PVC Ceiling Design for Bedroom

Homeowners are always in search of ways to decorate their homes and make them more comfortable. To meet their demands, manufacturers always keep bringing up new ideas and fresh stuff that will add more charm and comfort to their customers. PVC ceiling panels are one of the latest groundbreaking innovations in the interior decor industry. Among them, PVC ceiling designs for bedrooms are really common.

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At Graana.com, Pakistan’s Smartest property portal, you can find a list of some of the top PVC ceiling design for bedroom.


What is PVC?

PVC is a lightweight plastic-like material, which is highly adaptable and robust. It is a factory-made product and has a fine finish. Moreover, it can be carved with various designs and patterns, which makes it perfect for bedroom ceilings and walls.

In addition, PVC panels are water-resistant and work very well against moisture. For places like the bathroom and kitchen, PVC panels can be ideal.

Along with being resistant to water, they show remarkable resistance to heat as well. However, they are currently very popular for bedroom ceilings.


Top 12 PVC Ceiling Design for Bedroom

After analysing the market trends, we have compiled a list of the top 12 PVC ceiling designs for bedroom. The list is as follows.

  1. PVC Ceiling Panels
  2. Backlit PVC Ceiling
  3. Circle PVC Ceilings
  4. Galaxy PVC Ceilings for Bedroom
  5. Lattice PVC Ceiling
  6. Rectangular Block PVC Ceiling
  7. Butterfly Design for PVC Ceiling
  8. Basket Weave Design PVC Ceiling
  9. Geometric PVC Ceiling
  10. Eye Patterned PVC Bedroom Ceiling Design
  11. Hexagonal Cutout PVC Ceiling
  12. Snowflakes PVC Ceiling Design


PVC Ceiling Panels


Brownn coloured PVC ceiling oanels on a living room's ceiling


Ceilings are an element of bedrooms that often gets overlooked by house owners. While decorating a room, people often leave the ceilings as it is. However, decorating the ceilings can enhance the value of the room and house. Nowadays, we have the facility to decorate our ceilings through PVC panels.

Simple PVC ceiling panels will maintain sophistication, and at the same time add a little bit of glamour to the room.


Backlit PVC Ceiling


Backlit PVC ceiling of a room


Due to the fine finish, the texture of PVC ceilings has a shiny effect. Adding a backlit PVC ceiling in your bedroom can be a good idea to brighten up the room. It will not only illuminate your room but will also add a touch of luxury to it.

Backlit PVC ceilings are recommended for small bedrooms, they will give the illusion of a bigger space, and make it look more warm and welcoming.


Circle PVC Ceilings


a circlle false ceiling of a room


In big luxurious houses, we often see big circular designs on ceilings, it is the same PVC ceiling that we are talking about.
A circular PVC ceiling will create an illusion of a round room.

What can complement a circular ceiling is a little chandelier or a ceiling fan. Or you can attach small LED light bulbs to the circle PVC ceiling to make it pop out.

Galaxy PVC Ceilings for Bedroom


a galaxy patterned ceiling of a room


Another creative design to add that fancy touch to your bedroom is the galaxy PVC ceiling. If you are a romanticist and appreciate the beautiful things in nature like gazing at stars at night, you should definitely go for this ceiling design for your bedroom.

It will not only give you a soothing effect but will light up the room as well.


Lattice PVC Ceiling


patterened Latice ceiling of a room


For people who are artistic in nature, and tend to go for things that are aesthetic, a lattice PVC ceiling design is the best. This design eludes elegance and artistic vibes which will completely change the overall look of your bedroom.


Rectangular Block PVC Ceiling


pvc panel ceiling design for bedroom


A rectangular block PVC ceiling will go well with the classic vibes of a vintage bedroom. It is a perfect blend of style and class met by the cool contemporary design.

By adding the LED light on its edges you can complete the look.


Butterfly Design for PVC Ceiling


Butterfly patterened PVC ceiling design for bedroom


If your bedroom ceiling is too plain and you’re looking for ways to enhance it using something that is not too fancy but is funky, you should probably consider having a butterfly PVC ceiling.

It is particularly good for your kid’s bedrooms, as it gives off playful vibes. If you want to add more of a colourful touch to it, you can add colourful light bulbs to it.


Basket Weave Design PVC Ceiling


pvc false ceiling design for bedroom


Another appealing ceiling design that will take away the monotonous look of your bedroom is a basket weave PVC ceiling design.
You can also enhance the pattern by painting the upper layers of the pattern and leaving the interlinked parts plain.

To add extra definition to the pattern, you can attach warm lights in the interconnected parts.


Geometric PVC Ceiling


a circular geometric patterened ceiling of a room


Be it clothes or house decor items, geometric designs are quite trend. Most people prefer geometric patterns over floral designs. Adding these patterned false ceilings to your bedroom will give it a contemporary and opulent appeal.

Furthermore, it can add to the real estate value of your house.


Eye Patterned PVC Bedroom Ceiling Design


eye shaped ceiling of a mall


An eye patterned PVC ceiling is unique in nature, and has the potential to become the focal point of your bedroom. If your bedroom decor is rather simple and minimalistic, incorporating it would be the best choice.

You can even paint it to match it with the colour theme of your bedroom.


Hexagonal Cutout PVC Ceiling


hexagone pvc down ceiling design for bedroom


It is a rather new style of ceiling that has been incorporated in the bedrooms. Many of the affluent apartments have adopted hexagonal cutout PVC ceiling design. So this design has become a kind of symbol of luxury, hence implementing it in your bedroom ceiling would give it an opulent look.


Snowflakes PVC Ceiling Design

If you are looking for interesting ceiling designs for your kid’s bedroom, this design would be the best. It will add that youthful and fancy touch to their bedrooms.


These were some of the top PVC ceiling design for bedrooms. Hopefully, this blog was helpful for you to select a design for your bedroom ceiling.

For more interesting blogs like bedroom ceiling ideas, visit Graana blog.

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