Marble Flooring: Types, Prices and More

marble flooring types in Pakistan

Flooring is one of the most essential elements of enhancing the interior of a home. For this purpose, marble flooring is one of the most common types of materials used to give your house a seamless floor finish.

Given the convenience along with the aesthetics that marble gives to your house, it is important to choose just the right type of marble as per your budget and design., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, brings you an extensive selection of marble types in Pakistan with prices to help you make an informed decision when choosing marble for your house.

 Marble Flooring Types with Prices in Pakistan


marble flooring with types in pakistan


In Pakistan,  there remains a hot debate on marble vs granite flooring, given that each has its own properties. However, marble commonly turns out as the preferred material that is used, because of the added elegance and convenience of using it in the modern interiors of homes.

This material is available in diverse types and is manufactured in the form of marble tiles, one of the most famous types of flooring tiles which are then used for flooring.

Following are some popular and commonly used marble types that are available at different costs. Their prices per square ft. vary based on their unique characteristics and durability.


Marble flooring Type Marble Price per Square Feet Commonly Used for
1 Parlino  Rs. 110 per sq. ft Flooring, Rooms, Galleries, Porch
2 Verona  Rs. 85-130 per sq. ft Flooring
3 China Verona Plain Rs. 100 per sq. ft Flooring
4 Verona Spots Rs. 47 per sq. ft Rooms, Galleries, Stairs, Kitchens
5 Tavera Rs. 65 per sq. ft Flooring
6 Tavera Light Marble Rs. 45 per sq. ft Flooring, Rooms, Galleries, Porch
7 Tipi Flower Rs. 60 per sq. ft Flooring
8 Oceanic Marble Rs. 60 per sq. ft Flooring, Rooms, Galleries
9 Black and Gold Marble Rs. 120 per sq. ft Rooms, Flooring
10 Golden Marble Rs. 45 per sq. ft Flooring, Rooms, Galleries
11 Ziarat Supreme Rs. 300 per sq. ft Flooring, Rooms, Galleries, Porch
12 Ziarat Gray Rs. 90 per sq. ft Flooring, Rooms, Galleries
13 Ziarat White Rs. 90-350 per sq, ft Rooms, Flooring
14 Badal Rs. 40 per sq. ft Flooring, Rooms, Galleries
15 Grey Emperador Rs. 46 per sq. ft Flooring
16 Botticino Fancy Rs. 100 per sq. ft Flooring, Rooms, Galleries, Porch

Parlino Marble


Parlino Marble Flooring in Cream Colour


Parlino Marble is a light cream-colored marble that has a smooth design with minimum texture lines. This type of marble gives a modern touch to the interior of your home and gives a great glossy finish that is easy to maintain. Although a bit expensive, Parlino Marble is one of the best types of marble in Pakistan.


Verona Crystal Marble


Verona Crystal Marble in Cream Beige Colour


Verona Crystal is a beautifully golden-brown coloured marble with a rich texture. This type of marble is commonly used for flooring in vast spaces and is a very affordable option as well. You can opt for Verona Crystal Marble for your home starting at just Rs. 75 per sq. ft.


China Verona Plain Marble


Verona Plain Marble Flooring in Pakistan


This variant of Verona Marble is imported from China, which is why it is known as China Verona marble. This marble flooring option is getting popular among people.

Given that it is imported, it comes around as a bit more expensive marble than most but is an excellent choice for your home interior. China Verona marble tiles have the least number of embedded crystals on the surface, which depicts their strength and quality.


Verona Spots Marble


Verona spots marble in grey shades is one of the most popular marble flooring in pakistan


Verona Spots is one of the most commonly used marble types in Pakistan, given its affordability and smooth texture. It is also known as Verona Dhaba and is typically used in galleries, rooms, stairs and kitchens.


Tavera Marble


Travera Marble Flooring in Pakistan


Tavera is a beautiful beige marble with brown undertones and natural earthen streaks. This marble is very durable for flooring purposes and is available at average prices. Because of its granular structure, Tavera marble gives off an intricate appearance to the floors of your home.


Tavera Light Marble


Beige skin marble flooring tile


Tavera Light Marble is a variation of Tavera but is lighter in weight. Because of its weight, it somewhat comes along as the most affordable marble flooring option in Pakistan. This is a cheap and affordable option for people who are on a budget and want to uplift the interior of their homes.


Tipi Flower Marble


Tippi Flower marble flooring in pakistan


Tipi Flower, a unique marble flooring option, is a natural stone marble that has a small granular texture and comes off as a uniformly structured marble. It is a fairly inexpensive marble tile that enhances the beauty of your home.


Oceanic Marble


Ocean Marble Flooring in Dark Grey


Oceanic marble is a beautifully streaked marble that comes in a dark green-black hue. It has brown embedded spots that make up one of the most beautiful marble flooring floor designs in Pakistan. This is especially a good option for people who tend to gravitate towards darker colours for their flooring.


