How to Solve Load Shedding Problem


There are several reasons why Pakistan is facing a shortfall in electricity production leading to load shedding problem. With the economical crisis at large in the country, a rising wave of electricity shortage is becoming a norm in the country which is becoming a nuisance for everyone.

This current state is worrying the population over aspects of how to solve the load shedding problem.— Pakistan’s smartest property portal brings you a detailed overview to discuss solutions on how to solve the load shedding problem in Pakistan.


Can Load Shedding Be Reduced?


City wide blackout after power shortage


Now that load shedding has become a prominent issue across the country, the limelight for the problem sparks a lot of debate. This debate revolves around whether or not load shedding can be resolved.

Clarifying the possibility of whether or not load shedding can be reduced is rhetoric. We know the answer, however, what we don’t know about is the kind of management and authority that the government and the people of the country are willing to implement towards reducing the issue.

Some major contributing factors to why the problem of load shedding exists are as follows:

  • Conservation of electricity
  • Smart usage
  • Equal distribution
  • Fair billing
  • Dams under Construction

If we succeed in overcoming these factors as a nation, it will resolve the most common question these days: how to reduce load shedding.


How Can We Solve the Load Shedding Problem


Power lines amidst load shedding problem


Now that we’ve cleared the air around the possibility of whether the issue can be resolved, the next step to worry about is the actual problem of how load shedding can be resolved.

It is important to be mindful of the fact that load shedding itself is just the chosen solution to the actual problem— shortage of power.
We are aware that Pakistan has only a few dams. And for these dams, even less maintenance rates for the power plants that produce electricity for the population.

Moreover, there is the added aspect of incomplete dam constructions that are left hanging despite the desperate need for their completion.

Measures to Solve Load Shedding Problem

Now that the ground for the issue is established, let’s go around some focal points on what measures we can take to solve the load shedding problem.

  1. Incorporating Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources
  2. Minimise Unnecessary Usage and Charging of Electric Appliances
  3. Switch to Power Saving Appliances
  4. Prepare Beforehand to Avoid Inconvenience
  5. Stick to Natural Techniques and Methods To Avoid Load shedding Problem
  6. Wind Up Electricity Work Before Costly Hours


Incorporating Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources


Solar Panels installed in house


If you’re wondering how alternative energy sources such as solar panels can help in reducing load shedding, the following is a brief overview.

Solar Systems are installed in buildings and homes to produce electricity that is then connected to the main power system.

With this production of solar energy, you can use electricity without having to pay money. If you use more than the electricity produced from the solars; you’ll have to pay the extra amount and vice versa.

This simple installment goes a long way in competing with the shortage of power.
Since the manufacturing of electricity is a major faux pas in our country, the installation of solar systems helps conserve energy. Not only this, but these also help in more electricity.

This is a brilliant strategy given that Pakistan falls in the area of direct sunshine. With scorching rays throughout most periods of summers and winters, there’s plenty of sun all the time.

This gives a lot of time to the solar systems to generate electricity.


Minimise Unnecessary Usage and Charging of Electric Appliances


Inverter appliances to solve load shedding problem


Being a part of the technological revolution of the world, we’re all somehow addicted to using technology most of the time, even unnecessarily.

This addiction leads us to spend more time on laptops, phones, television, and gaming sets. This, results in the need for more usage, more charging, and more electricity requirements.

Given that such habits lead to so much energy consumption, holding back on this can contribute a lot to saving electricity.

Other than this, using unnecessary light in day time instead of opening the curtains may result in additional costs for bills. Additionally, turning the air conditioner on even though the temperature is bearable can also add to unnecessary bills.

If we reduce this usage, a lot of electricity can be saved and provided to people, thus resulting in lesser load shedding.


Switch to Power Saving Appliances

Just as technology has made our lives easier by becoming a time-saving necessity, it has also come with its own needs such as recharging and usage of electricity.

However, there is also the availability of power-saving appliances and inverters for heavy appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.
These inverters save a lot of electricity resulting in fewer bills, and eventually lesser load shedding.

It is important to note that a collective response in terms of power-saving appliances and techniques is a must. Only then can we experience a change that will reduce the load shedding problem.


Prepare Beforehand to Avoid Inconvenience

Preparing yourself beforehand to face a power outage is a brilliant habit that will help you a lot.

If you face regular load shedding in your area, you can note the schedule and plan out your activities accordingly.

Simply keep your phones, laptops, and batteries charged beforehand. You can also get a UPS or a generator that will help you get through the period without electricity at home.


Stick to Natural Techniques and Methods To Avoid Load shedding Problem

Natural is the smart way to go; especially in the course of load shedding.

In case there is an extreme shortage, you can ditch your washing machine rounds and wash clothes manually.

Despite the difficulty, it is a good method that will keep your house running even without electricity.


Wind Up Electricity Work Before Costly Hours


Wires with electric current


There is a much larger requirement for electricity at night (lights, bulbs, etc.) and less electricity production. For this, there are set hours after which the per-unit cost doubles.

These costly electricity hours mainly fall in the evening or night-time. So if you’re using heavy appliances such as iron or air conditioning, it will cost you double. This is why playing it smart is key to the conservation of energy alongside saving money.

Try winding up your work before these hours to conserve electricity. This will eventually contribute to solving the load shedding problem.

These aspects of how to solve load shedding problems are an excellent way to go around the issue, no matter how little it may contribute.

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