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plots for sale in Islamabad

Owning a property, especially a house is a life-long dream of many yet only some manage to make it come true. To become an owner of a house, it is likely that you must have dedicated a major portion of your savings (if not all) to get the best under your budget. This blog aims to assist you in putting your money to good use.

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Buying Vs Building a House

Once you have decided to own a residence, you’d have two options at your disposal; you could either buy a house or ‘build’ one of your own. While buying a house allows you to move in right away; building a house of your own will let you customize it according to your needs and preferences. There are many construction companies that provide high-quality construction services at an affordable price.



It is convenient and lets you move in right awayYou can customize the house as per your needs
Less room for negotiationsYou can build the house under your budget
You will have to go through the renovation process if you want to update your house as per the modern trendsYou can build your house according to the latest architecture and modern features
You will have to bear a higher maintenance cost for an old propertyWon’t need repairs since it’s unused
Buying a house will save you a lot of timeIt can take up to a year to build your house
It is difficult to liquidate a preowned/ old propertyNew property is easily resalable


Why Should You Buy a Plot in Islamabad?

In case you opt for following the detailed procedure of building a house too (like us) which lets you have everything as per your needs and convenience, you would first need to acquire a plot and trust us when we tell you this, finding the right plot is definitely not a piece of cake. A lot of crucial factors need to be considered before making this literal decision of your life. 

While you can obviously choose any city or town to buy your plot in, we suggest that you should go for the beautiful capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. Blessed with breathtaking natural beauty, the city provides a good quality of life with dozens of recreational opportunities as well. To learn more about the city, check out Best Places to Visit in Islamabad or Best Things to do in Islamabad.

Top 5 Localities to Buy a Plot in Islamabad 

Considering the ongoing increase in the population of the country at large, the Capital Development Authority, Islamabad has launched dozens of new real estate projects to accommodate more people. With the rise in all these upcoming projects, today’s buyers have multiple options to choose from thousands of plots for sale in Islamabad. Whether it’s for a residential or an investment purpose, here’s our list of Islamabad’s favourite new localities that you should check out before purchasing your next plot. 

1. Plots in DHA Islamabad

One of the most beautifully designed areas of the twin cities, Defence Housing Authority Islamabad is a reflection of modern urban planning. With various commercial centers, markets, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and whatnot, DHA provides a great quality of living for thousands of its residents. DHA Islamabad is divided into 6 major phases namely Defence I, II, III, IV, V and DHA Valley. While DHA I and II are quite populated, the underdevelopment phases such as DHA IV, V, and DHA Valley prove to be attractive options offering a number of available plots.

Check out some noteworthy property listings in DHA Islamabad.

plots for sale in dha islamabad

2. Plots in Bahria Town

Bahria Town Islamabad is a primitive gated community of Pakistan, equipped with an exemplary infrastructure that offers exclusivity to its residents. It is also home to some of the top restaurants in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. If you are considering Bahria Town for buying your next plot, we suggest you have a look at things to keep in mind before buying a property in Bahria Town.

Check out some noteworthy property listings in Bahria Town Islamabad.

plots for sale in bahria town islamabad

3. Plots in Gulberg Greens

One of the most hyped projects of Islamabad, Gulberg Greens is located on the Expressway enjoying easy access to Main Islamabad City. Its commercial avenues include a Civic Center, Business Park, and Business Square. There are 6 Executive Residential Blocks currently offering a lot of plots for sale in Gulberg Greens. Ever since its launch, the land prices in Gulberg Greens have been on a continuous rise making it one of the Capital’s favourite localities to invest in.

Check out some noteworthy property listings in Gulberg Greens Islamabad.

plots for sale in gulberg green islamabad

4. Plots in Sector B-17

B-17 is a newly developing sector located in Zone II of Islamabad. It has also received a No Objection Certification from CDA. Comprising seven blocks; several houses, roads, markets, and other infrastructures in this sector are constructed already. As the sector is still under development, the cost of various plots in it is quite low as compared to the rest of Islamabad.

Check out some noteworthy property listings in B-17 Islamabad.

plots for sale in b 17 islamabad

5. Plots in Sector D-12

Situated in the heart of the Margalla Hills, D-12 is only 5 kms away from the Islamabad International Airport. The development and rehabilitation of roads in this sector were initiated by CDA in March 2019. D-12 offers a wide variety of residential and commercial plots currently up for grabs. 

Check out some noteworthy property listings in D-12 Islamabad.

plots for sale in d 12 islamabad

Things to Consider Before Buying a Plot

Other than being the primary requirement for building a house, a piece of land can also prove to be a valuable asset for the owner. A plot’s value is always going to appreciate over time, and with minimal to no maintenance cost, it surely is a high return investment opportunity. However, with all the little to bigger factors involved, finding the right plot can be tricky. To save you the hassle, we have listed down a couple of important elements involved that will facilitate you throughout the process of finding and buying a plot that’s the right fit for you.

Define Your Requirements

Before you start your hunt for the right plot, you need to be aware of what you’re looking for. It would be really helpful if you could make a list of your requirements before going ahead with your search so that every time you come across one that you are interested in, you can check whether or not it suits your ‘perfect plot profile’. This list could include some basic factor such as

  • The purpose of buying your plot
  • See if it is under your budget
  • Your preference in terms of size of the plot
  • Resale value and future prospects

Choose the Right Locality

It is important that you find out which area suits you best. For example, if you’re looking to relocate soon, you might want to look for a plot in a more populated area that’s already equipped with pretty much all the amenities that one needs to go about their everyday lives. This would include basic facilities such as electricity, water supply and would extend to easy access to schools and hospitals, etc. However, if you want to buy a plot for your future residence or commercial project, you could go for an area that is currently being developed.

Explore Your Preferred Area

Once you make up your mind about the area that you would like to buy your plot in, you need to learn what you’re signing up for. Haste makes waste, remember? Just set about on a thorough tour of the locality that you would potentially be investing in and eliminate the risk of making the wrong move.

Make Sure the Plot You’re Buying is Verified

Many of us are already aware of the disturbingly high numbers of legal disputes when it comes to property in Pakistan. Before investing in a plot, you must make sure that it is verified and you’re buying it according to the current market price. Just confirm beforehand that the property that interests you is free of any legal disputes and prevent yourself from getting scammed. Get to know protect your house on the inside

We hope that our suggestions for finding the perfect plot were helpful. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below.

To know more about available listings of plots for sale in Islamabad, visit today.

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