Zong SMS Packages

Zong SMS Packages

Zong, the subsidiary of China Mobile is the second-largest cellular service provider in the country. The company started its operation in 2008 after the acquisition of Paktel in 2007. Since its acquisition, the company has been working diligently to provide customers the best and most affordable cellular services, making it the preferred network choice of many Pakistanis.


Zong Daily SMS Packages

Zong offers different daily SMS packages for their customers, like the “Daily Sixer Plus Package,” which provides 500 SMS and unlimited on-net minutes for a whole day for just Rs 8, excluding tax. To subscribe to this amazing offer, dial *666# from your mobile device or use the Zong mobile app to get hands-on with this offer.

Zong has a daily SMS and WhatsApp bundle, which offers users 500 SMS and 30 MB of WhatsApp data for just Rs. 5+ tax. The offer is valid for a whole day, and to subscribe to this offer, dial *700# and then reply with 1. To check the usage of the bundle, dial *102# from the mobile device.

The company offers another daily SMS package, the “Zulu SMS Bundle.” In this package, the customers get 500 daily SMS for all networks for just Rs. 4+tax. To subscribe to this offer, dial *704# from your mobile device or use the Zong mobile app.

Zong has a “Shandaar Daily Package,” which offers unlimited on-net minutes and 800 SMS to all networks for just Rs. 14+tax. The offer is valid for a day, and users can subscribe to it by dialing *999# on their mobile device or using the Zong mobile app.


Package Name Free SMS Free On-net Minutes Free Off-net Minutes Free MBs Validity Price Subscription Code
Zulu SMS Bundle 500 1 1 day Rs. 4+tax *704#
Full Gup Package 100 75 30 1 day Rs. 5+tax *118*1#
Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle 500 30 1 day Rs. 5+tax *700#
Sixer Plus Package 500 Unlimited 1 day Rs. 8+tax *666#
Flutter Package 120 120 50 1 day Rs. 12+tax


Perfect Package 500 10000 40 1 day Rs. 12+tax *118*2#
Hello 1 Din 150 150 50 1 day Rs. 13+tax *2200*1#
Shandaar Daily Package 800 Unlimited 50 1 day Rs. 14+tax *999#


Zong Weekly SMS Packages

Zong is a subsidiary of China Mobile’s Chinese telecommunication company. With more than 40 million subscribers, Zong is Pakistan’s second-largest GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) mobile service provider and the third-largest mobile service overall.

Zong is backed by ground-breaking communications, industry-leading customer service, and unrivaled product and service offerings that have changed the game. Zong packages allow Prepaid and Postpaid consumers to always stay in touch with their friends and family.

All Zong SMS Packages can be activated online through the My Zong app; you have to download the app and subscribe to any package you want, or you can start any package using Zong SMS Packages subscription codes. 

Zong offers a variety of SMS plans. The Zong Prepaid Weekly SMS Package is one of the most popular because it provides 1200 SMS on any network for a week at the rate of 21+tax, as well as 200 MBs for WhatsApp; the offer can be subscribed to by dialing *702# on your speed dial, and to unsubscribe, send UNSUB to 700.

The Shandar Weekly Package is a holistic package that aims to provide the best value for money. You are provided 500 SMS as well as 500 MBs along with 500 on-net minutes and 40 off-net minutes for 7 days. You can dial *7# and avail of the offer for 120 rupees.

The All-in-1 Bundle doubles down on the Shandar Weekly Package and provides the user with 1000 SMS with 1000 MBs and 1000 on-net minutes, and 40 off-net minutes for 1 week. Users can dial *6464# > 4 > 1 or SMS “Weekly150” to 6464 to avail of the offer. To unsubscribe dial *6464#.

If you want to spend a little more, you can subscribe to Zong’s Haftawar Load Offer. The package provides the user with 2500 SMS along with 2500 On-net minutes and 2500 MBs of internet. Users also get 80 off-net minutes for 7 days for 250 rupees. To unsubscribe, you can send “Unsub Weekly 250” to 6464.

Zong also introduced the Karachi Offer for 250 rupees. The offer provided subscribers with 5000 SMS, On-net minutes, MBs, and 75 off-net minutes. To subscribe, you can dial *54#.


