Understanding Carpet Tiles: Flooring Made Easy

A guide on carpet tiles

Carpet tiles have become popular for flooring solutions, offering versatility, durability, and a wide range of design options. When delving into modular carpets, understanding the various types and their characteristics is essential. In this guide, Graana.com will explore the construction, styles, and materials used in carpet tiles to help you decide on your flooring needs.

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What are Carpet Tiles?

Carpet tiles are a versatile and modern flooring solution that has gained popularity for its convenience and aesthetic appeal. Many refer to this carpeting style as carpet squares or modular carpets. Unlike traditional broadloom carpets, carpet tiles come in smaller, square, or rectangular sections, making them easy to install and replace.

These tiles are designed to be functional and stylish, providing a practical flooring option for various spaces. What sets carpet squares apart is their adaptability. They offer the flexibility to create custom patterns and designs, allowing you to personalise your floor easily.


Carpet squares in different colours


Moreover, the installation involves laying down individual tiles, making it a straightforward task even for those without extensive DIY experience. Carpet tiles are not just about aesthetics; they also offer practical advantages.

Implying these tiles are often more durable than traditional carpets. Any wear or strain can be addressed by replacing individual tiles rather than the entire floor covering. Additionally, modular carpets are known for their sound-absorbing qualities, making them an excellent choice for spaces where noise reduction is essential.


Exploring the Types of Carpet Tiles

So, carpet tiles are a contemporary flooring solution that combines style, practicality, and easy installation. However, you need to learn some characteristics of these tiles before picking the next flooring option.


Carpet Tile Construction

Carpet construction plays a pivotal role in determining the performance and appearance of the final product. There are three main types of carpet tile construction: tufted, woven, and needle-punched.


Tufted Carpets


Carpet tiles materials


Tufted carpets dominate the market, constituting about 95% of commercial carpet tiles. They are favoured for their fast production time, cost-effectiveness, and diverse design options. However, tufted carpets might not be ideal for projects that demand high quality and durability. They are suitable for most projects but may fall short when endurance is critical.


Woven Carpets


various materials used to create carpet squares


Woven carpets, produced on a loom, were the exclusive choice until the 1950s. Despite advancements in production technology, woven carpets continue to be a preferred option due to their exceptional quality and durability, particularly when crafted with natural materials. Woven carpets are an excellent choice for high-end projects.


Needle-Punched Carpets


materials used for carpet tiles


Needle-punched carpets are known for their quick-dry properties and resistance to sunlight and fading. Ideal for working households, these carpets lack versatility in appearance. While they serve well as entry mats, they are not recommended for general use.


Carpet Tile Styles

In addition to construction, understanding carpet tile styles is crucial when designing your flooring solution. The main styles include cut pile, loop pile, and cut-and-loop pile.


Loop Pile


style of carpet tiles


Loop pile carpeting involves looping yarns to create a soft carpet with a smooth look and feel. Various textures and patterns can be achieved by combining higher and lower loops.


Cut Pile


styles of carpet squares



Cut pile carpets are made by cutting yarn loops to construct an upright pile. They exude a more formal and luxurious appearance, often darker than loop pile carpets from the same yarn type.


Cut and Loop Pile


Various styles of carpet squares


Cut and loop pile carpets combine cut and looped yarns, resulting in a sculptured effect such as squares or swirls. They offer a broad range of patterns and styles, adding a touch of uniqueness to your flooring.


Carpet Tile Materials

The materials used in these tiles significantly impact their performance, appearance, and sustainability. Here are some common materials used in carpet tile manufacturing:



Wool is known for its strength, luxurious feel, and high stain resistance. While it is more expensive, wool provides impeccable structural goodness and a subdued look compared to alternatives like nylon.


Polypropylene (Olefin)

A synthetic alternative resembling wool, polypropylene is stain-resistant but may lack the same durability as other synthetic materials. Its high resistance to fading ensures a long-lasting look.



Nylon, a less expensive option, is celebrated for its durability, resilience, and comfort. Static-free and stain-resistant, nylon offers a glossy and sharp appearance.



