A List of Sindh Postal Codes 

Pakistan’s southeastern region is home to Sindh, the third-largest province in the country by land area and the second-largest by population, after Punjab. Punjab and Balochistan are its neighbouring provinces to the north and northwest, respectively.

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Sindh shares an international border with Gujarat and Rajasthan, two Indian states, to the east, and the Arabian Sea bounds it to the south. Sindh is a land of rich cultural history. It was the birthplace of the Indus Valley Civilisation, one of the earliest urban civilisations in the world.

The province has witnessed the rule of various empires, including the Greeks, Persians, Arabs, Turks, and Mughals, and its culture is a confluence of these diverse influences. The province is known for its music, poetry, and craftsmanship. Sindh is an important economic hub of Pakistan, with industries such as textiles, steel, and petroleum. Karachi, the provincial capital, is the largest city in Pakistan and an important port. Graana.com has listed Sindh Postal Codes and explained their structure, making locating addresses within the city easier.


List of Sindh Postal Codes


Gorakh Sindh in Winters


Here is the list of different districts of Sindh postal codes:

AreaPostal Code
Al-Hyderi GPO74700
Badin GPO67300
Badin Saddar67300
Baldia Town75760
Bhit Shah67350
Bhit Shah67350
Buffer Zone75850
Dadu GPO72400
Defence Housing Society75500
Gadap Town75340
Ghotki GPO61240
Hyderabad Cantt.71000
Hyderabad GPO71000
Hyderabad Saddar71000
Jacobabad GPO75800
Jafarabad GPO76800
Jamshoro GPO75630
Jati GPO71200
Karachi Cantt.75530
Karachi GPO74200
Karachi Saddar GPO74400
Khairpur GPO66000
Khairpur Mirs66010
Khairpur Mirs GPO66010
Khuzdar GPO86000
Larkana GPO67000
Larkana Saddar67000
Latifabad GPO67100
Matiari GPO75500
Mirpur Khas67200
Mirpur Khas GPO67200
Mithi GPO78000
Mithi Saddar78000
Mithrao GPO79000
Mithrao Saddar79000
Mohenjo Daro65100
Mohenjo Daro GPO65100
Moro GPO67210
Naushero Feroze65000
Naushero Feroze GPO65000
Nawabshah GPO67200
Nawabshah Saddar67200
New Karachi75850
Orangi Town75800
Padidan GPO65060

What is the Zip Code?

A zip code is a series of numbers used in a postal address to improve the efficiency of mail sorting. It denotes a specific geographic location within a country and is an essential element in the prompt delivery of mail and letters. Zip codes are usually written in capital letters to indicate their significance in expediting mail delivery.


Importance of Postal Codes

The significance of postal codes extends beyond their original purpose of facilitating mail delivery. Comprising a distinctive combination of numbers and letters, postal codes are unique to each location. While historically designed for mail purposes, they now play a crucial role in geographical identification and government service delivery.

These codes serve as exclusive identifiers and aid the government in various administrative functions. In Pakistan, postal codes not only streamline mail delivery but also enhance the efficiency of government services.

For instance, each locality in Larkana possesses a specific and unique postal code. With their brevity and universality, these codes simplify geographical identification. In Pakistan, these codes consist of 5-digit numbers, although postal codes may encompass different combinations of numbers and letters globally.


Efficient Mail Delivery

The primary purpose of postal codes remains the facilitation of efficient mail delivery. They enable postal services to accurately direct mail to specific regions, cities, or neighbourhoods.


Geographical Identification

Postal codes act as unique identifiers for geographic locations. Each code corresponds to a specific area, allowing for precise identification and location-based referencing.


Government Services

Governments utilise postal codes for administrative purposes. These codes aid in the organisation of census data, resource allocation, and the efficient delivery of government services to specific regions.


Business and Commerce

In the business world, postal codes are essential for logistics, supply chain management, and targeted marketing. They help businesses identify market segments and streamline the distribution of goods and services.


Emergency Services

Emergency services rely on postal codes to quickly locate and respond to incidents. Whether it’s a medical emergency or a fire, accurate location information is crucial for swift and effective response.


Demographic Analysis

Researchers and policymakers use postal codes to analyse demographic trends, assess population distribution, and make informed urban planning and development decisions.


Online Services

In the digital age, postal codes play a vital role in online services, ensuring the accurate delivery of goods purchased online. They are also used in location-based services and applications.


Public Infrastructure Planning

City planners and infrastructure developers use postal code data to plan and allocate resources for public services, transportation, and utilities based on the specific needs of different areas.


Crisis Response

During natural disasters or crises, postal codes help coordinate relief efforts. They assist in identifying affected areas and efficiently distributing aid to those in need.

Security and Authentication:


In some instances, postal codes are used as part of security measures or authentication processes, adding an extra layer of verification in various transactions and communications.



 Here are FAQs about  Sindh Postal Codes:


Q: How do I find the postal code for a specific area in Sindh, Pakistan?

A: You can easily find the postal code for a specific area in Sindh by searching on the official postal service website or using online postal code directories.


Q: Are postal codes in Sindh different for each city or locality?

A: Yes, postal codes in Sindh are specific to each city or locality. Each area has a unique postal code to facilitate accurate mail delivery.


Q: Can I use a general postal code for all of Sindh?

A: No, it’s essential to use the specific postal code for the exact location in Sindh to ensure precise mail delivery and avoid any delays.


Q: How many digits are there in Sindh postal codes?

A: In Sindh, postal codes generally consist of five digits. This standardised format helps in accurately identifying and sorting mail.


Q: Do all countries use a postal code system similar to Sindh’s?

A: No, postal code systems vary globally. While many countries, including Pakistan, use numeric postal codes, the format and structure may differ.


Q: Can I find a list of all Sindh postal codes online?

A: Yes, various online platforms and official postal service websites provide comprehensive lists of Sindh postal codes organised by cities and localities.


Q: What’s the importance of using the correct postal code in Sindh?

A: Using the correct postal code ensures the efficient and timely delivery of mail. It helps postal services accurately route and deliver letters and packages to the intended destination.


Q: Are there any recent changes to Sindh postal codes?

A: Postal codes may be updated periodically, so it’s advisable to check official sources for any recent changes or additions to the postal code system in Sindh.


Q: Can I get the postal code for a specific location through a mobile app?

A: Yes, there are mobile apps and online tools that provide postal code information for specific locations in Sindh. These can be convenient for quick reference.


Q: How can I contact the Sindh postal service for assistance with postal codes?

A: You can contact the official postal service in Sindh through their customer service helpline or visit their local office for assistance with postal code inquiries.

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