How to Use Acrylic Sheets to Revamp Your House?

Acrylic sheet is widely used in both the commercial and residential industries. Their properties are similar to that of glass; however, they are much stronger as they provide shatter resistance. Also known as Plexiglass, they are considered one of the best choices to upgrade your home. They are transparent and scratch-proof. This is why many people tend to incorporate them in their home renovation projects., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has come up with a list of useful ways to employ acrylic sheets to revamp your house along with its price in Pakistan.

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Table of Contents

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1Acrylic Sheet –An overview
2Benefits of Acrylic Sheets
3Downsides of Acrylic Sheets
4Domestic Uses of Acrylic Sheets
5Places to Purchase Acrylic Sheets in Pakistan


Acrylic Sheet – An Overview

As is evident from the name, acrylic sheets are made from acrylic, which is a plastic-like material with properties similar to that of glass.
It is easy to fabricate acrylic sheets, as they create a firm bonding with binders and solvents. Moreover, it is also resistant to rusting and weathering.


Benefits of Acrylic Sheets

Following are some of the top benefits of acrylic sheets.

  • As the sheets are pliant in nature, you can mould them in any shape easily.
  • You can colour the sheets, make them opaque, or make their surface mirrored.
  • Acrylic sheets are insulators which means they do not conduct electricity.
  • Their color does not fade in the presence of sunlight.
  • They are weather resistant hence make best choice for making windows.
  • Their smooth surface makes it easy to clean them.


Downsides of Acrylic Sheets

Following are a few downsides of acrylic sheets.

  • They have the ability to expand and contract as per the temperature.
  • They are highly combustible.
  • Their do not provide smooth finishing as that of glass.


Domestic Uses of Acrylic Sheets

Following are some of the uses of acrylic sheets.

Skylight and Window of Acrylic Sheets


skylight inside a house made using plexiglass

Acrylic sheets are mostly used in houses to make windows and skylights. They are used in the replacement of glass because they make the windows more resilient and resistant to cracks as compared to glass.


Cabinets and Tabletops


kitchen cabinets made using plexi glass


They are transparent and have a lustrous surface which allows them to enhance the surface of kitchen cabinets by giving them a new appearance. If you want to give your cabinets a quick fix, you can use acrylic sheets.

This will hide their flaws and give them a new look. Moreover, you can also use plexiglass to cover the tabletops.


Shower Enclosures


bathroom backsplash made up of acrylic sheet


They are also used to make shower enclosures. They are installed with ease and are long-lasting. Also, it is easy to clean their surface.

If you want to add to the aesthetics of your bathroom while sticking to the low-budget, opt for acrylic options.


Living Room Décor Using Plexiglass


Living room decor using acrylic sheet


A few years back, glass mirrors were used to make dressing and jewellery cabinets, but these days, acrylic sheets are taking their place.
What makes these sheets better than glass mirrors is the fact that they are not as brittle and also have a reflective mirror-like surface.


Brighten the Corners of Your House


Acrylic sheet mirrors on the walll of living room


Reflective plexiglass can be used to illuminate darker corners inside your house. You can use them in your living room, and bedrooms.
Adjust their position in a way that reflects the light and increases the brightness of the space.

You can cut those sheets in various shapes such as square, circular, and rectangular.


Picture Framing

multi coloured picture frames made of plexiglass


Plexiglass can also be used to make photo frames. If you already have a frame with broken or cracked glass, you can fix it using an acrylic sheet. Simply cut a transparent sheet as per the size of the frame.

Also, you can use it to make your personalized DIY photo frame-making project.


Revamp Your Kitchen


plexiglass used to revamp the decor of a kitchen


If you feel like you are bored with that old backsplash in your kitchen, try replacing it with acrylic sheets. It has the ability to change the ambience of any kitchen while making it more functional, as its smooth surface makes it easy to clean. Moreover, it makes the surface waterproof, and hence more durable.


DIY Piece of Art

You can create your own DIY piece of art to embellish any part of your house using plexiglass. For example, a nice wall hanging on the wall beside your staircase or a cute decorative piece in your kid’s bedroom.


Places to Purchase Acrylic Sheets in Pakistan




Chakwal Plastic And Steel Works

H3X3+QQ4, Babu Muhallah (Old), Saddar, Rawalpindi, Punjab 46000(051) 5112316

Pakistan PVC Ltd – SHAVYL

31-A Service Rd N, I-9/2 I 9/2 Industrial Area, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000

(051) 4430317

Hamza Enterprises

Takia Peer Hakim Shah، 14 Cooper Rd, Lahore, 54000

0300 9631406


CLUB STREET, 14 Cooper Rd, opp. Fazal building, Lahore, 54000

0300 9425441

AlHamd Trader

University Road, opposite HBL Bank، Farooq Colony, Sargodha, Punjab 40100

(048) 3768964

Star Poly Industry

R6HX+284, Sector C Karachi Export Processing Zone (KEPZ) Landhi Town, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh

(021) 35082280


Shahjahan Ave, Federal B Area Block 16 Gulberg Town, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh

0322 3632188

Zakiuddin traders

Mazhar shop, Borie Bazar, Near haji shah, no 3, Doctors Colony, Hyderabad, Sindh 71000

0311 7862442

Meezan Plastic Industry

3H2P+55P, Shero Jahngi, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

(091) 2040571

ZRK Group

Industrial Estate Rd, Hayatabad, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

(091) 111 975 975

Acrylic Sheet Price in Pakistan

The Lowest acrylic sheet price in Pakistan is Rs.145 and the approximate price is Rs.567. The detailed price chart is as follows.


Acrylic Sheet Price in Pakistan
 Sheet (8×8 Inches)Rs. 145
8 X 10 Inches  Sheet (all Colors)Rs. 260
20×20 Inches  SheetRs. 1,750
24 X 24 Inches  SheetRs. 1,350
12×12 Inches  SheetRs. 395


FAQs About Acrylic

Here are a few frequently asked questions about plexiglass.


Is it Toxic?

During its manufacturing, a small quantity of toxic fumes are produced, however, the final product is not harmful.


Does it changes its colour to Yellow in Sunlight?

No, acrylic does not change its colour to yellow. It does not get affected by ultraViolet rays, hence the perfect choice for skylights and different types of windows.


How Weather-resistant is Clear Acrylic?

Transparent acrylic sheets do not change colour or texture because of sunlight and provide the best durability against harsh weather conditions such as wind and heavy rainfall.


Does it look like glass?

They do have a lot of features similar to that of glass, however, in terms of finishing, it does not equate to glass.


What is its price in Pakistan?

Its lowest price in Pakistan is Rs 145 and the approximate average price is Rs.567. The detailed price chart is as follows.


Acrylic sheet is an affordable substitute for glass. It possesses almost similar properties, which is why we see a rise in the trend where people use it for their home renovation projects.

In this blog, we covered all the relevant topics related to acrylic sheets price in Pakistan, its domestic uses, pros and cons and much more. For more information, visit Graana blog.

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