Package Name Free SMS Free On-Net Minutes Free Off-Net Minutes Free MBs Validity Price Subscription Code
SMS + WhatsApp 1300 200 7 days 29 PKR *102#
Weekly SMS Bundle 1500 200 7 days 21 PKR *702#
Shandar Weekly Package 500 500 40 500 7 days 120 PKR *7#
All in 1 Bundle 1000 1000 40 1000 7 days 200 PKR *6464# > 4 > 1
Haftawar Load Offer 2500 2500 80 2500 7 days 250 PKR *70#
Karachi Offer 5000 5000 75 5000 7 days 250 PKR *54#

Zong Monthly SMS Packages

Being a market leader in the telecommunication industry, Zong is committed to empower the people of Pakistan through its unique technology and innovative features. Covering every corner of the nation, Zong is renowned for its affordable and expansive services for its valued customers and a customer-center feedback policy. The company vows to enable its users to access the best SMS packages in the country, allowing them to make a truly unique connection through Zong’s innovative services.

The primary purpose of Zong’s vast range of services is for its customers to connect easily with their loved ones. However, the company’s customer-focused agenda expands much further, evident from its services and policies that ensure its valued customers do not face any capacity or tariff issues.

Zong offers a wide variety of SMS packages, ranging from pre-paid to post-paid plans. The company’s monthly SMS packages vary based on capacity and price; however, the immense value these packages offer remains the common denominator. Another unique feature Zong’s monthly SMS packages provide is that you can avail yourself of free on-net and off-net minutes, along with thousands of free MBs. With such versatility, Zong indeed guarantees its customers’ satisfaction.

Zong’s most affordable monthly SMS package is the ‘Zong Monthly SMS and WhatsApp Bundle’, which offers 500 SMS and 30 free MBs at the price of Rs. 50. If you want a much higher capacity, you can avail the ‘Zong Supreme Plus Offer’, which entails 10000 SMS, along with 10000 MBs and On-Net minutes. This offer is available at the price of Rs. 1732. With such flexible packages that cover both SMS and MBs, it is no surprise that Zong has become the market leader in the country’s telecommunication industry.


Package Name Free SMS Free On-Net Minutes Free Off-Net Minutes Free MBs Validity Price Subscription Code
Zong Monthly SMS and WhatsApp Bundle 500 30 30 Days Rs. 50 *705#
Zong Shandaar Monthly Package 1000 1000 100 1000 30 Days Rs. 300 *1000#
Zong Monthly Power Pack 500 1000 1000 50 2500 30 Days Rs. 500 *1313#
Zong Super Card 2500 2500 150 2500 30 Days Rs. 650 *6464#
Zong Supreme Offer 5000 5000 300 5000 30 Days Rs. 1000 *3030#
Zong Monthly Power Pack 1000 1500 2000 150 5000 30 Days Rs. 1000 *1313#
Zong Supreme Plus Offer 10000 10000 600 10000 30 Days Rs. 1732 *1500#


Zong Others SMS Packages

Zong uses 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies to provide cellular mobile voice and data services to the Pakistani market. The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority’s service award of No. 1 Operator in voice and data services attests to the high-performance criteria (PTA).

In Pakistan, 4G coverage is available in over 100 cities, with the addition of more daily. Since China Mobile Pakistan took over the Zong advertising campaign, the tagline has been ‘A New Dream.’ Other SMS packages like daily, monthly, and weekly offers are available from Zong. The Zong 15 Days SMS Package, which allows consumers 500 SMS on any network for 15 days for a cost of Rs 50+tax, is the most popular deal among its clients. To subscribe to the offer, send SUB to 700; send ‘UNSUB’ to 700 to unsubscribe.

Here is a list of Zong Postpaid SMS Packages for postpaid customers:

By dialling *567# and sending an UNSUB message to 700, you can activate a 300 SMS plan for Rs 25. By dialling *567#, you can activate the Rs. 50 SMS package and deactivate it by sending an UNSUB message to 700. For Rs 90, you can get unlimited SMS by dialling *567# and cancelling it by sending an UNSUB message to 700.


Package Name Free SMS Free On-net Mins Free Off-Net Mins Free MBs Validity Price Subscription Code
Zong SIM lagao offer 6000 6000 4000 Rs. 0 *2244#
Zong Sindh Offer 5000 5000 75 5000 Rs. 250 For customers in Sindh, dial *54# 
Zong 3 Months Power Pack 1500  3000 8000 200 8000 3 Months Rs. 1500 *1313#


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