Best Small Apartment Lighting Ideas

An often-overlooked element when renovating your space is lighting fixtures; the right lighting can greatly enhance and elevate the interior of a space. It is also one of the easiest and most economical ways of changing your room’s aesthetic. 

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Learn More has compiled a few options for different types of lights, which can not only serve as the focal point of a room but can also help in brightening up smaller spaces.  Here are some of the best small apartment Lighting Ideas,


Wall Lights

Sconces lights


One of the Best Small Apartment Lighting Ideas is wall lighting . It is one of the best options to compose balanced lighting in your room. They are less harsh for the eyes and create a relaxing, well-lit space. Wall lights come in various designs and colours; you can choose them according to your preferences.


Ceiling Fixtures


Can Lights


Ceiling fixtures are a popular trend that complement modern room designs. They come in various sizes, shapes, and types like chandeliers, fluorescent lights, pendant lights, recessed lighting, and track lighting. You can choose according to your budget and the theme of your home.


Low Hanging Pendant Lights


Low Hanging Lights


Pendant lights are more suitable for modern and minimalist interiors, giving a sophisticated look to your space. They are even suitable for kitchens and workspaces as they provide more focused lighting.


Illuminated Objects


Illuminated objects


To make the small accents of your home decor stand out – like wall art, photo frames, plants, etc. – focused lights are your best option. These can also be used to make a space seem bigger than it actually is.


Choosing the Right Bulb




Choosing the right bulb is important for setting the right mood for your place. In other words, you must also know how to light up your house.

Even the different shades of lighting can change the ambience of the room. Light bulbs with cooler tones typically create a calming effect, whereas warm lights are generally preferred for dark interiors.

To adjust the brightness of the lighting, you can also opt for a dimmer so you can change it according to your liking.


Floor Lamps


 Tall Metal Lamp


Floor lamps are also a great option for lighting up smaller spaces. They provide more focused lighting, so the placement of the lamp is important. For instance, you might want to position one near the couch where you like to read, or next to your makeshift office space at home.

These come in many sleek and stylish designs that do not take up a lot of space.

Floor lamps also come with detached wires so you can easily set them up yourself; you don’t need to install new wiring.


Table Lamps




If you feel a single ceiling fixture isn’t sufficient for you, you can always choose to set up a table lamp for an additional source of light. They are especially suitable for brightening up little nooks and corners of the room. You can find a variety of table lamps in different sizes, shapes, and styles, like lava lamps and fire lamps.


Colourful Lights


Colourful Lights


If you want to add a statement to your room, you can install LED lights or laser lights.  It is one Best Small Apartment Lighting Ideas . They have multiple options in terms of colours and patterns, and consume less energy. Nowadays, high-tech, customisable RGB options are also available, where lights can be synced to the beat of the music you play.


Neon Lights




Neon lights are also a trending option these days, with the glowing signage creating a dramatic effect in your room. These are frequently used for events, restaurant interiors, parties etc. You can even customise the neon signs and colours according to your liking.


Indirect Lighting




For kitchens (and even workspaces), installing indirect lighting or bright spotlights (over the countertops, for instance) are a more appropriate option to carry out your tasks effectively.


Oversized Designed Lights


Oversized lights


Adding a hanging oversized designed pendant lighting is a simple way to revamp a room. If you prefer a rustic theme especially, this is a quick way to add that element to your room. These oversized lights have multiple options in terms of design and colour, which you can choose according to the overall aesthetics of the room.


Mirror Lighting

Mirror Lighting


Hanging up more mirrors in your apartment can make your space look bigger as it reflects light from all sources, creating a double reflection. The placement of the lights and mirrors are very important in this case.


Radium Stickers


Radium Stickers

In the past, the use of radium stickers was mostly limited to kids’ amusement, but recently these are being widely used as night lights in rooms, as they are now available in even more colours and shapes.


Decorative Lanterns


Decorative Lanterns


The selection of Moroccan lanterns can be a unique way of lighting up small apartments. Installing one in your room can bring a sense of retro elegance to your space. These lanterns come in beautiful designs and can also serve as decorative elements.

Similarly, an artful display of traditional Turkish lamps can also enhance your space. Both these lights come with the options of votive candles and internal electric wiring.


Highlight Selectively


Fire Place


Avoid highlighting every picture or decor piece at home as the harsh lighting on each can make your space look cramped and cluttered. You can instead uplift the room by adding warm light to your living room with, for example, a fireplace.

These conventional and modern lighting options can help you accessorise your living space. If you’re looking for more home decor ideas, follow for more details.




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