Staircase Makeover Ideas on a Budget

Often times people forget to include staircases in their house renovation endeavor. As long as the floorboard is serving the purpose, and none of the steps are chipped or coming loose, they are considered fine. However, it is essential to revamp your staircase as well along with other parts of your house every once in a while. Revamping your staircase can be a bit expensive, but you don’t have to worry as, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has come up with various staircase makeover ideas on a budget.

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Following are some of the useful ideas to help revamp your staircase on a budget.


Creating the Ombre Effect


this is an image of ombre staircase which is one of the Staircase Makeover Ideas on a Budget


Ombre is a cool, contemporary technique that you must have read about in fashion magazines. It is a gradation from a darker to a lighter shade of the same color, and vice-versa.

Ombre is commonly used in the fashion industry such as for nail art, hair dying, etc. However, its popularity has brought it into other markets as well, as it is being used to decorate furniture and house interiors etc.

Now the question is; how to create the ombre effect? The ombre effect can be created by starting off with the darker shade on one end and then applying a lighter shade created by mixing it with another colour (white colour in most cases) and so on.

Likewise, you can create the ombre effect on your house’s staircase using paints.

Chalk Paint and Stencil


this is an image of chalk paint and stensil that is used as one of the Staircase Makeover Ideas on a Budget


Another affordable idea to remodel your staircase is using chalk paint and a stencil. You can create multiple creative and personalised designs on the stairs by using these two elements.

Chalk paint also comes in handy when you have to create a not too loud design. Creating a subtle design will also prevent it from being too flashy, hence bringing attention to the other parts of the house that you want to highlight, it could be your furniture. lighting etc.


While you are painting the stairs, leaving the bannister uncoloured will create a pretty colour contrast. You can also apply this technique if you want to.


Creating A Mosaic Effect Using Tile Pieces


This is an image of staircase decorated with mosaic which is one of the Staircase Makeover Ideas on a Budget


Creating the mosaic effect using tiles is one of the most popular staircase makeover ideas on a budget. You can create the mosaic effect using tiny pieces of different coloured tiles. Buying new tiles can be a bit expensive, however, you can buy broken or chipped tiles in bulk which will cost you much less.


Now that you have bought the tile pieces, you can bring in your creativity and use mismatched tiles to create attractive designs for your risers. Using tile adhesives can be a bit tricky, however, you can create a neat and tidy look as long as you keep the edges and sides of steps aligned. You can also use broken ceramic tiles for this purpose. Just make sure that this mosaic design does not disturb the rhythm of the interior in the house.


Use Decorative Decals


This is an image of Staircase Decals that is one of the Staircase Makeover Ideas on a Budget


If your budget does not allow you to buy tile pieces in bulk, you can purchase some wall stickers, and decals online. Decals are great for creating a personalised look for your stairs as you can paint them in the colour of your choice. and create a customised design. They are also suitable for rental properties, as you can peel them off easily.


In the markets, you can find decals of multiple designs and patterns, which you can choose from easily. You can even find ones that can create the tile effect. So decals can be a good substitute for tiles. In Pakistan, you can find one pack of decals for as low as Rs1000 only.


Buy a Stair Runner


this is an image of staircase runner which is one of the Staircase Makeover Ideas on a Budget


One of the easiest and, most commonly used methods to revamp your staircase is to use a staircase runner, as it is a very effective method to give a new and classy look to your stairs.


If you are not into intricate mosaic designs or painting stairs, using a stair runner can be a good choice for you. While you are purchasing a stair runner, don’t go for boring designs and colours. Add some of your personal touch and style to it as well, nut ensure that it is elegant and suitable for your house’s decor. Going for a bright coloured runner is no harm, as long as it does not clash with the colour theme of the rest of the house, and goes well with it.


However, one thing that you need to make sure of is that the runner is comfortable so that it is safe for the elderly to walk on the stairs.


Another important thing to keep in mind is ensuring the size of the runner before covering your stairs with it. It is a mistake that most home buyers make commonly.


Ensure that the width of the fabric is a bit narrower than the stairs, and its length is slightly more than the stairs. Besides carpet,  jute runners are also used to cover the stairs.


