Pendant Lights: Types, Styles, Designs & More

Previously a common statement piece in any room, traditional chandeliers have been replaced by pendant lights all around the world. These hanging lights can be hung together in a group, or strung in a row at various heights. There are various types of pendant lights in the market, which range from modern to traditional designs, and come in a variety of shade styles, materials, colours, and sizes. You can easily find an option that not only complements the décor of your space but is also within your budget. 

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Finding the ideal hanging light fixtures for your home might be a little tricky with so many variations available. Therefore, has prepared a guide on the different types of pendant lights to help you choose an option that makes your room appear stylish and coordinated.


Designs of Pendant Lights

The most popular styles of pendant lights available are as follows:

  • Dome pendant lights
  • Linear pendant lights
  • Multi-light or cluster pendants
  • Bowl pendant lights
  • Cylindrical pendant lights
  • Abstract pendant lights
  • Mini pendant lights


Dome Pendant Lights


Pendant Lights in 5 different colours


These ceiling light fixtures are shaped like an upside-down bowl and are utilised in spaces that need intense, directional light. The versatile shapes of dome pendants make them an excellent option for task lighting.

You can place dome pendant lights above your kitchen counter, home office desk, or even dining table, depending on your particular preferences and needs. Installing a bulb with a dimmer is preferable because the light from these hanging lamps may be too bright.


Linear Pendant Lights


minimal linear pendent lights hanging above shelf


This type of pendant light is particularly popular among individuals who prefer minimalist home décor. These modern ceiling lights, which typically hang over kitchen islands in high-end homes, have three or more bulbs grouped together in a vertical row.

There are several different designs of linear pendants available, such as those with multiple light sources attached under a single canopy and those with multiple smaller pendants attached to the same base. They come in inverted and dome shapes and are pretty similar to multi-light or cluster pendants.

Linear pendant lights are often used as task lighting.


Multi-Light or Cluster Pendants




These hanging lighting fixtures are a wonderful alternative to classic chandeliers because they are the ideal fit for modern décor. These lamps, which are also known as cluster pendant lights, can have up to twelve light sources. Multi-light pendants are a contemporary equivalent of a large chandelier, with each bulb mounted to an individual shade or a smaller pendant that is connected to a central figure.

In these types of ceiling lights, the smaller pendants or shades aren’t necessarily set vertically. Modern designs usually feature lights that are suspended at various heights and in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Only one electrical oapapening in the ceiling is needed for multi-light pendants. They are primarily utilised in living rooms and dining rooms as statement pieces. The light intensity is often too strong but, in the majority of cases, the brightness can be adjusted using a dimmer.


Bowl Pendant Lights

This type of hanging light has a bowl-like form and is suspended from the bottom on a central shaft. It emits light upwards and is occasionally supported by two or more brief chains. This is one of the most common styles of ceiling lights and is excellent for ambient lighting. Due to its shape, the lighting in the space is also kept from becoming overly intense or distracting.

This hanging lamp can be hung in any room of the house, whether it is the hallway or the bedroom.


Cylindrical Pendant Lights

As the name implies, these pendant lights have a cylindrical shade with a drum-like form.

The cloth shade that comes with these pendant lights can create a soft, cosy glow in a space. Additionally, it can be a wonderful way to add some texture to your décor. These longer shades also result in a less concentrated amount of light being produced. 

Fabrics, however, are not the best material for kitchen pendant light shades. This is due to the fact that they readily attract dust and grime, making cleaning difficult.


Abstract Pendant Lights

Abstract pendant lights have angular, sharp lines that give your home decor a contemporary feel. Like the classic crystal chandeliers, they are more than just light fixtures; they are also aesthetic additions to your home.

The shades of abstract pendant lights are often made of metal but also come in a variety of sizes and designs. These relatively smaller lights are often installed in bathrooms, entryways, and corridors. 


Mini Pendant Lights

These hanging lights are miniature versions of bowl or dome pendant lights.

You can hang these small pendant lights over the bathroom sink, kitchen counter, or desk in your study or home office. They can be hung individually or in groups of three or more. These pendant lights can also be installed with track lights due to their reduced size.


Styles of Pendant Lights

Following are some of the most well-known pendant lights styles that you can consider.

  • Contemporary pendant lights
  • Unique pendant lights 
  • Traditional pendant lights
  • Transitional pendant lights


Contemporary Pendant Lights

These ceiling light fixtures create a clean aesthetic with their simplistic design. Usually, they feature geometric or abstract designs in metallic shades.

Contemporary lighting fixtures also include modern hanging lamps with exposed bulbs.


Unique Pendant Lights

You can consider buying a unique pendant light if you’re seeking something that differs from standard light fixtures.

Despite the fact that this is a pretty broad category, these pendant lights usually have creative designs and primarily function as decorative items.


Traditional Pendant Lights

These ceiling light designs are more ornate, more intricate, and more aesthetically pleasing.

This category includes pendant lights that are rustic and vintage.


Transitional Pendant Lights

This category includes pendant lights that blend the ornamental traditional style with the slick, clean lines of contemporary designs.


Types of Light Bulbs

Following are different types of bulbs that you can choose for your pendant lights, which can have a huge impact on your home’s ambience.

  • Incandescent light bulbs
  • LED bulbs 
  • Halogen light bulbs
  • Fluorescent light bulbs


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