The Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza: An Overview

Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza

Located between the scenic Margalla Hills and the bustling heart of Pakistan’s capital, the Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza stands as a crucial artery for commuters and travellers alike. As an essential part of the motorway network, this toll plaza not only facilitates smooth transportation but also reflects the growing infrastructure development in the country.

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If you want to visit the beautiful city Islamabad, this toll plaza serves as a gateway to the north. has prepared some important information related to the Islamabad motorway toll plaza. Stay connected with us. 


Toll Tax Rate

These are the rates if you are travelling by car. List of rates are in table form.

Vehicle Category (Car)Rates (PKR)
Lahore to Islamabad1100/-
Faisalabad to Islamabad1000/-
Peshawar to Islamabad350/-
Multan to Islamabad1840/-

Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza

An Overview of the Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza

The Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza is strategically located at the junction of the M1 and M2 motorways. It serves as the primary entry and exit point for those travelling between Islamabad and other major cities such as Lahore, Peshawar, and beyond. This toll plaza is one of the busiest in the country, handling thousands of vehicles daily, ranging from private cars to heavy commercial trucks.

The toll plaza is shifted to M1 and M2 Motorway, before that it was on Srinagar Highway but due to high volume of traffic the government decided to build a new and bigger Toll Plaza. This is operational from 2020 and now handles a huge volume of private and commercial vehicles daily.


Infrastructure and Facilities

The design and operation of the Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza are aimed at ensuring efficiency and convenience. The plaza features multiple lanes to cater to different types of vehicles, helping to prevent congestion and reduce waiting times. Each lane is equipped with electronic toll collection systems, allowing for quick and hassle-free transactions.

For those who prefer manual payment, the plaza has designated lanes where toll collectors are available to assist. Additionally, there are facilities such as rest areas, food stalls, and petrol stations nearby, ensuring that travellers have access to essential services during their journey.


Enhancing Efficiency with Technology

In recent years, the Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza has seen significant technological upgrades. The introduction of the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system has been a game-changer. This system uses RFID tags and sensors to automatically deduct the toll fee from a prepaid account as the vehicle passes through, drastically reducing wait times and making the process more efficient.

Moreover, the plaza is equipped with surveillance cameras and automated monitoring systems to ensure security and smooth operations. These advancements not only streamline the toll collection process but also enhance the overall safety and security for all users.


Environmental Considerations

The Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza has also taken steps towards environmental sustainability. Efforts are being made to reduce carbon emissions by encouraging the use of ETC systems, which minimises idle time for vehicles and subsequently reduces fuel consumption. Additionally, the surrounding areas are maintained with green spaces and landscaping, contributing to a more pleasant and environmentally friendly atmosphere.


The Economic Impact

The toll plaza is more than just a point of payment; it plays a significant role in the local and national economy. The revenue generated from toll collections is reinvested into maintaining and upgrading the motorway infrastructure, ensuring that the road network remains in excellent condition.

This continuous improvement supports trade and commerce by facilitating the efficient movement of goods and services across the region.

Furthermore, the toll plaza provides employment opportunities for locals, from toll collectors and maintenance staff to those working in the nearby rest areas and service stations. This contributes to the economic upliftment of the surrounding communities.


Challenges and Future Prospects

Despite its many benefits, the Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza faces certain challenges. During peak travel times, such as public holidays and weekends, the volume of traffic can lead to congestion and delays. Additionally, there is a need for continuous upgrades and maintenance to keep up with the increasing number of vehicles using the motorway.

Looking forward, there are plans to further expand the ETC system and enhance the infrastructure to accommodate future growth. Innovations such as smart traffic management systems and better integration with other transportation networks are also on the horizon, aiming to make travel even more seamless for commuters.


Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza 1


The Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza is more than just a checkpoint; it is a vital component of Pakistan’s transport network that ensures the smooth flow of traffic into and out of the capital city. Through its modern facilities, technological advancements, and economic contributions, the toll plaza plays a key role in supporting the country’s infrastructure and development. As Pakistan continues to grow and modernise, the Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza will undoubtedly remain a crucial part of its journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of some related Faqs on this toll plaza.

What are the operating hours of the Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza?

The Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This ensures that travellers can access the motorway at any time, day or night, without any restrictions.


Is there a separate lane for electronic toll collection (ETC) users?

Yes, the toll plaza has dedicated lanes for vehicles equipped with RFID tags for electronic toll collection. These lanes, clearly marked and allow for quicker passage compared to the manual cash payment lanes, significantly reducing wait times.


What should I do if I encounter a problem at the toll plaza?

If you face any issues at the toll plaza, such as a malfunctioning RFID tag or a dispute over the toll fee, you can contact the toll plaza staff for assistance. There are also helplines and customer service numbers displayed at the toll booths that you can call for support.


Are there any exemptions or special rates for certain vehicles?

Yes, certain vehicles, such as emergency services (ambulances, fire trucks, police vehicles), and sometimes vehicles belonging to government officials, may be exempt from tolls. Additionally, special rates may apply for public transport vehicles like buses and school vans. It’s best to check with the National Highway Authority (NHA) for specific exemptions and eligibility criteria.


What measures are in place to ensure safety at the toll plaza?

The Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza is equipped with surveillance cameras and automated monitoring systems to enhance security. There are also traffic control measures in place to ensure safe entry and exit of vehicles. 

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