Make Use of Wallpaper


this is ann image of wallpaper pasted on stairs rise which is one of the Staircase Makeover Ideas on a Budget


Using wallpaper is by far the easiest and cheapest option to revamp your staircase. Wallpapers are commonly used to decorate walls, however, you can use them for your stairs as well. You can use wallpapers to cover the old stairs that need a lot of remodelling. Simply covering them with wallpaper is much easier, handy, and economic too.


Before applying the wallpaper, apply a fresh coat of paint to the risers of the stairs. However, one thing that you need to take care of is that the wallpaper is applied neatly, otherwise, you won’t achieve the desired result. You can also take the help of experts if you are unsure about your skills. Go through internet to find the list of top 10 interior designers in your city and contact any one of them who provides the relevant services.


Some people buy scraps of various wallpapers that have different designs and apply them to stairs to create an electric vibe. You can also use a different wallpaper for every riser.


Paint the Handrails


this is an image of staircase handrail


The handrails of the staircase are as important as its steps. Working on stairs and ignoring its handrail will make all of your efforts go to waste.


If the handrails of your stairs are outdated, you need to remodel them as well. For this purpose, you can either change them completely, or you can paint them to give them a new look.


Painting handrails is an easier and more economic option. There are thousands of DIY videos available on the internet that you can watch for inspiration. If the handrails are wooden, you can polish and varnish them after sanding. While, for the handrails made of other materials, you can use paint to coat their surface.


Working on your railing can change the entire look of your staircase. However, before you coat them with paint, make sure that any damaged or crooked parts are repaired beforehand.


Rainbow Stairs


this isn an image of stairs painted in rainbow colours, which is one of the Staircase Makeover Ideas on a Budget


A Rainbow staircase is perfect for a home with younger kids, as it will give a bright and vibrant ambience to your home. Adults can also go for this option if they enjoy seeing bright colours.


Creating a DIY rainbow staircase is so easy because all you have to do is paint each step of your stairs with a solid and different colour. This will make your stairs stand out from the rest of the house, making them one of the most attractive parts of your home.


If you don’t like bold colours, you can even go for pastel colours – the choice is yours.


Add New Treads


This is an image of treads on staircase that is one of the Staircase Makeover Ideas on a Budget


If you have wooden stairs that are not in a good shape, going for new treads can be quite beneficial for you. All you have to do is change the treads of your stairs and this will give your staircase a novel appearance.


A lot of people think that buying new treads is quite expensive, however, you can make an economic deal by purchasing wood from wholesale, where you can find good quality wood at affordable rates that will make durable treads for your stairs.


Use Vinyl for the Stair Riser


This is an image of vinyl for staircase


It is one of the most popular contemporary and budget-friendly ideas to makeover your staircase. Vinyl has become a commonly used material for the decoration of stairs in modern homes. This versatile material can be used for staircase makeovers, apart from sprucing up your house walls.


Using vinyl can be helpful for adding colour and vibrancy to the risers of your stairs. You can either use the same or different coloured vinyl for the stairs.


To add a more personalised touch to your stairs, you can also use vinyl cut out letters to add images and messages to the steps.


Decorate the Side Wall


this is an image of sidewall of stairs decorated with framed


If your staircase is in new condition and the wall on its side is not painted or decorated, it can bring down the overall vibe of your staircase. There are various methods that can be used to decorate the sidewall of your stairs. The first and foremost thing that you can do is paint the wall, to make sure that the paint is not scrapped.


Now that you have painted the wall, you can go on to decorate it either by using photo frames, wall hangings or tiny pots of plants etc. This will enhance the wall by giving it a more lively feel. Decorating the sidewall is one of the staircase makeover ideas on a budget.


Also, you can use wallpapers with different colours, designs, patterns or quotes/images on it. All of these things can be bought in bulk for affordable rates from wholesale or even online. Use your creativity, and add your personal touch to the decor of your wall.


Use Recycled Books Pages


This is an imaghe of wallpaper made using old book pages


Instead of buying wallpapers, you can create your own customised wallpaper by using the pages of old dusty books.


Bring out those old books from the storeroom, and take out their pages. Now all you have to do is stick them onto the sidewall of your staircase one by one. This will not only create a classic ambience, but will also cover the bland wall.


These are some of the staircase makeover ideas on a budget that you can bring into use to revamp the staircase of your house. Visit – Pakistan’s first online real estate marketplace, for more blogs on relevant topics.


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