Smart Furniture Transforming the Interiors

Smart living has been a growing trend recently due to technological advancements providing innovative solutions to improve quality of life. Rapid urbanisation and scarcity of space make it difficult to accommodate the increasing number of people. Smart living comes to the rescue by providing affordable, convenient and energy-efficient solutions along with having the least environmental impact. It allows the technology-driven consumers of today to automate their houses and ensure better productivity while saving time and energy. But with the advantages of smart living, there comes a great challenge, i.e. massive traditional furniture to fit in a compact space. Smart Furniture is the answer to this problem which provides new space concepts. 

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What is Smart Furniture?

Smart Furniture is compactly designed furniture that can fit into small spaces. Compact spaces require creative solutions to maximise their capacity and usefulness. Smart furniture transforms a traditional non-smart space into a smart place through IoT. With the inclusion of smart features, smart furniture allows users to perform tasks more efficiently and save time. Smart furniture is an essential part of smart living. It allows residents to meet all their needs in the limited space without compromising comfort. With technology taking over all areas of our life, digitalising furniture is not a surprise. It is gaining traction worldwide, not only by the tech aficionados or millennials but also by the elderly due to the utility and ease it provides in performing tasks.

Benefits of Smart Furniture brings you a list of interesting benefits of Smart Features it provides:

Better Space Utilisation

With rapid urbanisation, the living space has become extremely precious, and we need to innovate solutions to meet the needs of today. Smart furniture can serve multiple purposes simultaneously along with being compact. With furniture that can acquire many forms and perform many functions, we can save a lot of space and ensure a more sustainable lifestyle.

Comfort Level

Intelligent systems in smart furniture ensure the comfort of its users. Smart furniture featuring IoT technology, such as smart chairs, couches, and tables, delivers premium comfort. It identifies users’ needs and assists them in achieving the comfort level they want.  We often wish to charge our gadgets while sitting on a sofa or chair or have the charging plug conveniently located next to our bed. This is made feasible by integrating charging and USB ports into smart furniture. Also, it allows adjustment of the shape into the most comfortable position with one click of a button. Smart furniture is distinguished from traditional furniture because of its capacity to serve many purposes at a time offer personalisation and flexibility. It ensures unparalleled comfort because of operating through a remote or phone as per the consumer’s requirement.

Monitors Habits and Preferences

Smart furniture uses inbuilt technology to monitor user data and adjust itself accordingly. It permits real-time user data to be integrated with technological systems via sensors. It establishes a connection between a living person and a non-living piece of furniture. It notifies the user how many hours they spend sitting, lying down, and doing other activities, allowing them to track their sedentary or active lifestyle and make changes as needed. It saves user preferences, which makes it convenient and time-saving. It also helps designers design products more precisely based on their intended use.

Perfect for elderly 

Smart Furniture increases the accessibility of the physical environment for elderly and differently-abled persons by integrating ICT solutions and practical designs. It allows the vulnerable population to perform their everyday tasks efficiently without any assistance. It is ideal for younger children, the elderly and the differently-abled due to the utility and convenience it provides. Smart furniture can also be used in the healthcare system to help the patients perform their tasks with the least assistance.

The need to continually adopt new technologies is inescapable as our lives become increasingly technology-driven. Smart furniture is the answer to the woes of people who want to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle and opt for a smart living but face the challenge of fitting in bulky furniture. Smart furniture makes smart living possible, ultimately paving the way for future smart cities.

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