DIY Ideas to Make Your Bedroom More Cosy

bedIt would not be wrong to say that over recent years, cosy and minimal rooms have been gaining popularity among home renovators. These rooms invoke feelings of security, well-being, peace, and warmth, which is why we see people opting for cosy room decors. If you are searching for DIY bedroom decor ideas to help you with this venture, you are at the right place., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has come up with some of the best DIY ideas to make your bedroom more cosy.

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Create the Vibe Using More Lights


this is an image of bedroom warm lights that are taken from DIY ideas to make your bedroom more cosy


Lighting plays a huge role in creating the ambience of the room. Now that you want to add more cosiness to your room, it is essential to choose the light wisely. Nowadays, people tend to add fancy lights and lamps to their rooms depending on their style and the kind of ambience they want to create.


Imagine lying down in your bed with a bright light shining over your head, you won’t be comfortable, right? This is why a harsh overhead light is a big no for a comfortable and cosy room setting. If overhead lighting is a must, you can go for a chandelier with a dimming option.


Instead of harsh and bright lights, you can go for warm and soft lights. Using multiple sources of light is also a great choice. Besides all these options, you can also go for natural lighting to light up your room, which is considered the best option by interior designers.


Pile on the Fluffy Pillows


this is an image of pillows


Among all the DIY ideas to make your bedroom cosy, the simplest, cheapest and easiest way is adding more pillows. You can specify a space in the corner of your room where you can pile a few big fluffy pillows, or you can place them on your bed.


Now there is no limit to how many pillows you can add or what colour they should be in. It all depends on the space in your room and your personal preferences.


As it is a DIY project, you don’t need to spend extra bucks to buy pillow covers and other accessories, instead you can bring in all of your old and used sweaters. Upcycle them to save your money, and make something useful for your room.


Add More WoodWork


this is an image of a wooden bed that is one of the DIY ideas to make your bedroom cosy


Adding wood to your house is always a great way to give it a cosy and warm vibe. The same goes for your bedroom. Whether your room is small or big, you can always go for this option. Adding a small bedside table or a cute coffee table would do it, however, if you don’t have enough space in your room, you can go for other options such as a wooden floor or wooden wall hangings/frames.


True wood can be a bit expensive but there are other options available that can compensate for it including wallpapers. These wallpapers are easily available in the markets, and you can also find them online.


Add Layered Rugs


this is an image of bedroom rugs that are one of the DIY Ideas to make your bedroom more cosy


In modern-day houses, one of the must-have room items is rugs. People tend to layer their rooms with fluffy rugs, as they not only enhance the cosy ambience of the room but also feel nice under your feet.


You can add rugs of different shapes, sizes, and colours around your bed to create an extra comfy look.


Add More Plants


this is an image of bedroom plants which are one of the DIY ideas on how to make your bedroom more cosy


Adding more green to your room will not only be beneficial for your health but will also add to the overall decor of the room. If you look at decor trends of modern rooms, you will find that they always incorporate at least one or two live plants.

Likewise, you can choose to add plants to your room as well. There are various types of indoor plants that people commonly use for their houses and rooms. However, if your room lacks space, you can go for the other option which is small potted plants. These pots are so small that you can place them either on your bedside table or near the windows.


A Canopy


this is an image of a bed canopy which was taken as one of the DIY Ideas on how to make your bedroom more cosyd


A cosy bed canopy can also be a great way to make your room look extra cosy. It is a no-fail way that will add extra comfort by converting your bed into a cosy cocoon. For this purpose, you can make use of some old curtains or comforters.


Make Use of Wallpapers


this is an image of a bedroom wallpaper


Another easy and affordable DIY idea to convert your bedroom into a cosy place to relax and unwind is the use of wallpapers. If you are short on budget and want to add more depth to your room without spending too much money, using wallpapers can be a great choice for you. You can find a variety of wallpapers of different designs in the market. You can also get a customised wallpaper made for yourself.


Dorm-Style Bunk Beds


this is an image of a bunk bed which is one of the DIY ideas to make your room more cosy


Kids love nooks and hiding spaces. You can create one for them in their room. If you are looking for DIY ideas for your kid’s bedroom decor, this one can be quite useful.

You can create a dorm-style bunk bed for the kid’s bedroom, creating sleeping nooks in a wide-spaced room. Also, you can add privacy curtains on each bunk bed, as this will create a room-within-a-room. It can be quite an effective way to add cosiness to their room.


DIY Floating Shelves


this is an image of a floating shelf which is one of the DIY ideas to make your bedroom more cosy


In case your bedroom can not incorporate more stuff, you can focus on adding smaller things. If you work on those things wisely, it will make a difference to the overall vibe of your room. The addition of a tiny floating wooden shelf is one of them.

All you have to do is buy a plank of wood, and cut it to your desired size, and shape. These floating shelves can be attached either to the sidewall of your bed or beside your dressing table depending on your preference. Adding floating shelves is a great idea for the decoration of small bedroom.


DIY Photo Hanging


this is an image of a photo hanging which is one of the DIY Ideas on how to make your room more cosy


What else can be a better option than adding your family photos to your room to add to the cosiness? Take a string or thread and hang your photos with it using small photo hanging clips. The ideal place to hang it can be over your bed headboard. You can even decorate them using fairy lights which would be a cherry on top.


Strategically Place Your Furniture


This is an image of bed room furniture


Never underestimate the power of the placement of furniture. This will cost you nothing and will also change the overall ambience of your bedroom to a great extent.


These were some of the DIY tips and ideas that can help you convert your bedroom into your personal cosy space.
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