Pir Chinasi: Best Tourist Attraction in Azad Kashmir

Pakistan is globally renowned for its scenic beauty due to its pleasant ecosystem full of valleys, mountains, rivers, hills and lakes. With various adventure opportunities and tourist attractions, such as Pir Chinasi, the country serves as one of the best holiday destinations for tourists worldwide.

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The most frequently traveled locations include the famous hill stations in Pakistan mostly around the northern province of the country. Amongst these areas, are the aesthetic landscapes of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K). Moreover, Azad Jammu & Kashmir is considered the national centre of Pakistan for tourists as most people love to visit here.


Overview of Peer Chinasi


LocationNear Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
AltitudeApproximately 2,900 meters (9,500 feet)
AccessibilityAccessible by road (about 30 km from Muzaffarabad)
AttractionsScenic viewpoints, lush forests, trekking trails
ViewpointsOffers panoramic views of surrounding mountains
ActivitiesHiking, trekking, photography, picnicking
Best Time to VisitSpring (April to June) and Autumn (September to November) for pleasant weather and clear views

Pir Chinasi Best Tourist Attraction in Azad Kashmir

Peer Chinasi, the best tourist attraction in Azad Kashmir is a beautiful array of mountains with multiple tourist locations to explore. In this blog, Graana.com  covers the whereabouts and attractions that Pir Chinasi holds to attract people from all around the world. 


Location & Route of Peer Chinasi


Pir Chinasi -Best Tourist Attraction in Azad Kashmir


Geographically, Pir Chinasi is located on the soil of the paradise on earth – and is the best tourist attraction in Azad Kashmir. The altitude of Pir Chinasi hill station is over 9500ft high which captures the spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding waterfalls.

It would just take almost 1.5 hours to reach the top of Pir Chinasi if you take a ride from Muzaffarabad. From Islamabad, the travel distance to Pir Chinasi is almost 138km, meaning it can take up to 4 hours to reach the shrine of Sayed Hussain Shah Bukhari. You can also go through the Pir Chinasi Google Maps route if you’re not familiar with the route.


Facilities for Tourists in Pir Chinasi


Pir Chinasi Height between the Clouds - Best Tourist Attraction in Azad Kashmir


One of the best facilities in the Pir Chinasi region is the availability of a government guest house for the accommodation of both local and international tourists. Similarly, there is a Saran guest house by the AJ&K Tourism Department that helps in the stay of tourists.

However, tourists need to confirm their bookings before they depart from their homes. You can reach the top of Pir Chinasi by hiring a jeep from Muzaffarabad or driving your private car. Your trip to Pir Chinasi can be full of enjoyment and serenity if you also hire a local tourist guide.


Local Tourist Companies in Pir Chinasi

If you want to visit the northern places of Pakistan, you need to have information about local tourist companies. These local tourist agencies offer compact trip packages and guides that cover all the major northern cities like Skardu, Hunza Valley, Swat, Kashmir etc.

The tour packages are for both the local tourists including students and families, so you can easily avail these options if you do not have your transport arrangements. Besides this, these tourist companies also manage the booking of hotel rooms in the area.


Trekking in Pir Chinasi

The best adventure tour of Pir Chinasi starts with trekking. Pir Chanasi is among the top 10 hiking trails in Pakistan. Since there are some dangerous trails along the way, tourists need to be vigilant about the sharp and curvy edges of the mountain.

Not only are the turns on the trail sharp and curved, but the roads are also full of twists. But this doesn’t stop tourists from trekking to the top and enjoying the view. To carefully cover the trek of Pir Chinasi, you can hire a local tour guide who understands the complexities of trekking.

The best aspect of this adventure is the versatility that is available in the scenic views alongside the trek. Besides this, particular wide spaces in the trail serve as picnic spots surrounded by the beauty of nature. You can have a natural break on the lap of this eternal beauty.


Weather Conditions

The months from October to March are the coldest ones in Pir Chinasi. Pir Chinasi in winters is covered with heavy and thick snow during the mentioned period. Contrarily, the temperature in May and June are 20 and 23 degrees centigrade respectively, making the summer season an ideal time in Pir Chinasi weather to view the green landscapes.


pir chinasi weather snowfall -Best Tourist Attraction in Azad Kashmir

The pine trees on Pir Chinasi roads and surrounding areas are a natural shield when it comes to overcoming pollution. The greenery due to these pine trees at the top of the valley drops the temperature by an average of 2.6 degrees centigrade in January.  The highest point is the centre of attention for tourists to view the phenomenal charm of nature.


Saint Sayed Hussain Shah Bukhari’s Shrine


Pir Chinasi -Best Tourist Attraction in Azad Kashmir


Pir Chinasi is also a spiritual destination, serving as the resting place of Peer Syed Hussain Shah Bukhari. The location of the shrine is a 30km eastern zone of the Muzaffarabad geographical region.

This shrine is a holy site for people who come to pray here,  and also a popular attraction for tourists who are visiting Pir Chinasi, which is the best tourist attraction in Azad Kashmir.


Famous Sports in Pir Chinasi


Paragliding-Best Tourist Attraction in Azad Kashmir


The two most famous in Pir Chinasi are paragliding and jeep rally. Tourists love to experience paragliding with the mind-boggling view of Pir Chinasi Valley during the hot summer days.
This sports activity is a good opportunity for nature lovers to observe the greenery of the beautiful landscapes.

Similarly, the snow jeep race is also very thrilling to grab the attention of both local and foreign tourists. The visitors like to see the exciting and adventurous jeep race in the hub of mountainous regions.

Famous Hotels & Resorts Near Pir Chinasi

The famous hotels near the regions of Pir Chinasi are Pearl Continental Muzaffarabad, Neelam View Hotel, Cordillera Resort, La Orilla Hotel & Restaurant Original, Hotel DeManchi, Hotel Shelton Inn and many more.


Other Places to Visit in Pakistan

If you want to visit other famous tourist places in Pakistan, you can opt for a visit to the Naltar Valley, Deosai Plains, Siri Paye, Swat Valley, Bahawalpur, Fairy Meadows, Gawadar, Saif ul Malook, Murree, Chitral, Kalash Valley, Arang Kel, Lulu Sar, Skardu, Nathia Gali, Kumrat Valley, Attabad Lake, Sonmiani, and many more.  



Pir Chinasi’s location is close to Muzaffarabad city, which adds value to the tourism industry around the area. The distance and route from Muzaffarabad to Pir Chinasi is a short and smooth journey which is why it is a common route for tourists in the area.
The contributions of the government and local travel agencies make visiting the area easy for both local and international tourists.
Seasonal sports games like paragliding and snow jeep rallies capture the attention of both local and global influencers. Along with all these perks, the affordable prices of hotels in Pir Chinasi make the journey more comfortable and memorable.

For more information about top tourist locations in Pakistan, follow our blog at Graana.com.




What is Peer Chanasi famous for?

Peer Chanasi is famous for its scenic beauty and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, particularly in the region of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. It is a popular tourist destination known for its lush green landscapes the breathtaking view it offers of the Muzaffarabad city and the confluence of the Neelum and Jhelum rivers.

How much is paragliding in Pir Chinasi?

Price: 15,000.

What is the elevation of Pir Chinasi?

The elevation of Pir Chinasi is approximately 9,816 feet (2,992 meters) above sea level.

How high is peer chanasi from sea level?

Pir Chinasi is situated at an altitude of 2,992 meters (9,816 feet) above sea level.


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