Living Room Furniture Ideas

There are several ways to decorate your living room. Depending on the space available and your personal taste, you can customize the living room furniture in different ways. You can find lots of living room furniture ideas on the internet, or you can even take the help of professionals.

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First-time homeowners can feel a bit lost about how to assemble their living room furniture. However, we have you covered as, Pakistan’s smartest property portal has come up with the best living room furniture positioning tips and latest home decor trends to find a setup that suits your expanse.


Things to Consider Beforehand

Here are some of the factors that you must consider before moving on to the next step.


Do Not Cluster Your Furniture:

Some people are more inclined towards aligning all of their furniture with walls. This creates a kind of cluster that does not look appealing. Hence, it is better to let your furniture float out of the wall.

Divide Your Seating Arrangements:

Even if your living area is large, it does not mean that you have to overscale furniture. Try to create two separate seating spaces in the room. This way, the interior decor of the room won’t be compromised while creating intimate seating at the same time.

Adjust Small Seats:

Once you have assembled larger seats, you can bring in smaller seats to fill in gaps. They are great in the sense that you can easily tuck them away anytime.


Tips That Will Help You Arrange Your Living Room Furniture

Now that we have discussed some important things that need to be considered before arranging your living room furniture, here are some of the tips that will help you arrange your living room furniture.


Create a Focal Point


A Fire place in living room which is a part of mirrored furniture living room ideas


Be it a room or a living area, the importance of a focal point can never be underestimated. Sometimes you don’t have to create one, as they can also appear naturally, for instance, a prominent window or a built-in fireplace, etc. However, sometimes you might have to create one yourself.

Your focal point can be a corner with an appealing plant or a T.V stand. You can arrange your furniture around that focal point.


Conversation Spaces

The primary purpose of a living area is for people to sit together, and have a natural conversation with each other. This means that the furniture in the living area should be arranged in a way that the people can converse with each other with ease.

The living room furniture should be arranged in a way that makes it easier for people to have conversations with each other. Avoid positioning sofas and chairs in a straight line. Instead, you can place them facing each other in a parallel manner.

You can also arrange them in L-shape or U-shape. If your living area is too large, you can create two or three sitting areas by adding a divider.


Arrange Furniture With a Balance


Living room with two chairs and two sofas which is a part of white living room furniture ideas


One of the most important things you should take care of while arranging your living room furniture is balance. You cannot put everything out there, instead, you have to carefully consider various factors such as the vibe and theme of the decor, and the size of the room.

Also, you have to consider other factors as well such as the shape of the furniture. If your furniture is straight-lined, a round coffee table would go well with it.


Traffic Flow

Always ensure that the flow of foot traffic does not get disturbed by your furniture arrangement. Your furniture should not be positioned in a way that hinders the passage of people. The ideal space between a sofa/chair and a table should be at least two feet.

Moreover, the path should be clear so that people can walk from one side to the other with ease.


Get a Large Coffee Table


A Coffee table which is a part of dark furniture living room ideas


It is always better and more useful to have a bigger coffee table. A bigger coffee table is not only more functional but also offers better aesthetic accents.

It works as an anchor in the room creating a generous amount of space for people to display their decoration pieces and to put down their drinks. Also, it offers easier access to people sitting around.

If you don’t own a large coffee table, you can even pair up two coffee tables and place them together. Or you can even use a substitute for it.


Living Room Seating Arrangments

There are different ways to arrange seats in the living room. You can go with the traditional typical ways or you can bring in your creativity and arrange them in a fresh customized fashion.

There are six major types of arranging furniture in the living room:

  • U-Shaped Arrangement
  • L-SHaped Arrangement
  • Symmetric and Parallel
  • Asymmetric and Parallel
  • Box Shaped Arrangement
  • Circular Arrangement


A Sofa Pair


A Pair of sofas which is a part of dark wood furniture living room ideas


This simple combination is the best for living rooms. You can achieve this by simply placing two sofas facing each other. This will not only create a comfortable seating space but also help naturally in dividing the living area. This works well for both large and small rooms.


Two Chair and One Sofa


Sofas and chairs in living room which are one of the modern living room furniture ideas


Another way to arrange your living room furniture is to place a two or three-seater sofa and place two chairs across it. This is one of the most common seating arrangements for living rooms. It is important to choose the design of chairs carefully.

You should consider the space and decor of the room beforehand so that the chairs don’t disturb the harmony of the room.

If you have got more space in your living room, you can consider a deep armchair. However, if the living room is small, it is better to choose more upright chairs.


Two Sofas and One Chair


this is an image of two sofas and one chair which is a part of large living room furniture layout ideas


If your living room comes with plenty of space and can accommodate two to three sofas easily, and you still want to leave space for pathways, this arrangement is the best choice for you.

Place two big sofas facing each other and one small chair in the corner. This seating arrangement will leave more room for navigating through the space while maintaining the seating arrangements that suit the lounge and living areas.


Two Angled Chairs and One Sofa


this is an image of angled chair which is one of cheap living room furniture ideas


This living room furniture idea is best when you have multiple doorways around your living room. Placing two chairs directly in front of each other would not be a good option as it will hinder the pathway.

So instead of placing the chairs opposite of each other, you can angle them in a way that makes it easier to cross the room.


One Sofa and Four Chairs

You can consider bringing in more chairs to your living space if your living room is large. You can place two pairs of chairs in a way to create a u-shape.

Angle the chairs in a way to create an intimate seating area, and place a sofa at one end along the wall. Whether you choose the same or different design of chairs depends on your personal taste.

The right furniture can uplift your living room’s appeal. Follow these living room furniture ideas to revamp your home and make the most out of your living space. For more information, visit, Pakistan’s first online real estate marketplace.


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