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Overview of Bhakkar Postal Code

One of the richest provinces of Pakistan, Punjab is a land where business flourishes. Factors like Punjab postal code services are among the key reasons behind the province’s contributions to the nation’s GDP. For today’s blog, Graana.com explores Punjab postal code and their contributions to its development. 

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Overview of Punjab and Punjab Postal Code


Punjab Postal Code Services


Known as the land of five rivers, Punjab is the most prominent province of Pakistan. Geographically, the place is located in the central-eastern region of Pakistan. It shares borders with: 

  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to the northwest
  • Balochistan to the southwest
  • Sindh to the south
  • Islamabad Capital Territory and Azad Kashmir to the north. 

Additionally, it shares international borders with the Indian states of Rajasthan and Punjab.


Infrastructure and Postal System


Pakistan Post is responsible for more than just a few different postal services.


In terms of infrastructure, Punjab has a well-developed postal system that plays a crucial role in connecting people and facilitating communication. Postal codes in Punjab are structured for effective mail delivery management. 

These codes are an important part of the region’s administrative system. Major cities in Punjab, such as Lahore, have specific postal codes that help in the sorting and delivery of mail. Understanding these postal codes can provide valuable insights into Punjab’s geography and administrative organisation.

Here is a table that lists Punjab Postal Codes


DivisionDistrict City Postal Code 
Bahawalpur DivisionBahawalnagar District Bahawalnagar City 62300
Chistian 62350
Minchinabad 62230
Bahawalpur District Ahmedpur 63350
Bahawalpur City 63100
Hasilpur 63000
Rahim Yar Khan District Khanpur64100
Rahim Yar Khan City64200
Sadiqabad City 64350
Dera Ghazi Khan DivisionDera Ghazi Khan District Dera Ghazi Khan City33001
Layyah District Layyah City 31200
Muzaffargarh District Jatoi 34430
Muzaffargarh City 34111
Rajanpur District Rajanpur 33500
Kot Addu DistrictKot Addu City34050
Taunsa District Kot Qaisrani32130
Taunsa City 32100
Tibbi Qaisrani32030
Jampur DistrictJampur Tehsil 64101
Faisalabad DivisionChiniot DistrictChiniot City 35400
Faisalabad District Faisalabad City 37000
Jhang District Jhang City 35200
Toba Tek Singh District Gojra56000
Toba Tek Singh City 61181
Gujranwala Division Gujranwala District Gakhar Mandi 52200
Gujranwala City 52250 
Narowal District Narowal City 51600
Shakar Garh 51800
Sialkot DistrictChawinda 51420
Gujrat Division Gujrat District Dinga 50280
Gujrat City 50700
JalalPur Jattan50780
Kharian 50090
Hafizabad District Hafizabad City 52110
Mandi Bahauddin District Malakwal 50530
Mandi Bahauddin 50400
Wazirabad District Wazirabad City 52000
Lahore Division The Lahore District Lahore City 54000
Nankana Sahib District Nankana Sahib 39100
Sangla Hill39600
Shah Kot 39630
Kasur District Chunian55220
Kasur City 55050
Sheikhupura District Ferozewala52251
Muridke 39000
Sharaq Pur 39460
Mianwali Division Bhakkar District Bhakkar City 30000
Mianwali District Isakhel43430
Mianwali City 42200
Talagang District Talagang City 48100
Multan Division Khanewal District Jahanian Tehsil 58200
Khanewal Tehsil 58152
Mian Channu Tehsil58000
Lodhran District Lodhran City 59320
Multan District Jalalpur Pirwala59250
Multan City 60050
Shujabad 59220
Vehari District Vehari City 61100
Rawalpindi DivisionAttock District Attock City 43600
Fateh Jang43350 
Hasan Abdal43730
Chakwal District Chakwal Tehsil48800
Kallar Kahar 48530
Jhelum District Dina 49400
Jhelum City49600
Sohawa 49230
Rawalpindi District Gujar Khan 47850
Kallar Syedan47520
Murree District Murree City 47224
Sahiwal Division Okara District Okara 56300
Pakpattan District Pak Pattan 57400
Sahiwal District Sahiwal 57000
Sargodha DivisionKhushab District Khushab Town 41000
Sargodha District Bhera 40540
Sargodha 04020


Pakistan Post Office Network


Importance of Postal Services in Pakistan

Pakistan Post, with its extensive network of around 13,000 post offices across the country, plays a crucial role in providing postal services to every corner of Pakistan, including the province of Punjab. This network ensures that approximately 20 million households and businesses in Punjab receive delivery services as a community service.