Another synthetic material, polyester, is a cost-effective alternative. While traditionally considered lower quality compared to nylon, technological advances have enhanced its durability.


Recycled Materials

Carpets made from recycled materials, such as fishing nets and industrial nylon waste, are gaining popularity. A mid-range price option, they offer sustainability, durability, and an attractive aesthetic.


Availability of Carpet Tile Options in Pakistan


Carpet squares in Pakistan

When it comes to carpet tiles in Pakistan, many international and national brands await your exploration. Whether you prefer the convenience of online platforms, the personalised touch of interior stores, or the expertise of flooring service providers, your options are vast.


Carpet Tiles Price in Pakistan

The carpet tile price in Pakistan varies depending on factors such as material, style, size, and quality. As you embark on your search, be prepared to encounter prices spanning from PKR 400 to PKR 2000 per square metre.


Leading Providers

Reputable providers like Sarina Flooring, Surfaces, Venus Carpets, and Interior Hub extend enticing packages encompassing various materials and flooring-related services.


Noteworthy Brands

Following are some prominent brands of carpet tiles in Pakistan 



Interface stands out internationally, renowned for its unwavering commitment to sustainability. With prices ranging from PKR 500 to PKR 1500 per square metre, Interface offers a diverse selection catering to various tastes and preferences.


Shabbir Tiles & Ceramics Ltd

As a leading Pakistani brand, Shabbir Tiles & Ceramics Ltd provides a wide array of carpet tiles at affordable prices. Starting at just PKR 400 per square metre, they present an attractive, budget-friendly option without compromising quality.


Forbo Flooring Systems

Forbo Flooring Systems is synonymous with high-quality and environmentally conscious carpet tiles. With prices ranging from PKR 600 to PKR 2000 per square metre, Forbo caters to those who appreciate both durability and eco-friendliness.



A sibling to Interface, InterfaceFLOR adds innovation and style to these tile landscapes. Priced between PKR 600 and PKR 1800 per square metre, their offerings perfectly balance aesthetics and functionality.


Making Informed Choices

When navigating the world of carpet tiles in Pakistan, consider your preferences, budget, and the specific requirements of your space. Whether you opt for the global sustainability champion Interface, the budget-friendly Shabbir Tiles or the stylish InterfaceFLOR, each brand brings its unique flair to your home interior.


Incorporating Carpet Tiles in Various Spaces

These versatile flooring solutions can be employed in various settings, both indoors and outdoors. These tiles offer a perfect blend of functionality and style, making them suitable for many spaces.


Indoor Applications

The carpet squares can help your home interior.


Living Rooms


carpet tiles in different settings


Carpet tiles are an excellent choice for living rooms, providing a cosy and comfortable atmosphere. Their modular nature allows for easy customization, enabling you to create unique patterns or add a splash of colour to enhance the overall aesthetic of your living space.




carpet square in different settings

Transform your bedroom into a tranquil retreat by using carpet tiles. Their soft and cushioned surface adds warmth to the room, making it a comfortable and inviting space. You can experiment with different tile patterns to create a personalised, soothing ambience.




different sittings for carpet tiles


Modular carpets are a popular office flooring solution for their ease of installation and maintenance. They offer sound absorption properties, reducing noise levels in busy office environments. Additionally, the modular design facilitates quick replacements in high-traffic areas, ensuring a professional and polished look.


Gyms and Fitness Spaces


versitile carpet tiles


Create a vibrant and functional workout area using carpet tiles. Their durability and shock-absorbing qualities make them ideal for gyms, providing a comfortable surface for exercise while minimising the impact on joints. The ease of cleaning also ensures a hygienic environment.


Children’s Playrooms


a guide on carpet tiles


Carpet tiles are a parent’s ally when it comes to designing playrooms. Their soft surface provides a safe and cushioned space for children to play. Individual tiles can be replaced in spills or accidents without needing an entire floor overhaul.


Commercial Spaces

From retail stores to restaurants, these tiles offer a versatile flooring option for various commercial spaces. Their adaptability allows for creative designs, helping businesses establish a distinctive and welcoming customer atmosphere.


