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Home renovations are a sure-fire way to ensure a higher resale value for your home. Generally, renovation projects can reap a hefty price tag, causing you to stretch your budget thin. However, a positive ROI can be achieved through other means as well – ones that require much less capital. Simple DIY projects have the potential to enhance your home’s aesthetics, along with offering a positive ROI.

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DIY Projects That Bring Positive ROI

Whether you want to sell your property, or simply increase its value, these do-it-yourself projects offer the perfect solution. However, not all DIYs offer the same value, as some may simply be a waste of time and resources. The following DIY projects are perfect for bringing a positive ROI to your home while boosting its aesthetic appeal.

  • Apply a Fresh Paint
  • Upgrade Fixtures
  • Fix Kitchen Hardware
  • Attic Remodelling
  • Basement Conversion
  • Front Yard
  • Flooring


Apply a Fresh Paint


A fresh DIY paint can offer positive ROI for your home.


A fresh layer of paint has the potential to spice up your home, along with offering a new and fresh look. A paint job is especially necessary if your walls are worn-out, scratched, or stained. In such cases, a new layer can make a significant difference, and bring out a new accent within your rooms.

Spacious areas such as living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms should be prioritised, as these rooms draw more attention. However, revamping the entrance can also be quite beneficial.


Upgrade Fixtures


Fixtures are a great way to improve ROI.


An aspect of renovations that is often overlooked is updating fixtures. Fixtures such as doorknobs, ceiling lights, window blinds, and even bathroom faucets can get worn out after years of continued use. Replacing these can be quite cheap, yet the results can be eye-catching and unique.

However, opting for pricey upgrades can be counter-intuitive, since the initial purpose of the project is to revamp your home using minimal resources.


Fix Kitchen Hardware


Kitchen hardware can be a good option for improving ROI.


Revamping the kitchen can serve as an amazing DIY project, perfect for improving ROI and making your kitchen more functional. Fix any issues with your kitchen appliances or hardware, such as ovens, stovetops, and dishwashers.

For those that plan on selling their homes, revamping the kitchen is a must. Kitchens are one of the most thoroughly evaluated aspects of a property, putting an immense value on these renovations. A simple stove replacement or cabinet revamp can offer a lot in terms of positive ROI.


Attic Remodelling


Attic remodelling has been trending over recent years.


Attic Remodelling has become quite popular over the recent years, even more so due to its benefits towards a property’s resale value. Attics have the potential to significantly boost your ROI, especially since it doesn’t require extra resources.

You can either turn the attic into an extra bedroom or simply an organised closet. Either way, the project can offer an immense return on investment.


Basement Conversion


Basements can become a good source of generating positive ROI.


Just like an attic, your basement has untapped potential that can easily be utilised.  A dark and dirty basement can not only drag down your property’s value but also make it less appealing to buyers. You can either turn your basement into an organised storage space or turn it into an extra bedroom.

A well lit and revamped basement has the potential to increase your property’s value and add a positive ROI. Simply changing the light fixtures and adding a bit of colour to your basement can give it a livelier feel.


Front Yard


Front yards are an extension of your home.


Your front yard is the first thing that anyone notices, meaning this element holds crucial importance in terms of property value. Trim your lawn or add a few ornaments to the yard, as these small touch-ups can boost your property’s curb appeal, along with adding a livelier feel.

You can even set up an outdoor entertainment centre in your front yard. From a property resale perspective, adding an element such as this to your front yard can boost your property’s overall value and add a positive ROI.




Flooring can be a great DIY project.


An easy yet effective way to boost your return on investment is to invest in a flooring upgrade. Some flooring options can be extremely affordable and require no extra assistance. Laminated wooden flooring is one such example that offers a simple yet effective flooring option.

If you want to keep your renovations at a lower scale, you can simply invest in upgrading your bathroom flooring. Replacing old and worn-out tiles, or completely changing the floor style can serve as a positive factor in increasing your home’s ROI.


Projects for improving your property’s ROI can be quite daunting, given the amount of time and resources that go into it. However, there are other ways to achieve the same results – DIY projects. These renovations are easy and simple, while the results offer both positive ROI and an enhanced aesthetic.

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