimited call minutes with 500 SMS. Another similar package is the ‘Zong Flutter Package’, which includes 120 on-net minutes, 50 MB of internet data, along with a free bundle of 120 SMS that can be sent to any network – all at the price of Rs. 12. 

The ‘Zong Hello Package’ involves 50 MB of internet data plus free additions of 150 on-net minutes and 150 SMS (to all networks). 

The ‘Zong Shandaar Daily Package’ is another option available at Rs. 14, with unlimited on-net minutes, 800 SMS, and 50 MB of internet data. 

The ‘Zong Non-Stop Package’ is the most suitable option available for unlimited calls at just Rs. 10 (limited to one day). The ‘Zong Perfect Package’ is also an alternative with 10,000 free on-net minutes, on top of 500 SMS and 40 MB of internet data from 10 pm to 7 pm. 


Package Name Free On-Net Minutes Free Off-Net Minutes Free SMS Free MB Validity Price Subscription Code
Zong Daily Voice Offer 20 1 day Rs. 5 *45#
Zong Student Bundle Offer 120 1 day Rs. 5 *3000#
Zong Full Gup Package 75 100 30 1 day Rs. 5 * 118*1#
Zong Sixer Plus Package Unlimited 500 1 day Rs. 8 *666#
Zong 2-Hour Non-Stop Offer Unlimited 30 1 day Rs. 9 *5555#
Zong Non-Stop Package Unlimited 1 day Rs. 10 *777#
Zong Flutter Package 120 120 50 1 day Rs. 12 *369#
Zong Perfect Package 10,000 500 40 1 day Rs. 12 *118*2#
Zong Hello Package 150 150 50 1 day Rs. 13 *2200*1#
Zong Shandaar Daily Package Unlimited 800 50 1 day Rs. 14 *999#


Zong Weekly Call Packages

\When it comes to digital communication in Pakistan, Zong provides world-class services. Zong has introduced the best “4G Communication” for all Pakistanis with a cost-effective and performance-driven strategy. Zong focuses on voice clarity, fast internet services, and timely message delivery services.

In 2008, China Mobile introduced Zong Pakistan after the acquisition of Paktel. Since that day, Zong has created an exceptional client-based environment. Zong ensures quality and that customers are satisfied through the company values, behaviors, and policies.

Zong has several weekly calls, SMS, and internet packages for its customers. The best thing about Zong packages is that they are designed for specific areas. It allows customers to save money and use the packages according to their needs.

Zong is providing 2 basic Prepaid Weekly Call Packages: Shandaar Haftawar Offer and Weekly Unlimited Offer. Its Postpaid weekly packages allow the customers to stay connected with their friends and family members with full freedom. With its coverage across all corners of the country, customers are always satisfied with these Prepaid and Postpaid Weekly Call Packages.



Package Name


On-Net Mins


Off-Net Mins











Zong Haftawar Load Offer 2500 80 2500 2500 7 Days Rs.250 *70#
Zong Super Weekly Premium 100 30000 7 Days Rs.330 *225#
Zong Karachi Offer 5000 75 5000 5000 7 Days Rs.250 *54#
Zong Punjab Offer 150 6000 7 Days Rs.230 *2222#
Zong All-In-1 Bundle (Weekly) 1000 40 1000 1000 7 Days Rs.200 *6464# > 4 > 1 > 2
Zong Shandaar Weekly Package 500 40 500 500 7 Days Rs.120


Zong New SIM Offer 1000 4000 7 Days Rs.0 *10#
Zong 4G SIM Upgrade Offer 1000 100 1000 1000 30 Days Rs.300 *44#


Zong Monthly Call Packages

Zong 4G Network brings numerous call packages that offer you convenience in your communication all around the month. Gradually growing as one of the top companies in Pakistan, Zong came around as one of the leading telecom competitors in the country by delivering quality internet and unique call packages. 

Zong offers daily, weekly, and monthly call packages to bring more customers to the network. These offers come for prepaid and postpaid customers, with plenty of all-in-one bundles that attract countless customers.

