What Is the Best Material for Kitchen Countertops?

Selecting the best of the best for your home is always the priority. People tend to choose the finest items they can afford for their houses. The kitchen is an essential part of any house, as this is the place where you prepare your meals three times a day, and kitchen countertops are a significant aspect. They are used for cutting, chopping, placing jars and performing many other tasks in the kitchen. Owing to their importance, people want to buy the best quality countertops for their kitchens. The natural question that arises here is; what is the best material for kitchen countertops? 

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To answer this question Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has come up with a list of some of the top quality materials that will not only make your kitchen counters more functional but will also add more style to them.


Granite Countertops


a granite countertop with a sink and faucet


Granite stone is exclusively used for the formation of kitchen countertops. It goes well with any kind of kitchen interior, as it carries that perfect blend of elegance and minimalism. Moreover, being a hard stone, granite makes a really strong and durable countertop.

In the past, its price used to be very high, however, the increase in supply and the increasing demand for artificial materials have lowered its price. 

Following are some of the pros and cons of granite countertops.




Heat resistant


Durable and strong

Slabs might be imperfect

Enhances the value of your home

Can crack upon stress

Available in multiple colours

Knives are quickly dulled by cutting on granite

Low maintenance

Porous surface

Soapstone Countertops


a dark grey soapstone counter with white sink and faucet


It is another natural stone which usually comes in dark grey colour. The name soapstone takes root in the fact that its surface has a smooth and silky feel. Recently, it has come up as a substitute for granite.

In historical places, we can see this material being used for countertops, however, in modern interiors, it is used not only for kitchen countertops but also for sinks. 

Although the stone is prone to scratches, it is highly resistant to stains. 




Resistant to stains

Colour darkens overtime
Fairly heat resistant

Requires mineral oil treatment

Adds antique ambience to the kitchen

Prone to scratch and dent

Marble Countertops


a white coloured marble kitchen countertop


Once again, it is another most commonly used natural material for kitchen countertops. The fact that each piece of marble has a unique print, which no other slab will share, gives it a huge chunk of its popularity.

Although it is a very desired material, its affordability is a factor that hinders people from buying it. This is the reason we often see marble being used for one island only and not for the rest of the counters in the kitchen.

In addition, it is not recommended for making kitchen countertops, due to being prone to stains, and scratches. 




Waterproof and heatproof

Increases the value of a home

Prone to scratches

Each stone has a unique pattern

A porous surface, prone to stains

Butcher Block Countertops


a light brown butcher countertop and kitchen island


One of the unique materials used for the formation of countertops is butcher blocks. Countertops made of this material add a warm and beautiful loom to the kitchen. They come in a wide range of shades and finishes.

The types of wood usually used for the formation of butcher countertops are Oak and Maple.




Easy to clean

Quite expensive

Prone to scratch 

The surface can be sanded 

Prone to water stains and other stains

Requires proper maintenance to avoid bacteria formation

Regular oiling required


Solid Surface Countertops


a white coloured solid surface kitchen counter


This type of countertop is made using artificial materials such as acrylic particles and resins that are pressed into sheets and other shapes. As the name suggests, these countertops are solid and in case of scratches on the surface, they can be sanded out.

Solid surface countertops have been in use for more than 50 years now. If you can’t afford other luxurious substances, solid surface countertops are the best choice for you.

Moreover, if your kitchen is large and the countertop space is huge, you can use a solid surface countertop to cover some of the space. 





Moderately pricey
Invisible seams

Vulnerable to damage from hot pans

Can easily sand out scratches

Multiple colours and designs are available

Integrated sink/countertop units are available


Ceramic Tiles Countertops


a kitchen counter made of brown ceramic tiles


Due to its shiny and smooth surface, the ceramic tile countertop is easier to clean. It is more long-lasting and less expensive than materials like quartz, natural stone, and solid surface. 

Nowadays, one can find multiple styles and designs available in ceramic tiles. For example, ones that look like wood, leather, cork, or marble. You can find more designs and options in ceramic tile countertops than in any other countertop range. 




Easy to clean

Usually affordable

May crack easily

Immune to heat damage from hot pans

Grout lines are hard to clean

Wide range of colours available


Quartz Countertop


a kitchen island counter made of quartz


It is another man-made material that is used for the production of kitchen countertops. Talking about its chemical composition, it contains 93% quartz along with some other minerals. 

Quartz was first produced as a more durable substitute for marble, and granite. Its non-porous surface makes it easier to clean, scratch and stain-resistant. Moreover, it does not need annual sealing like natural stone countertops. 




Easy maintenance


Uniform and perfect slabs

Heavy in weight


Immune to heat

Natural Appearance

Laminates Countertops


a white kaminate counter with sink and faucet


Laminates are synthetics coated with plastic that creates a smooth surface which is easier to clean. Laminate countertops are made by the formation of a bond between the MDF core and the laminate sheet. You can buy laminate countertops as post-form counters. 

For a long time, laminate counters were considered one of the ordinary forms of countertops. However, a recent rise in their popularity has been witnessed which has raised their value.




Low maintenance

Visible seams
Multiple options to choose from

Prone to scratch and chipping



Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops


a steel counter used for the top surface of a kitchen island


Even though they are mostly used in kitchens of hotels and restaurants, however, very recently people have started using them in their home kitchens as well. They bring an element of uniqueness to the decor.

Moreover, the smooth surface of stainless steel is easier to maintain and rust-free. 




Immune to heat

Can get scratches

Easiest to clean

Adds real estate value to the house


These are some of the top materials used for countertops. Hope that answered your question; what is the best material for kitchen countertops?

For more information, visit Graana.com.

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