Top Tips to Make Your Room More Functional

How to make your room more functional

Whether you’re living in a duplex, apartment or a bungalow, you need to make the best use of the space you have. Having a bigger space isn’t always better; an area should be clean, comfortable and cosy. With careful and effective planning, any room can be transformed into a bright, beautiful and more practical space. To help you with this transformation,, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has listed some tips to make your room more functional.

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How to Make Your Room More Functional


How to make room more functional


When we talk about creating a more functional space, we mean that you must have a place where you can move freely to perform all your daily routine tasks. With some clever ideas and creative planning, you can easily transform any room in your house. You can follow some of the tips below:


Try to Maximise Vertical Space

By maximising vertical space, you can clear up the stuff that is lying on the floor, which will help in clearing walkways. You can use cabinets, shelves or tall bookcases to organise your stuff. Instead of using floor lamps for lighting, you can also use lights that can be mounted to the wall or hung from the ceiling. 


Keep the Traffic Paths Clear

You should create an effective room layout to avoid bumping into furniture or any boxes on the floor. By clearing these paths, you can easily manoeuvre around and perform all your daily tasks with ease.


Using the Space for Its Intended Purpose

To make the room functional, you need to use the space for what it is made for. For example, if you read a newspaper and leave it on the kitchen table, you may find it difficult to eat there later on. This is why it is important to clear the space immediately and try to utilise it according to its real purpose.


Use Appropriate-Sized Furniture for Efficient Layout


Creating functional space


You also need to find the right size and number of furniture items that you plan to place in the room. By adding too much furniture, you will make it overcrowded and cluttered. On the other hand, having too little furniture will make it seem empty. You don’t have to use every inch of the room; you can leave some breathing space to give it a balanced feel and look.


Try Reducing Clutter

When you are trying to create more space, you need to get rid of items that are no longer of use. To achieve this task, first put your belongings in their proper place. For instance, if you have dirty dishes or leftover food on the counter, you would find it hard to cook food in the kitchen.


Place Items Where They Will Be Used

In order to create a more functional room, you need to keep the items in the same place where they will be used. For instance, bathroom items should be kept under the sink, and all kitchen appliances and utensils, like pans and pots, should be kept near the stove or in the cupboards. 


Use Multi-Purpose Furniture


best ways to create functional space


As furniture can take up a lot of space, try to select items that are more versatile to free up space,  such as coffee tables with built-in storage for newspapers and magazines. 


Adding Additional Storage Space

When you’re looking to make a room more functional, you can store items like cleaning products in labelled plastic boxes. You can also buy storage items like racks or closet organises where you can keep your shoes, belts etc.


Mount Your TV on the Wall

An entertainment system can take up a lot of space in the room, hence, mounting it on the wall can free up some space and create a  sleeker look. 


To wrap it up, any room without proper design and layout cannot be functional. To make it functional, you need to find the right furniture and decor items that give you enough space to move around, relax or perform your daily tasks. 


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