Kamoke Postal Code: Everything You Need to Know

Overview of Kamoke Postal Code Services

Within the Gujranwala district in Punjab province, Kamoke is the capital of Tehsil. As the 30th largest city, it is known for its Basmati rice production. The city’s lively markets necessitate a well-organised postal code service to support local businesses. Thus, in this piece, Graana.com brings you a complete list of Kamoke postal code systems. Additionally, we’ll also dive into their importance and structure. 

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List of Kamoke Postal Code Services


Kamoke Postal Code Services

Before we understand their importance and structure, let’s look into the Kamoke postal code systems list.


Kamo Ke52470
Ahmed Pur52471
Akbar Ganoke52471
Ali Abad52471
Allah Abad52471
Ashraf Abad52471
BharokeBharoki Virkan52471
Chan Dala52471
Dargah Pur52471
Khoat Kalan52471
Kolo Tarar52471
Ladhe Wala52471
Hamid Pur52461
Majju Chak52471
Mandiāla Punaich52471
Mango Ke52471
Mari Thakran52471
Mehay Chatha52471
Nagal Duna Singh52471
Pull Shan Daula52471
Nizam Pur52410
Noin Ke52461
Qiam Pur52471
Qila Jhanda52471
Ratāli Kalān52471
Sheikhupura Bedad52471
Wanian Wala52401
Ado Rāi52451
Bubkan Wala52411
Butran Wali52401
Chak Jugna52401
Chak Ramdas52461
Chak Rehan52461


Understanding the Importance of Postal Codes


Kamoke Postal Code

In our interconnected world, postal codes serve as digital fingerprints, facilitating the swift and accurate delivery of mail and parcels. Let’s delve into the specifics of the Kamoke postal code system:


Importance of Postal Codes

Postal codes, often called ZIP codes in some regions, are pivotal in modern logistics and communication networks. They ensure that letters and packages reach their intended destinations promptly.


Significance of Kamoke’s Postal Code

Kamoke postal code holds immense significance for its residents and businesses. It streamlines the delivery process, minimising errors and enhancing efficiency.


How to Find the Postal Code of Kamoke?


Importance of Postal Services in Pakistan

Locating the postal code of Kamoke is a simple process. Individuals can consult the following:

  • Official Pakistan Post Office (postal service) websites 
  • Use online postcode lookup tools
  • Inquire at local post offices to obtain the relevant information
  • Give your local post office a call 


Kamoke Postal Codes and Courier Services in Pakistan


Pakistan Postal Services

While Pakistan Post is the backbone of the country’s postal network, private courier services have emerged as a powerful force. But how do these two entities interact, and how do Kamoke’s postal codes play a role?


How Kamoke Postal Codes Aid Couriers

Kamoke’s postal codes act as a bridge between traditional mail and modern courier services. Here’s how:

  • Accurate Addressing: Precise postal codes ensure pinpoint accuracy when couriers pick up and deliver packages within Kamoke. This minimises errors and delays, especially for deliveries within specific neighbourhoods.
  • Streamlined Sorting: Postal codes enable couriers to sort packages destined for Kamoke efficiently. Packets are promptly directed towards the designated delivery zone by incorporating the code during sorting.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Some courier services leverage postal codes to provide online tracking. By incorporating the code, customers can gain real-time updates on their packages’ whereabouts within the Kamoke postal system.


Benefits of Using Kamoke Postal Codes with Couriers


People connecting via mail

There are several advantages to using Kamoke’s postal codes with courier services:

  • Faster Deliveries: Accurate addressing through postal codes translates to faster deliveries for Kamoke residents and businesses.
  • Simplified Tracking: Postal codes can simplify the online tracking process of many courier services.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Faster deliveries and efficient tracking lead to a more positive customer experience for those using courier services in Kamoke.

Kamoke postal codes are a valuable tool for Pakistan Post and private courier services. By working together, these entities ensure a more streamlined and efficient delivery experience for everyone in Kamoke. 


Postal Services in Kamoke


Kamoke Postal Code Services

Kamoke boasts a well-developed postal infrastructure, with numerous post offices and distribution centres serving the local community. These postal facilities are vital in connecting Kamoke with the broader postal network.


Other Postal Codes in Kamoke

In addition to its primary postal code, Kamoke may have multiple secondary postal codes assigned to specific neighbourhoods or districts within the city. These codes further enhance the precision of mail delivery services.


History of Postal Codes in Pakistan

The introduction of postal codes in Pakistan dates back to the mid-20th century to modernise the country’s postal system. Since then, postal codes have become integral to Pakistan’s mail delivery infrastructure.



Kamoke postal code system plays a vital role in ensuring the city’s smooth flow of mail and parcels. By understanding the importance of these zip codes, residents and businesses can experience reliable deliveries. This comprehensive guide empowers you to navigate Kamoke’s postal services with ease. 


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some commonly asked questions related to Kamoke postal code services. 


What is the postal code of Kamoke?

The postal code of Kamoke is 52470. This unique code ensures efficient mail delivery and accurate address identification within the town.


How do I find the postal code for my specific area within Kamoke?

You can easily find the postal code for your specific area within Kamoke by contacting the local post office or utilising online postal code lookup tools. These resources provide comprehensive information tailored to your exact location.


Can I use Kamoke’s postal code for online shopping deliveries?

You can use Kamoke’s postal code to make online shopping deliveries. An accurate postal code ensures that your packages are routed correctly and delivered promptly to your doorstep.


Does Kamoke have multiple postal codes for different areas?

No, Kamoke typically utilises a single postal code, 52470, for the entire town. This streamlined approach simplifies mail handling and ensures uniformity in addressing.


Is the postal code of Kamoke applicable for both residential and commercial addresses?

Yes, the postal code of Kamoke is applicable for residential and commercial addresses. Whether sending mail to a residential home or a commercial establishment, incorporating the postal code ensures efficient delivery.


Can I track my package using Kamoke’s postal code?

While the postal code doesn’t facilitate package tracking, it is crucial in accurately addressing packages. You’ll typically need additional information to track your package, such as a tracking number provided by the courier or postal service.

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