Tips to renovate your home to increase home value

Tips to renovate your home to increase home value

Home renovation is one of the most crucial things that you can do to increase your home value. Renovation may seem like an expense to you at first glance, but in reality, minor home renovations can act as long-term investments because they instantly elevate the home value. 

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To increase the value of your house without spending loads of money, focus on small renovations around the house. 

Having said that, this blog brings you a list of tips to renovate your home to increase home value.

So, let’s get started.

Talk to an expert:

Before starting with the renovation of the house:

Make sure you do your research beforehand. Read about home renovation ideas, ask around people about their home renovation tips, and most importantly – talk to a renovation expert.

Invite interior designers and experienced realtors to inspect your home. Many experts may not charge you for the first visit, but even if they do charge you, this expense will save you tons of money in the long run. 

The experts will give you lots of ideas, tips, and tricks needed for improvements. Even small improvement tips such as paint colors or furniture placement can bring a huge difference. 

Focus on the paints:

One of the easiest ways to bring a change to your house is through paints. A fresh coat of paint can add life to the plain old walls in no time. And the best thing about wall paints is that they are cost-effective and straightforward to do. 

Interestingly, you do not have to hire professional painters, you can easily paint with the help of your friends and family, and it will not cost you an arm and a leg. Also, keep in mind that the tones and shades matter a lot. When selecting paint colors, consider that neutrals appeal to the most significant number of people because they make the space look brighter and more spacious.


Do not start with the renovation haphazardly and end up in financial losses and full chaos. If you cannot afford an interior renovation consultant, the internet is your best friend. Look out for remodeling and decorating inspirations in magazines, books, TV shows, and websites. If you have a tight budget, you can also look for DIY projects; they work perfectly.

Energy resources: 

Energy costs are one of the direct costs which one should consider and try to cut short. Many companies are providing renewable energy sources to the people. Consult them, and they will do a free energy audit of your home. They can also help you to maximize the energy efficiency of your home by installing energy savers and other appliances. 

Add plants:

Another cheap yet very effective way to renovate your home is through indoor plants. Do proper landscaping of your house and let the house bloom into an exotic garden. Plants not only add beauty to the house but also act as a natural cooling agent. Properly placed trees can cut your cooling costs by as much as 40 percent. And most importantly, plants can enhance the curb appeal of your house. 

Work on the lawn: 

To enhance your curb appeal, you need to work on your lawn. Get rid of patchy areas and large bushes to make your property more presentable. Tacky and unmade yards will not make your house stand out in the crowd. However, you should know that lawn renovation is very cheap and easy to accomplish. 

You need basic knowledge of plants and gardening tools, and you are good to go. You can also hire a lawn service company to trim your lawn and shape your property for a small fraction of money.

Keep your house up to date:

To keep yourself away from huge renovation costs and unwanted expenses, keep up with regular maintenance and repairs. Take a day off and focus on the repairs around your home. Make a list of all the little things that are either broken or in need of repair. Sometimes, some minor repairs go unnoticed, but with time, those small things will add up to create the impression that your home has not been looked after.

Replace the bathroom basics:

One of the best things you can do in your home during the house renovation is to replace the bathroom basics. Bathrooms are the first thing the buyers notice when they go house hunting. So, to attract potential customers, work on the bathrooms.

For example, a brand new toilet seat can make your bathroom look more valuable and desirable. 

Incorporate minimalism:

Bright and funky paints and interior may scare off a lot of potential buyers. Most people prefer neutral tones and sleek designs. It is seen that vibrant and eye-catching fabrics, patterns, and design styles generally won’t yield a significant ROI. For example, neon paints and edgy home decor may turn off potential buyers.

Neutral colors, chic decor, clean surfaces, and minimal window treatments are all you need to increase your home value.

Work on the tiles:

Old worn-out tiles may decrease the home value instantly. They make the house look old and worn out. So, to sell your house as soon as possible, make sure you get rid of old broken tiles around the house. Do home inspection and see areas that need renovation. Tiles are cheap and won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but the ROI coming from the renovated tiles is enormous. 

Redo the floor:

Neat and clean floors are must-haves. For example, If you have a hardwood floor, you can simply sand and buff, staining, overlaying, or replace the floor completely. Work on the floor and transform it to sell your house fast in Pakistan.

Redo your entryway: 

Curb appeal is the main thing. Without curb appeal, people may find it difficult to sell off their houses. Make sure the entrance of the house is neat and appealing. 

Check the locks, fix the broken mirrors, see if there are any problems with the door’s wood. It is safe to say that your entryway is one of the essential things to consider while showcasing the house to potential buyers.

Fixtures in the kitchen:

The kitchen is crucial in Pakistani households, and potential buyers look for a neat and clean kitchen with all the basic amenities. To make your kitchen look more presentable, make sure you check the drawer knobs, pulls, kitchen counters, and faucets and change them if needed. This small yet inexpensive renovation idea alone can have a significant impact on potential buyers.

So, these are some of the practical tips to renovate your home to increase home value. Try to incorporate them in your house renovation and grow your home value by leaps and bounds.

If you have any other questions regarding home renovation, leave a comment in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.


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  3. Tiles come in so many different materials and all of them have different eco-friendly characteristics. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are easily manufactured from clay, which is a sustainable resource.

  4. Due to my belief that it is not worth the time and money to renovate my home, I always hesitate to do so. But after reading your article, I saw that it offers a lot of benefits, which is why I’m convinced to renovate my home.

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