10 Common Home Décor Mistakes You Should Avoid

Graana.com features 10 home decor mistakes that you should avoid.

Decorating your home is a delicate art, as even a slight misjudgment can leave your overall design in disarray. From finding the perfect accessories to placing them in the right spot, home decoration can entail several decisions, giving way to a few common home décor mistakes. A perfectly proportionate and organized room can be quite satisfying, but the contrary can be just as much disgruntling.

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Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has compiled a list of the 10 most common home décor mistakes that you should avoid.


Common Home Décor Mistakes You Should Avoid

The process of the home decoration is enamored with intricacies, making it easy for first-time designers and home decorators to find themselves in a few pitfalls. There’s a misstep in every corner, and avoiding each one is almost impossible. However, we shall cover the basics that can help you in elevating your home’s décor.


Neglecting Scale and Proportion


Scale and proportion are necessary to avoid home decor mistakes.


Being the foundation of interior design, scale and proportions are vital for a pleasing décor. Scale refers to the size of things, while proportion is the relationship of those sizes with everything else in the room. Ignoring these two factors is a grave home décor mistake that almost every first-time decorator makes.

With open floor plans and high ceilings becoming much more common, adding proportion and scales into the mix has become a necessity. While buying furniture and ornaments, don’t treat each piece as an isolated object, rather look at it from a perspective of how it would go with everything else in the room.


Inadequate Lighting


Inadequate lighting is a common mistake in home decor.


A common home décor mistake is inadequate lighting. Lighting may seem like a trivial aspect of a room; however, many considerations go into achieving the perfect lighting. Understanding the quantity of light, its color, and where to place it is pertinent for creating the right aesthetic.


Poor-Quality Furniture

Another home décor mistake is buying furniture in bulk and only focusing on quantity. Quality should be the main focus in your purchases as you want your furniture to last. Instead of buying a cheap couch set, buy a single, high-quality piece.

Cluttered Spaces


a cluttered space can be very unappealing.


A disorganized and cluttered space can make your house extremely unappealing. Cluttering is quite common; however, it can be avoided by having closed cabinets and storage areas throughout your home. You can save space along with making your home look neat.


Too Many Photographs


Overcrowding walls with photos is a common home decor mistake that you should avoid.


Photographs are an eloquent way of decorating your walls and giving your home a personal and livelier feel. However, overdoing it with photo frames all over the house can completely ruin your home’s aesthetic. You can make a dedicated area to display your family photos.



The right accessories can elevate a living space by several folds, especially when they have a personal connection to you. However, most people tend to make a common home décor mistake of continuously adding new accessories to living spaces without taking out any previous ones.

This can lead to over-accessorizing, which can make your room look cramped, and take away the attention from the main features.


Matching Everything

Matching décor can be a safe option in some cases; however, it can take away the personal touch from your home and make it look like a showroom. Different color schemes add vibrance to your room, along with a touch of personality.

In case you bought matching sets, you can split the furniture between different rooms to add a unique touch.


Incorrect Paint Colour


white painted rooms can look clinical.


Choosing the right paint color can be quite tricky as each hue has its own implications. White can make your room look clinical, while darker shades can give the illusion of a cramped room.

It all comes down to the purpose of the room, and the amount of natural light coming in. However, painted walls are still a better alternative to no-paint or neutral-toned walls.


Overlooking a Focal Point


a fireplace can serve as a perfect focal point for any room.


Every room needs a focal point, something that is eye-catching and can instantly draw attention. A focal point can be anything – a fireplace, an artwork, or a mirror. You can build around this focal point by adding furniture and décor that complements that element.

If your focal point can stand on its own, the burden won’t fall on your art and accessories to carry the décor of the entire room. However, leaving your room without a focal point is a home décor mistake that you should definitely avoid.


Small Area Rugs

An area rug is meant to cover your furniture and possibly a large portion of your room. If your rug can barely fit your furniture, it means that it is not the correct size. Small rugs are a common mistake that home decorators make, one that can be detrimental to the overall aesthetic of your room.

A rug in a dining room should cover all the tables and chairs, while a bedroom rug should cover the whole bed and still have some space for walking. Anything smaller than that would be the wrong size for your room.


With so many common pitfalls in home décor, first-time decorators can have a hard time avoiding all the missteps. Some of the basic home décor mistakes that should be avoided have been listed so that you can truly elevate your home’s décor. For more information on home décor such as best house warming gifts, visit our blog.

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