Faux Plants Décor: Guide to Artificial Greenery Décor

Do you find it difficult to maintain plants and flowers? No need to worry now, faux plants are a great way of décor. There are ample ways in which you can easily decorate your house with artificial greenery. Mostly faux plants are placed inside the house to bring in some greenery for a vibrant and fresh environment.

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In this blog, Graana.com will help you go through some artificial greenery décor ideas with faux plants that can help you in decorating your house.

Artificial Greenery Décor Ideas

Nowadays flowers and plants in artificial greenery are available in a wide range. They are available in different colours and patterns to fit your decoration theme perfectly.

With this, you can get a chance to be creative. Let’s have a look at some options of faux plants, and how you can utilize them to bring in greenery.


Artificial Wreaths and Swags


faux plants, artificial

If you are someone who loves versatile décor and changes the look of a house often, bring in a vibrant style with decorative wreaths and swags. This is a great option as you can change it with every season and occasion.

For everyday décor, simple green wreaths work best through the year, floral and lush leaves are perfect for summers and spring season, whereas, flocked styles give more of a wintery feel.

To give a warm welcome to your guests and provide a gentle glow to your house, artificial wreaths and swags decorated on the front door look amazing. 


Artificial Trees and Topiaries


Plant trimmed in shape of dog - Faux plant for home decor


For indoor and outdoor décor versatility, bring a natural and lush ambience to your house through faux plants. Artificial plants, trees, and topiaries add a very cheerful touch to the décor with boxwood in different shapes, such as a shape of dog, bird, or any other creation.

To bring in a flourishing look to your indoor space with plants and trees crafted in different shapes and sizes, pair them up with a pot and place them beside your sofa or chair and illuminate your space with greenery. 


Faux Greenery Garland


Artifical Greenery Decor

With faux garland bring in a natural element of greenery to your space with a seasonal décor-inspired look. Just as wreaths and swags garland can also be used to brighten up your entryway. Pair up artificial greenery garland with embellishments to formulate a much more fancy and welcoming décor.

Faux greenery garlands come in different shapes and sizes and can be used to decorate not just your entryway but also your staircase. They can also be used as a backdrop for a wedding or birthday décor.

Greenery garland from faux plants can be changed however you like it, according to your mood or the season.


Window Box Fillers and URN


source: Pinterest


Artificial flowers that look real are perfect to fill in your flower boxes or urn, they bring in a fresh touch to your outdoor space. Artificial plants inbox filler or urn not only give an aesthetic look but also are super easy to maintain.

With beautiful tulips, pepper berry, mums, hydrangeas, and many other flowers, keep your space blooming and vibrant. Fill in your window boxes with colourful artificial flowers along with hanging leaves and vines to enhance your outdoor décor.


Why should you choose faux plants?

Artificial greenery can be used to decorate your lounge, rooms, drawing room, or your front yard. To bring natural elegance to your house, faux plants for décor work the best.

They are not just easy to maintain but look amazing as well. Here’s a list of a few advantages of opting for faux plants in place of real ones.

  • No seasonal changes and wearing out of the plants
  • More Durable and easy to maintain
  • No sunlight and water requirements
  • No risk of pests and insects



Faux artificial greenery is an instant way of decorating your house. With these, you can bring the beauty of nature into your house and make it look fresh and vibrant. Without any struggle for maintenance, you can decorate your entryway, balcony, patio, or any other part of the house easily.

To give a lush look, faux plants can be used outdoors and if you want to give a bright touch to your space, use faux plants indoors for décor.

For more home decor ideas, follow our blog at Graana.com for the best options to revamp your home.

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