Black and Gold Marble


Black and Gold Marble


The exquisite Black and Gold marble gives off a luxurious finish to the interior of your home. It is also referred to as ‘Michaelangelo marble’ and has streaks of gold, white and grey all merged into black.

This is popularly used in rooms and even offices to enhance the interior of any space. It is also quite expensive, which is why it is rarely used for the complete flooring of any house.


Golden Marble


Golden Marble Flooring in Pakistan


Golden Marble is another beautiful option that is not only low on the budget but also creates a beautiful modern appearance.


Ziarat Supreme Marble


Ziarat Supreme Marble in White with Grey earthen streaks


If you’re looking to create a premium interior for your home, Ziarat Supreme is one of the most premium marble in Pakistan. Based on its quality, the price for these anti-slip marble floor tiles falls on the very expensive end of the price spectrum. The price of Ziarat Supreme is a whopping Rs. 300 per sq. ft.


Ziarat Gray


Ziarat grey marble flooring


Even though this marble is local, it is relatively a bit more expensive as compared to other types. This marble is a grey-coloured seamless surface that brings elegance to the interior of your space.


Ziarat White Marble


Ziarat Pure White Marble Flooring


This white marble flooring is ideal for people who want an elegant interior in their offices or homes. It is one of the most premium and expensive marble types that are locally extracted in Pakistan. This marble has a pure white background that completes with a premium finish with very minute random grain patterns.


Badal Marble


Badal Marble


Badal is a natural tile that has streaks of white and is frequently used for flooring in Pakistan.


Grey Emperador Marble


Emperador Marble flooring in dark grey with white earth streaks


This is a mid-range marble that is readily available in Pakistan. It is a luxurious marble tile that has light hues of grey to brown shades. It is commonly used as flooring for galleries, porch, kitchens etc.


Botticino Fancy


Marble Flooring Pakistan


Botticino Fancy is a beige marble that is popular for flooring in Pakistan. It is a low-cost marble that comes in a variety of shades.


Care and Maintenance Tips for Marble

The stunning texture of marble gives off a classy and sleek appearance to your home – whether you’re incorporating it as flooring or countertops in your kitchen.

However, it is important to understand that marble, like all things, needs maintenance every now and then to keep its quality intact. If you’re looking to maintain the shine and strength of marble in your home, following are some pointers that can help you.


Deep Clean Your Marble Once a Month

A regular washcloth and sponge are rendered ineffective if you’re not deep cleaning your marble once a month. This deep cleanse is necessary to bring out the natural colour and shine of the marble.

With this method, any rigid stains, grout, or layer of oil smoke gathered as dirt is scrubbed out with dedicated cleaning materials.


Avoid Using Strong Acids and Cleaners

When you’re using cleaning chemicals and products, it is important to remember that marble is a natural material. If you’re using strong acids for cleaning, they’ll damage the layer of marble resulting in cracks and ruining their upper surface.

Therefore, in order to maintain the quality of marble, it is important to avoid any strong cleaning agents or acids.


Clean Stains Right Away

If you have marble in the interior of your home, especially the kitchen, you’ll have to be vigilant and active in cleaning out the stains.

For instance, whenever you make a mess in the kitchen and there is a stain or splash on the marble, cleaning it right away is an excellent habit. This will keep your marble safe from being stained and will allow it to remain good as new.


Get Your Marble Polished Once a Year

Marble tends to get dulled out over time with rough usage, regular washing, and usage of soap. However, if you get it polished, the marble will become shiny and exactly new.

This is because the polish smoothens its texture, and gives it a brilliant shine -similar to new marble pieces.
Getting it polished once a year is a great tactic that will keep all the marble installations in your house as good as new.

These marble flooring options are some of the best types that you can choose from. Besides being a durable and convenient option, they come with intricate designs and colours that can uplift your room instantly.

If you’re looking for more marble flooring designs and their prices, visit Graana blog.




Is marble good for flooring?

Yes, marble is a good material for flooring as it is durable, elegant, and offers a timeless appearance.

Is marble floor expensive?

Marble flooring is generally considered a high-end option and can be more expensive than other types of flooring such as ceramic tile or vinyl flooring.

Is marble tile cheaper?

Marble tiles can vary in price depending on factors such as the quality of the marble, size, and finish. In general, marble tiles tend to be more expensive than other types of tile, but there are also more affordable options available.

What kind of flooring is marble?

Marble flooring is a type of flooring that uses natural marble stone, which is a type of metamorphic rock, as the primary material for the floor. Marble flooring can come in various styles, finishes, and patterns to suit different aesthetic preferences.


What are the disadvantages of marble flooring?

Marble flooring can be susceptible to cracking and chipping, and it is also a porous material that can stain if not properly sealed. Additionally, marble can be slippery when wet and may not be suitable for high-traffic areas.


Can marble flooring be installed over existing flooring?

In some cases, marble flooring can be installed over existing flooring if the subfloor is in good condition and the existing flooring is not too thick. However, it is best to consult with a professional installer to determine the best course of action.


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