Punjab Postal Code Services


Exploring Punjab Postal Code

The Punjab province benefits significantly from Pakistan Post’s operations, including its postal code services. The postal codes help in efficiently managing mail delivery, contributing to the province’s connectivity and administrative organisation.


Role in Economic and Social Development

Pakistan Post goes beyond traditional postal services, serving as an agent for the federal and provincial governments. It operates a savings bank, provides postal life insurance, collects taxes, and handles utility bill payments. This diverse range of services positions Pakistan Post as a key player in the economic and social development of Punjab and the nation as a whole.


Impact on Punjab’s Development

Pakistan Post’s national identity, high brand awareness, and extensive network of post offices make it uniquely positioned to contribute to Punjab’s development. Thus by providing affordable and reliable postal services, Pakistan Post plays a vital role in shaping the current landscape of Punjab, facilitating communication, and connecting communities.



Punjab’s postal code system is a vital component of its infrastructure, enhancing mail delivery efficiency. The structured postal codes for major cities like Lahore or Faisalabad offer insights into Punjab’s administrative setup. Pakistan Post’s extensive network of post offices ensures timely delivery of mail, money, and materials.

For inquiries or assistance, individuals can contact Pakistan Post at 051-111-111-117. With its commitment to affordable and reliable postal services, Pakistan Post plays a key role in Punjab’s development and connectivity, serving millions across the province.


Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about postal codes? Here are some FAQs you can look into. 


Why is the Postal Code only 5 digits?

Postal codes vary in length depending on the country and the complexity of its postal system. In many countries, including Pakistan, the standard postal code system uses five digits for simplicity and efficiency in mail sorting and delivery.


What ZIP Code Sindh use?

Sindh, Pakistan, uses various postal codes depending on the specific area. Some of the major cities in Sindh and their postal codes are:

  • Karachi: Various postal codes based on different areas and neighbourhoods.
  • Hyderabad: 71000


Which ZIP Code Islamabad Use?

Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, has various postal codes based on different sectors and areas. Some of the postal codes for Islamabad are:

  • GPO Islamabad: 44000
  • F-5/1: 44010
  • G-5: 44020


How can I know my Postal Code?

You can find your postal code by contacting your local post office or by using online postal code lookup tools provided by postal services or courier companies.


Is there only one postal code for the entire city?

No, large cities are typically divided into multiple postal code areas to facilitate efficient mail sorting and delivery.


How do postal codes work?

Postal codes are used to identify specific geographic areas for mail delivery. They help postal services sort and deliver mail more efficiently by directing it to the correct destination.


What does it mean when someone says “ZIP Code of Pakistan”?

ZIP Code is a postal code used in the United States. In Pakistan, the equivalent term for a postal code is simply “postal code” or “postcode.”


What is the structure of the postal code?

The structure of a postal code can vary. In some countries, it may be a series of numbers, while in others, it may include letters or a combination of both.


Is 00000 a postal code?

Postal Code 00000 is not valid in Pakistan. It is often used as a placeholder or a default value. 


What is the area code and postal code?

An area code is a telephone dialling code used to designate a specific geographic region. A postal code, on the other hand, is used by postal services to identify specific delivery areas.


When did the Pakistan Post Office come into being?

Pakistan Post Office was established on August 14, 1947, following the independence of Pakistan.


When did Postal Codes first emerge?

The use of postal codes dates back to the early 20th century, with the first modern postal code system introduced in Ukraine in 1932.


Can I contact the Pakistan Post Office?

Yes, you can contact the Pakistan Post Office for postal services, inquiries, and assistance. You can find contact information on their official website or by visiting a local post office.


Is the Pakistan postal service any good?

The quality of postal services in Pakistan can vary. Some people may have positive experiences, while others may face challenges such as delayed mail.


Can I track my package through a Pakistan post?

Yes, Pakistan Post offers tracking services for packages sent through its postal system. You can track your package online using the tracking number provided to you.


Is Pakistan Post currently working?

Yes, Pakistan Post is operational and provides postal services across the country.


How did the Pakistan Post Start?

Pakistan Post was established following the independence of Pakistan in 1947. This organisation took over the postal system that was previously operated by British India.


How do I get a zip code for a specific area in Punjab Pakistan?

There are several ways of getting the zip code for a specific area in Punjab.

  • You can visit the Pakistan Post website
  • You can contact your local post office. 
  • You can find your postal code on Graana blog

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