15 Minimalist Home Decor Ideas

After a hectic day outside, home is the place where you unwind and feel relaxed. The decor of your home play a huge role in changing your mood. This is why it is essential to decorate your house accordingly. Decorating your house can be an activity of great joy. If you want to give a minimalist look to your home, here are some tips.

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Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal has compiled a list of minimalist home decor ideas to help you revamp your home.

Neutral Colour Tones

One of the essential features of minimalist decor is the use of neutral hues. If you want to give a minimalist look to your house, you should definitely go for neutral colours.

White, brown, beige, and earth tones are all frequently used in minimalist house decors.


Focal Points


this is an image of a focal point created as a part of minimalist decor


While you are working on the decoration of your house, it is better to focus on a particular thing or corner. This way you can create a focal point and draw attention to it, and avoid creating a sense of untidiness.
You can create a focal point by bringing together a variety of decoration pieces to create a single cohesive element.



Another vital element of minimalist home decor is simplicity. The essence of minimalism is avoiding clutter and heavy decor, and going for simpler designs.

If you are working on minimalist room decor, you should start off with decluttering unnecessary stuff. Try to eliminate the heavy decorative pieces along with the stuff that you do not use.

Add More Mirrors


this is an image of mirror in bedroom that is a part of minimalist decor


One of the most underrated minimalist decor ideas is using mirrors. If you are living in a rental apartment or you can not afford to install windows in your house, the best thing you can do is add more mirrors to the house.

Mirrors are functional as they help open up the place because they reflect light. Also, they are perfect for giving a luxurious yet minimalist appearance to the house. Get to know mirrors in home.


Minimalist Lighting

The lighting of a house can not only affect your mood but also affects the overall ambience of the house. Therefore, it is essential to choose the lighting of your house carefully.

There is a wide variety of lights and lamps available in the markets. There you can find the ones that are suitable for your minimalist apartment decor. One of the best options can be pendant lights or simplistic lamps that come in neutral tones. These lights will give an artistic feel to the room/apartment/house.


Dual Purpose/Space Saving Furniture


this is an image of a dual purpose sofa chair which is a part of minimalist decor


Space-saving and dual-purpose furniture is a must for all residential spaces – be it houses, apartments, or some rental units. However, they are particularly recommended for people that live in rental houses.

One purpose of minimalist home decor is to give your house a simplistic look, which you can successfully achieve using dual-purpose furniture. For instance, using nesting tables and benches can add more seating space to your living area or bedroom. Also, they can be easily stored when you are not using them.

A multipurpose piece of furniture can prevent your house from looking cluttered, hence giving it a more tidy and minimalist appearance.
If you do not have any multipurpose furniture, you don’t necessarily need to buy one for creating a minimalist look. You can remodel your old dresser and turn it into a vanity or a bench.


Use Textured Fabrics

Adding textured fabrics to the space can also be one of the most useful minimalist home decor ideas. Some of the most commonly used textured fabric items include fur blankets, woollen rugs and velvet pillows. They can give a softer look to the decor of the house.



If you want to maintain a minimalist home decor you will have to declutter regularly. Decluttering will not only create more space in the house but will also help maintain its tidy look.


Add More Plants


this is an image of indoor plants which are a part of minimalist decor


If monochromes are giving an extra gloomy look to your home decor, you can add some plants to the house to give it a more lively feel. Now it’s up to you whether you choose tiny pots for plants or bigger ones.

It depends on the space and theme of your house. You can go for flowery plants, however, too much of that floral arrangement will take away the minimalist decor of the home. You can frequently find greenery and plants in minimalist houses. Some of the instances of those indoor plants are peace lily, snake plant, and alocasia. You can also go for artificial greenery decor.



Though minimalist decor requires lesser items, which is why you have to declutter regularly, spacing is also one of the most essential things that let you utilise the area in a more useful manner.

The way you arrange your furniture and other decorative items in your house also affects the decor of the home.


Fewer Props With Greater Impact

For example, if there is an old ladder that is laying in your storeroom, you can cut and customise iMinimalism is not just getting rid of most of your items, rather it is more about using those items in a more meaningful way.

For example, if there is an old ladder that is laying in your storeroom, you can cut and customise it and use it for decorative purposes, such as wall hanging, towel hangers in washrooms, etc.

Add Simple Objects

Minimalism is all about making the best use of simpler things. For this purpose, you do not have to go for newer items. Rather it is more about how you utilise the simpler items such as light fixtures, pillows, rugs, etc.


Minimalist Photo Wall


this is an image of photo wall which is a part of minimalist decor


If you feel that the decor of the house is a bit too bland and plain, curating a photo wall can solve the issue. This is one of the most creative wall decor ideas. All you have to do is, assemble a few simple photo frames on your favourite wall. Once again, there is no hard and fast rule for it. Feel free to use your creativity and experiment with decorating the frames.


Incorporate Recessed Shelves


this is an image of recessed shelves


If you need space to hide the cables of your T.V or need some extra space in your bathroom to put towels and other stuff, recessed shelves can be of great use.


Neutral Decoration

We all love to add holiday decorations, however, if you want to keep things minimalist, you can go for neutral decorations.


These were the top 15 minimalist home decor ideas. For more information visit Graana.com.


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