Glossy vs. Matte Finish: Which Should You Choose?

Difference between glossy and matte finish

Whether you are renovating a house or building one from the ground up, the type of finish you need is not something that may cross your mind often. It’s a major interior design choice that can often make or break the design and feel of your space. The “glossy vs. matte” finish debate dates back to when humans started decorating their houses. With both sides sometimes overshadowing the other,, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, is here to break down some important points to help you find your footing and make an informed decision.

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Difference Between Matte and Glossy Finish

The basic difference between a matte and glossy finish is that the former is muted and does not reflect light, so as to give an understated look and feel. A glossy finish, on the other hand, reflects light (as the name suggests) and appears shinier.

Your space is an extension of you and the kind of finish you choose represents your choices and preferences. It is of paramount importance that you choose something that speaks to your particular sense of style and aesthetic.

A matte finish on a wall can give a suppressed feel to the room, while a glossy wall, with sunlight streaming through an open window, gives the room an airy and welcoming feeling.


Glossy vs. Matte Finish: There’s No Right Answer

Like there’s no definitive answer between apples and oranges, choosing between a matte finish vs glossy finish comes down to personal preference. Listed below are a few helpful pointers that will help you decide between the two types of finish.


Pros of Glossy Finish


Glossy finish for kitchen cabinets


A glossy finish is always a safe choice in terms of adding a touch of class to any room or setting. The following are some of its advantages:

  • A glossy finish accentuates the space of the room and makes it look bright.
  • A glossy finish makes the colour of the wall appear very vibrant, eye-catching and bold.
  • Usually, a glossy finish has a clear coat of shine, which makes the walls fairly easy to clean.
  • A glossy finish reflects light so, like a mirror, it can make a small space appear more spacious than it actually is.

Cons of Glossy Finish

Everything that glitters isn’t gold – similarly, glossy finishes, while very appealing, also comes with some downsides that you should consider as well. A few of them have been listed below:

  • A glossy finish is bold and shiny, which comes at a cost of highlighting small imperfections.
  • It is hard to integrate into your style if not already planned for.
  • A glossy finish can sometimes cost more since multiple coats of paint need to be applied to achieve the necessary amount of shine.

Pros of Matte Finish


Matte finish for kitchen sink


A matte finish started as a fad but has now become a popular choice among those who prefer minimalist designs.

  • It helps hide any imperfections in the furniture.
  • It allows for a muted and darker aesthetic.
  • Matte colours appear smooth and consistent because an equal amount of light is absorbed by the paint.
  • It comes in a wide range of colour options.
  • It costs less as matte paint can cover more surface area without needing multiple coats.

Cons of Matte Finish

A matte finish may add a lot of texture and a rich aesthetic to a space, but it does not come without its own downsides.

  • Matte surfaces are prone to cracks that are difficult to hide, and are usually high maintenance as well.
  • Matte surfaces are difficult to clean because of their rough surfaces that trap dirt and oils.
  • If used excessively, they can create a very dark and sometimes depressing mood.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Finish


Living room with direct sunlight and large windows


Sometimes all this information may overwhelm you, but some factors listed here can help you with making a decision.

Nature of the Space

A matte finish can be harder to clean. It is more suitable for drawing rooms and guest rooms as these spaces are not frequently used and, hence, are not liable to regular maintenance. If the space you are renovating is your living room, for instance, then choosing glossy paint might be more suitable, especially if you plan on having friends and family over frequently.



If your room receives a lot of natural light, a glossy finish can help create a warm and airy space, and can even make a small room appear larger and full of life. If your room is generally dark, then you should look into increasing the amount of daylight in your house because choosing a matte finish will not exactly work in your favour unless you’re going for a grave aesthetic.


Nature of the Surface

A glossy surface can hide stains fairly well, but a matte surface attracts fingerprints like a magnet. So if you are a messy cooker or you don’t have time for regular upkeep, a glossy finish would be the more appropriate choice.


Pro Tips While Choosing a Finish

The following are some general rules of thumb to keep in mind while choosing a finish.

  • Checking out the colour in person is always a good idea to get the texture and exact shade in mind.
  • If possible, test out the finish in natural light or the light in your house as a showroom’s lights are specifically designed to accentuate the furniture.
  • It’s not necessary that you only choose between matte and glossy finishes; you can also explore other options according to your home’s interior.
  • Relax. Choosing one side doesn’t confine you to a single choice and you can always make a switch later on to mix it up. What matters is that you feel comfortable in your space.
  • A glossy finish offers a modern and clean look, while a matte finish offers an understated aesthetic with character.

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