Parapet Wall Designs in Pakistan features a list of some of the best parapet wall designs in Pakistan.

Built around the edges of roofs and balconies, parapet walls serve as a means of protection against falling from an elevated surface. These dwarf walls originate from medieval Europe when parapet walls were used in castles to provide cover from external sieges. Today, these walls are merely used as a safety precaution, or in some cases, a decorative ornament.

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A unique parapet design has the potential to add an unconventional charm to your home. With so many stunning designs available, you can easily find the right fit for your home., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, features some of the best parapet wall designs in Pakistan.


What is the Purpose of Parapet Walls?


Unique parapet wall designs can add an eloquent touch to any home.


Before delving into some of the best modern parapet wall design ideas out there, it is essential to first understand these walls and their purposes. The primary purpose of a parapet wall is to serve as a deterrent to people falling from the roof, or any debris falling down on a passer-by.

However, in modern architecture, parapet walls have had their functions expanded, turning into an essential element of any residential unit. Some of these uses have been listed below.

Safety – Parapet walls can prevent any unfortunate incidents on elevated surfaces, such as falling over.

Privacy – These walls can offer more privacy to exposed areas such as balconies and terraces.

Wind Erosion – Heavy winds are capable of eroding edges and corner walls of homes. Parapet walls break the wind, lowering overall damage.

Aesthetic Design – Parapet walls can give the illusion of a larger house, along with adding a unique aesthetic to the exterior.


Parapet Wall Designs in Pakistan

With parapet walls being in use for centuries, several unique designs have emerged over the years. Following are some of the top parapet wall designs in Pakistan.

Plain Parapet Wall Design in Pakistan


Plain parapet walls are one of the most common parapet wall designs in Pakistan.


As the name suggests, plain parapet walls are simply low-projecting walls that are made in a similar fashion to regular walls. Residential units commonly incorporate these walls, giving the illusion of larger houses.

This simple design comes under the category of modern brick parapet wall designs, owing to the use of bricks as the core material.


Perforated Parapet Wall Design in Pakistan


Perforated walls are perfect for adding an aesthetic touch to any home.


Similar to plain parapet walls, this design offers the same low-projecting walls, but with a touch of elegance. The walls incorporate a perforated design, either in a geometric shape or a floral pattern.

A perforated design offers the same privacy and safety as any other parapet wall, along with an added bonus of an aesthetically pleasing design.


Sloped Parapet Wall Design


This design is limited to sloped roofs.


Sloped parapet walls are unique since this design is only limited to homes with sloped ceilings. Moreover, sloped walls are considerably smaller in size, and almost unnoticeable in some cases.

Apart from improving the overall appearance of the roof, a sloped parapet wall also helps in disposing of rainwater and reducing any risk of seepage.


Embattled Parapet Wall Design


Embattled parapet walls are common throughout Europe.


The first parapet wall design ever constructed – embattled parapet walls served as a crucial element for fortified structures throughout medieval times. The design consists of small holes dotted throughout the length of the wall at regular intervals.

Moreover, the upper part of the wall incorporates several gaps, giving the wall a teeth-like structure. This design offered leverage to soldiers in defending against any onslaught from below.

The very same design is still in use today, commonly seen in many historical landmarks. Since the functionalities of these walls are impractical for residential units, an embattled parapet wall design on a house is a rare sight.


Panel Parapet Wall Design in Pakistan


Paneled parapet walls are one of the cheapest parapet wall designs in Pakistan.


A paneled parapet wall offers a relatively simple yet aesthetically pleasing design. The overall design consists of panels placed over a plain brick parapet wall.

Since the design does not incorporate any perforations or patterns, these walls are highly affordable to construct, making them one of the most common parapet wall designs in Pakistan.

Panel designs come in all sorts of patterns and variations, ranging from simple vertical panels to oblong shapes. This simple house parapet wall design can take your home’s exterior to the next level.


Stepped Parapet Wall


A stepped design is perfect for a unique touch.


A stepped parapet design offers the same functionalities as a sloped design, with a slightly unique and elevating appearance. The design is limited to houses with a sloped roof, offering a few benefits such as protection from leakage and seepage.


Curved Parapet Wall Design in Pakistan


Stepped parapet walls are a perfect addition to smaller houses.


Another unique parapet wall design in Pakistan, a curved parapet wall gives the appearance of an arch, enhancing the overall height and look of your home. This design is common among smaller houses or structures with sloped roofs.

This eloquent roof parapet wall design is capable of making a statement with its bold arches and creative flexibility – the perfect design for those looking to stand out.

Despite originating in medieval times, parapet walls have made their way into contemporary architecture, owing to their unique aesthetic and immense benefits. Browse through our list and find the best parapet wall designs in Pakistan.

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