How to Make Your Home Look Bigger by Using Mirrors

The desire to offer visual expansion to your living area is becoming increasingly important as homes and apartments get smaller and smaller. A great way to tackle this situation is by installing mirrors in homes.

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If you rent an apartment, your landlord will probably have a lot of issues if you want to resize any walls. Even if you are the home’s owner, knocking down a wall will probably set you back a lot in terms and finances, along with adding inconvenience.

In case your room feels claustrophobic and small? To make a space appear larger, — Pakistan’s smartest property portal, offers a few DIY mirror hacks that you can employ.

Ways to Create the Perfect Illusion of a Bigger Home with Mirrors

The majority of us have mirrors in our homes, but we should be aware that they can do more than simply allow you to view yourself. If strategically positioned, mirrors can also make your home appear larger by giving the impression of greater space and amplification of light.

In fact, adding mirrors to your decor is one of the simplest methods to make your house look more opulent on a tight budget.


Fake a Window With the Help of a Mirror

Not every house has huge windows or entrances that let in a lot of natural light.
It’s a well-known fact that a lack of light makes a space feel smaller than it actually is, so the first thing you should do to ensure that your home doesn’t appear too dark is to invest in some high-quality light fixtures and lamps.

The second step is to strategically place a mirror that reflects light on the wall to simulate a wide window.

In addition to making the space appear larger, it will also act as a focal point and lessen a cramped-up feel. The mirror can be trimmed to resemble a wall opening or can be framed to resemble a window.

Set Your Mirrors in Place Behind Furniture


Floor length mirror behind furniture


To break up the visual congestion and open up the area, tuck a large mirror behind your sofa sets or any other furniture in small spaces.

To make it appear planned and purposeful, make sure the mirror is the same width as the piece of furniture it is positioned behind. Your property can become much more desirable by strategically placing mirrors, which also provide the impression that it is trendy and spacious.


Include Mirrors in the Kitchen to Brighten the Area


Mirror in the kitchen


The kitchen is often one of the smaller rooms in the house, but by adding mirrors to the area above the counter and below the cabinets, you can make it appear almost twice as big.

A typically dark space will appear brighter because of the reflective properties of these mirrors.
A large mirror can be hung on the wall directly across from the doorway. You’ll be able to maintain track of what’s going on in the background in addition to making the kitchen appear larger.

Regular mirrors shouldn’t, however, be positioned immediately behind or above stoves. Keep in mind to invest in heat-resistant safety mirrors to avoid inconvenience.


Decorate and Maximise Your Home With Floor Length Mirrors


Floor Length mirrors to expand space in lounge and bedroom


When positioned correctly, large mirrors can create the appearance of lofty ceilings. Another option is to go for thin or smaller mirrors, which are taller in length and can also be used in multiple ways to enhance the illusion of a higher ceiling.

A floor-length mirror on one of the walls will make your property appear larger and less cramped if your doorway is small.

To prevent any unlucky mishaps, fasten the mirror with clips rather than just carelessly leaning it against the wall.


Light Up Your Dining Area By Investing in Mirrors

Most upscale restaurants have at least one wall covered in mirrors, owing to the fact that it illuminates the dining hall and gives the impression that it is larger than it actually is. This is due to the reflection of mellow light from the chandeliers.

Most interior designers recommend placing a large mirror in dining spaces, so placing one close to your dining table will also make your home appear luxurious and well-decorated.


Use Mirrors as Cabinet Fronts for Your Wardrobe


mirror wardrobe front for an aesthetic look


Covering the surface of cabinets and cupboards with mirrors is another creative way to liven up your house while creating the illusion of more space. This mirror trick is commonly used in hotels to give rooms a larger, more opulent appearance.

These mirrors don’t even need to be framed; all you need to do is measure the cabinets’ surface and have the mirrors cut precisely to that measurement.

Don’t forget to leave room for the handle, though. Use hooks to hold the mirror if you rent an apartment because gluing it on could damage the flooring.

You may also use mirrors to cover door panels, but be careful not to go overboard, or your home will end up looking like a hall of mirrors. Place the mirror correctly for an even better effect.


Set Up Small Mirrors in Groups for Wall Decor


small mirrors grouped together for wall decor


Displaying a collection of little mirrors in various sizes, preferably with comparable shapes, will add an aesthetic touch to your home. Smaller mirrors are undoubtedly more cost-effective than enormous, floor-length ones.

Without making the décor look cheap, you might have them framed in colors that contrast with the wall’s paint.
These little mirrors will not only make your house appear larger and more attractive, but they will also give it a unique personality.


Expand Your Hallway Space by Installing Mirror at the End


Hallway decor to increase space


If not properly maintained, hallways and corridors may appear gloomy, dark, and uninteresting.

Not only will this reflect light from the other spaces, but it will also give the impression that the passage is wider and more open to the rest of the house.

These simple tips will add a lot to your aim to make your house look bigger and brighter than before. For more tips on home decor or wall decor, follow Graana Blog.

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