Best Outdoor Furniture Shops in Lahore

Outdoor Furniture in Lahore

Many homeowners are keen on decorating not just the interior space but also the exterior of the house, where they can sit and relax with their family and friends. The appropriate outdoor furniture plays a major part in adding style and elegance to any garden, patio or backyard of a house. 

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Any piece of good-quality outdoor furniture can enhance the look as well as make your garden or backyard more functional. There are several furniture brands that you can check out in your particular area., Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has prepared a list below of the best outdoor furniture shops in Lahore.


Which Material Is Best for Outdoor Furniture


Best Outdoor Furniture Shops in Lahore


Before buying a piece of furniture, you need to compare the materials in terms of price, durability and obviously design. You need to choose the material that can withstand your area’s weather conditions.  This is why it is important to know about the strengths and weaknesses of some materials. The following are the types of outdoor furniture you can buy for your garden, patio or backyard.



This is one of the most common materials used to make outdoor furniture as it provides a solid framework for tables, chairs and all other furnishings. However, this kind of material needs constant protection from rain and moisture.




Wooden Furniture


People who are looking to buy wooden outdoor furniture should choose teak wood as it has all the characteristics suitable for outdoor furniture. For instance, they don’t easily crack and become brittle as compared to other types of wood. They can repel water, instead of expanding or contracting. All these properties make it the most durable material for outdoor furniture. 


White Oak

White Oak is another strong and durable material for wooden outdoor furniture. However, it has low oil content, which means you have to apply a layer of paint or sealant to retain the furniture’s durability. 




Outdoor furniture store


Metal is considered the strongest and most durable material for outdoor furniture. It offers manufacturers the ability to shape them in any complex design they want. They can be used in combination with other materials as well. However, metal furniture has some drawbacks too, for example, it is heavy and vulnerable to rust. 


Stainless Steel

This material has all the qualities ideal for patio or garden furniture. It is strong, easy to clean, and extremely durable compared to other materials. However, stainless steel is relatively more expensive



This is another popular material for garden or backyard furniture. It is light and offers much better durability compared to most materials. Aluminium is inexpensive and of low maintenance as well.


Resin & Plastic


Patio Furniture


Nowadays, man-made synthetic materials like resin and plastic are becoming popular in the outdoor furniture market. Due to their characteristics, manufacturers can easily mould them in any style they want. There are various types of resin and plastic used but the most common are synthetic polyethylene resin, high-density polyethylene, polypropylene etc.


Best Outdoor Furniture Stores in Lahore

Once you have figured out the best material for your furniture, you can enter any furniture shop nearby knowing what to look for. Following are the best places to buy patio or garden furniture in Lahore.


Vincraft Furniture

Vincraft outdoor furniture Lahore provides top-quality garden and patio furniture. They have all kinds of options available, from chairs to garden swings etc. Their shop is located in Gulberg II, Main Boulevard.

Address: LG-104, Siddique Trade Centre, Ground Floor, Gulberg II, 72-Main Boulevard, Lahore


Outdoor Solutions

Outdoor Solutions is another popular furniture shop in Lahore. They have a large variety of outdoor furniture options, in materials like aluminium, plastic, resin, wood etc. If you’re looking for affordable yet quality furniture, you can check out Outdoor Solutions. 

Address: Shop #13, Fortress Stadium Circular Rd., Saddar Town, Lahore


Lotus Furniture

Lotus Furniture is another great store for buying garden furniture such as chairs, tables, swings etc. They have both affordable and expensive options. They have a store on MM Alam Road, as listed in the address below. 

Address: 103 MM Alam Rd., Block B1, Gulberg III, Lahore


Indigo Store

This is another great place to buy furniture for decorating your outdoor space. They have a wide range available so you can easily find whichever is perfect for your needs. 

Address: Plot 459, Block F2, Phase 1, Johar Town, Lahore


The Outdoor Furniture Company

This furniture store has a variety of options for chairs, tables and sofas for your outdoor space decor. 

Address: New Airport Road, Khuda Buksh Colony, Lahore


These are some of the best outdoor furniture shops in Lahore where you can buy any item needed for decorating your outdoor space. 


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