Outdoor Applications

Did you know that you can use these tiles to decorate your outdoors? If not then here’s how.


Patio and Deck Areas


different sitting for carpet tiles


Extend the comfort of your indoor spaces to the outdoors by using weather-resistant carpet tiles on your patio or deck. These tiles can withstand the elements while providing a soft and comfortable surface for outdoor relaxation.


Poolside Areas


a guide on tile carpet


Create a stylish poolside retreat with carpet tiles designed for outdoor use. These tiles are moisture-resistant and provide a comfortable pool lounging surface. The modular design allows for easy customization to fit the layout of your pool area.



Turn your balcony into a cosy retreat by installing modular carpets. The soft surface adds comfort underfoot, making your balcony a perfect relaxing spot. Opt for tiles designed for outdoor use to ensure durability in varying weather conditions.


Outdoor Events and Trade Shows

Carpet tiles are an excellent choice for temporary outdoor events and trade shows. Their quick and easy installation and ability to create custom designs make them a practical and eye-catching flooring solution for various occasions.


Pros and Cons of Using Carpet Tiles

Here are some pros and cons of installing carpet tiles in your space.


Pros of Carpet Tiles

  • Design Versatility: Many colours, patterns, and textures offer endless design possibilities.
  • Easy Maintenance: Individual tiles can be replaced if damaged, reducing the cost and effort of maintenance.
  • Installation Flexibility: Quick and easy installation, making them suitable for DIY projects.
  • Cost-Effective: Generally more affordable than traditional carpeting.


Cons of Modular Carpets

  • Visible Seams: The modular nature may result in visible seams, affecting the overall aesthetic.
  • Not Ideal for All Spaces: It may not be the best choice for moisture-prone areas, such as bathrooms or kitchens.
  • Initial Investment: Higher upfront cost than traditional carpeting, although the long-term benefits often outweigh this.


Carpet Tile Installation Tips

Here are tips on installing carpet tiles in your space.

  • Surface Preparation: Ensure the subfloor is clean, dry, and level before installation.
  • Proper Adhesive Use: Use the recommended adhesive to secure the tiles, ensuring a firm grip.
  • Directional Installation: Consider the layout and direction of the tiles to enhance the overall visual appeal.
  • Regular Cleaning: Implement a routine cleaning schedule to maintain the appearance and longevity of the carpet tiles.



In Pakistan, there are many carpet tiles to choose from, giving you many options. To make the right choice, understand the different types, styles, and materials. Our guide makes it easy for you! We break down the details so you can pick the perfect modular carpet for your taste and needs.

It’s like having a friendly helper to make your decision simple and enjoyable. So, explore the world of carpet tiles confidently, knowing you have the information you need to make the best choice for your space!


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions other people have asked. 


What is under carpet tiles?

Under carpet tiles, you typically find a subfloor or underlayment. It provides a stable base and helps with insulation and sound absorption.


Are carpet tiles expensive?

The cost of carpet tiles can vary. Generally, they offer a range of prices, making them accessible for different budgets. Factors like material, brand, and design influence the overall cost.


What is the average price of carpet tile in Pakistan?

The average price of carpet tiles in Pakistan can vary based on material, style, and quality. On average, prices may range from PKR 400 to PKR 2000 per square metre.


What is the major difference between carpet and tiles?

The major difference lies in their material and flexibility. Carpets are soft, fabric-based, and warm. At the same time, tiles are hard, typically made of ceramic or porcelain, and provide a solid surface.


Are carpet tiles similar to vinyl flooring?

While both offer versatility and come in tile form, they differ in materials. Carpet tiles have fabric surfaces, providing warmth and comfort. At the same time, vinyl flooring is made of synthetic materials, offering durability and water resistance.


Which is better: carpet or hardwood floor?

The choice between carpet and hardwood floors depends on personal preference and needs. Hardwood offers a timeless and elegant look but can be expensive. Carpets provide warmth and comfort but may require more maintenance. Consider aesthetics, budget, and lifestyle when making your decision.

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