Let’s look at some of Zong’s best monthly call packages.

Zong Shandaar Offer brings its users an unlimited number of 1000 On-net minutes, 100 Off-net minutes, 100 SMS and 1000 MBs of internet for free. This amazing offer is one of the most affordable and convenient offers for Zong users who are looking for an all-inclusive bundle. 

Monthly call packages are an excellent way to spend a minimum amount to get maximum services for your internet and call needs.

One of their most famous packages is the ‘Zong All in 1 Bundle’ which comes with a complete list of features and perks for users is the Zong Monthly Power Pack.  The package offers a staggering 2000 On-Net minutes, 150 Off-Net minutes, 2000 SMS, 2000 MBs for WhatsApp and 2000 MBs of internet data with 4G internet services.



Package Name Free On-Net Mins Free Off-Net Mins Free SMS Free MBs Validity Price  

Subscription Code

Zong Shandaar Monthly Package 1000 100 1000 1000 30 Days Rs.300 *1000#
Zong Monthly Power Pack 500 1000 50 1000 2500 30 Days Rs.500 *1313#
Zong Super Card 2500 150 2500 2500 30 Days Rs.650 *6464#
Zong Supreme Offer 5000 300 5000 5000 30 Days Rs. 1000 *3030# or *6464#
Zong Monthly Power Pack 1000 2000 150 1500 5000 30 Days Rs.1000 *1313#
Zong Supreme Plus Offer 10000 600 10000 10000 30 Days Rs.1732 *1500# Or *6464*4# 


Besides the mega monthly power pack, Zong also offers ‘Zong Monthly Power Pack 500’ which comprises of the packages like ‘Zong Power Pack SIMS’ and ‘Monthly Power Pack 500’. 

The package includes 1000 On-Net minutes, 50 Off-Net minutes, and a bundle of 1000 SMS and 2500 MBs of mobile internet data for the entire month for just Rs 500. 


These unique monthly call packages by Zong are an excellent relief to the loyal customer database of the telecom company. You can choose the best package and remain worry-free for the entire month.


Zong Other Call Packages

Zong, a mobile network company owned by China Mobile, is one of the most popular mobile network operators in Pakistan. The company offers a multitude of call and internet offers to its vast customer base. It has both prepaid and postpaid offers with varying validity periods. The company also offers tailored packages to its customers. For example, the ‘Zong Student Bundle Offer’, which can be availed for 3 rupees plus tax, provides 120 free On-Net minutes consumed between 10 pm and 6 pm. 

Zong also offers multiple economical options. For example, the ‘Zong Flutter Package’ is specifically designed for those who want only SMS bundles and voice call minutes. For only 8 rupees plus tax, the offer comes with 90 On-Net minutes and 100 free SMS to all networks. Zong offers other cheap packages such as ‘Zong Sixer Plus Package’, ‘Zong Hello Package’, and ‘Zong Shandaar Daily Package’. The first offer provides 10,000 voice minutes plus 500 SMS; the second offers 100 free On-Net minutes, 100 free SMS to all networks, 50MBs of internet data, and the third offers unlimited On-Net minutes, 800 SMS, and 50 MBs of internet data. 

Zong has tailored its offerings considering the preferences of its customers. Zong users have the convenience of choosing a selective service. The company offers SMS bundle packages for customers more likely to prefer SMS instead of voice calls. ‘Zong Non-Stop Package’ provides unlimited calls for one day at just Rs 10. In contrast, another package, ‘Zong Perfect Package,’ gives 10,000 free On-Net minutes, 500 SMS, and 40 MBs of internet data from 10 pm to 7 pm.


Package Name Free On-Net Min Free Off-Net Min Free SMS Free MBs Validity Price Subscribe
Zong Sim Lagao Offer 6000 6000 4000 Rs 0 *2244#
Zong Combo Pack 50 3000 15 Days Rs 200 *15#
Zong Sindh Offer 5000 75 5000 5000 Rs 250 *54#
Zong 3 Months Power Pack 1500 8000 200 3000 8000 3 Months Rs 1500 *1313#


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