Tokyo Bay eSG Project: A Sustainable Mini-City

Tokyo Bay eSG Project: A Sustainable Mini City

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is planning to build a high-tech and sustainable city in the bay area of Japan’s capital city. Called the Tokyo Bay eSG Project, the aim of the project is to build a futuristic mini-city on the reclaimed land.

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The concerned authorities announced this project in 2021. The purpose is to expand the city over the sea as it is becoming too congested to cater to the 40 million people living in the metropolitan area. 

Inspired by the animation film “Akira”, the post-apocalyptic “Neo-Tokyo” has been depicted where the city’s bay area is populated.

Based on this concept, Tokyo’s Deputy Governor and his team are planning to create a sustainable city. The city will be prepared to face any kind of future global threats, like infectious diseases and climate change. 


Transforming Tokyo Bay Area


Tokyo Bay eSG Project


After the COVID-19 pandemic impacted social-economic activities, the TMG held discussions with experts from different fields to redesign the capital city. The city will be designed keeping the potential global crises in mind.

This massive project is set to be built in the Tokyo Waterfront City area. This will provide a blend of residential, academic, and recreational facilities.

The authorities have planned to use around 1000 hectares of land in the middle of the proposed area. However, about one-fifth of the land was already developed during the Tokyo Olympics 2020. 

The area is located on the natural waterfront, which makes it an ideal location for carrying out this project. TMG is looking to build a zero-emission city through digital technology.

According to the director of the Tokyo Bay eSG Project, the purpose is to provide a model for post-COVID cities that are both sustainable and economically viable. 


Goals of Tokyo Bay eSG Project


Tokyo planning to build sustainable mini-city


To convert this vision into reality, TMG has set some medium and long-term goals. 5G telecommunications networks, energy management systems, and local public transportation models will be built by 2030.

Wind, floating and other green energy power systems will also be installed. Apart from a power management system, there will be zero-emissions vehicles that will help in achieving green and sustainable living through digital technology. 


Companies Investing in the Project


Tokyo Seeks to Develop a Sustainable Mini-city


The project team has invited different companies to run the pilot programs. According to the TMG Deputy Governor, the project will start next year as several companies have shown interest in the development of the bay area.

Some of the renowned names in this list include Konami Group Corporation and Toyota Motors. The video game company Konami is looking to build office spaces, studios and shops in the area. The latter is planning to build a new sports arena nearby that will focus on sustainability and mobility. 

The aim of the Tokyo Bay eSG Project is to create an economic hub that is focused on creating innovative technologies while providing a comfortable lifestyle to the residents. 

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