Bhakkar Postal Code: Foundation of Connectivity 

Overview of Bhakkar Postal Code

Scooped out Mianwali in 1982, the Bhakkar district combines the riverine tract of Indus and desolate plains of Thal. But besides its geographical diversity, the Bhakkar postal code services have kept the region connected over the years.  Today, explores the importance of the Postal Code of Bhakkar along with their services and significance

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List of Bhakkar Postal Code


Importance of Postal Services in Pakistan

Here is a list of Bhakkar Postal Code


Abbasian Wala30141
Adda Barkat Wala30101
Alam Abad30001
Ali Khel C.c.30151
Amir Abad30101
Bakkar Bazar30001
Bangla Firdaus30041
Basti Daya Murad30001
Basti Mian Punja30001
Basti Mian Roshan30131
Bhakkar City Nt30000
Bhakkar Mandi Nt30000
Bhakkar Npont30000
Chak 183 T.d.a.30001
Chak 186 T.d.a.30001
Chak 215 T.d.a.30053
Chak 32 M.l.30141
Chak 33 M.l.30141
Chak 35.36 M.l30151
Chak 36 T.d.a.30001
Chak 41 T.d.a.30001
Chak 43 T.d.a30001
Chak 47 D.b.30151
Chak 47/t.d.a.30050
Chak 53 T.d.a.30051
Chak 54/ml30101
Chak 55 D.b.30151
Chak 55 T.d.a.30041
Chak 56 D.b.30151
Chak 57,58 Ml30001
Chak 60-61 Ml30053
Chak 61 D.b.30151
Chak 61 T.d.a.30051
Chak 62-64 Ml30053
Chak 67 Ml30052
Chak 69 Ml30053
Chak 70 Ml30053
Chak 71 Ml30053
Chak 72 Ml30053
Chak 73 T.d.a.30051
Chak 79 M.l.30041
Chak 9 T.d.a30131
Chiragh Kal Wal30131
Commonwealth Form30141
Daggar Kotli30053
Daily Namdar30141
Darya Khan Bazar30101
Darya Khan R.s.30100
Dhandla (basti Bakhtawar)30041
Dhudhian Wala30141
Goher Wala30111
Hāfiz Abād30141
Haider Abad30001
Hussain Shāh30101
Jandan Wala30150
Jhamat Shumāli30111
Jhok Qalander Bux30131
Joyian Wala30111
Kallur Kot30140
Karari Kot30001
Khan Pur30051
Khān Sar30001
Kohawer Kala30101
Kotla Jām30101
Mulana Dager30141
Murshad Abad30111
Razāi Shāh30001
Saeed Wala30141
Sarai Mohajir30001
Sasgoo Shumali30141
Shahian Wala30151
Tibba Meharban Shah30141
Tibbanainan Wala30130
Yousaf Shah30041
Zambey Wala30141

Understanding the Bhakkar Postal Code


Importance of postal services in Bhakkar

Bhakkar Postal Code is the unique numerical code assigned to different areas within Bhakkar, Pakistan. They facilitate efficient mail delivery and sorting processes within the region. These codes aid in streamlining postal services, ensuring prompt and accurate delivery of mail and parcels to designated destinations.


Significance of Bhakkar Postal Code

The Bhakkar Postal Code holds immense significance in the realm of postal services. It is a vital tool for postal workers to categorise and route mail efficiently. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in e-commerce transactions, ensuring seamless delivery of goods to customers within Bhakkar and beyond.


Exploring Services Associated with the Bhakkar Postal Code


Exploring Bhakkar Postal Code

Here is how Bhakkar postal code services are making a difference. 


Mail Delivery

One of the primary services associated with the Bhakkar Postal Code is mail delivery. Whether it’s letters, packages, or official documents, the postal code ensures that mail reaches its intended recipients in a timely manner.


Parcel Handling

The Bhakkar Postal Code also facilitates the handling of parcels and packages. From small parcels to large shipments, postal workers utilise the code to sort and deliver packages to the respective addresses accurately.


Postal Tracking

With technological advancements, postal tracking has become an integral part of the postal service. The Bhakkar Postal Code enables customers to track the status of their parcels, providing real-time updates on the whereabouts of their shipments.


Summing Up

Bhakkar Postal Codes, managed by Pakistan Post, are the backbone of efficient mail delivery in Bhakkar district. They foster communication, support the growth of e-commerce, and connect people and businesses across the region. By understanding this system and utilizing the services offered by Pakistan Post offices, residents of Bhakkar can ensure their mail and parcels reach their destinations swiftly and securely.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some FAQs


What is the format of the Bhakkar Postal Code?

The Bhakkar Postal Code typically follows a standard format consisting of five digits. For example, the postal code for a specific area within Bhakkar might be 30000.


How can I find the postal code for my area in Bhakkar?

Locating the postal code for your area in Bhakkar is simple. You can either consult a postal code directory, visit the official website of the postal service, or inquire directly at your local post office for assistance.


Is the Bhakkar Postal Code subject to change?

While postal codes are generally stable, there might be occasional revisions or updates due to changes in administrative boundaries or the expansion of postal services. It’s advisable to verify the postal code periodically to ensure accuracy.


Can I use the Bhakkar Postal Code for international shipments?

Yes, the Bhakkar Postal Code is recognized for domestic and international shipments. When sending parcels abroad, include the correct postal code to facilitate smooth delivery.


What happens if I provide an incorrect postal code?

Providing an incorrect postal code may result in delays or misdelivery of your mail or parcels. It’s essential to double-check the accuracy of the postal code before sending any mail to avoid such inconveniences.


Are there any additional services offered along with the Bhakkar Postal Code?

In addition to mail delivery and parcel handling, postal services in Bhakkar may offer supplementary services such as express delivery, registered mail, and postal insurance for added convenience and security.

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