Top Bedroom Ceiling Design Ideas

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Bedroom ceilings are often overlooked when it comes to designing the space. A well-made ceiling design can enhance the aesthetic of your bedroom, making it feel more inviting, comfortable, and stylish. Additionally, it can help create a cohesive, balanced look, tying together all the different elements in the room and creating a harmonious overall design. has gathered some of the most popular bedroom ceiling design ideas below.

The Impact of a Good Bedroom Ceiling Design

As the ceiling is a large, prominent surface in any room, the design you choose can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the space.  Additionally, a well-designed ceiling can serve functional purposes, such as providing additional lighting.

Best Bedroom Ceiling Design Ideas


A masterbedroom with lighted ceiling


Do you want a modern, minimalist look, or a more traditional, cosy feel? The following designs can help guide your choices and ensure that your ceiling complements the rest of your bedroom. 

First, however, think about the functional requirements, such as lighting, storage, or acoustics. This will help you determine the best design options for your space.

Consider the architectural features of your bedroom, such as the height of the ceiling, the shape of the room, and any existing design elements that you want to highlight or complement. This will also help you choose the best design options.

There are many different design ideas for bedroom ceilings, and the right one will depend on your choice of style and the overall look and feel you want to create in your space. 


Paint the Ceiling a Bold Colour


Bedroom ceiling with zinc colour paint


Painting the ceiling a bold, contrasting colour is a way to add visual interest and make a statement. By choosing a colour that is different from the walls and other elements in the room, you can create a striking, unique look that will grab the attention of anyone who enters the space. 

This design technique can be particularly effective in rooms with high ceilings, as it can add depth and dimension, creating a more dynamic and visually appealing space.


Add Texture to the Ceiling


wood texted ceiling in the bedroom


Using materials like wood or tin tiles can add depth and dimension to a space, while also creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. This design technique can be particularly effective in rooms with plain or monochromatic colour schemes, as the texture of the tiles can add contrast.

Additionally, this can add a natural, organic touch to a room, and create a rustic feel. wood or tin tiles can be a great way to enhance the look and feel of a bedroom.


Install a Ceiling Medallion or Other Decorative Element

A ceiling medallion is a circular or oval-shaped decorative element that is often used to frame a chandelier or other light fixture. It can add a touch of elegance to your space and create a focal point that will draw the eye and add visual interest. 

Additionally, using other decorative elements on the ceiling, such as crown moulding or trim, can create a more polished look. 


Use Recessed or Track Lighting

This is a great way to highlight architectural features in a bedroom. Recessed lighting can be used to create a soft, diffuse light, whereas track lighting features a series of lights that are mounted on a track, allowing you to direct the light where you need it.

Both of these lighting options can be used to highlight other features in your bedroom, such as a fireplace, bookcase, or piece of artwork. 


Create a Tray or Coffered Ceiling

A tray ceiling raises or lowers a centre section to create a tray-like appearance. It is also known as an inverted or recessed ceiling. It can add visual interest to a space, and can also make a room with a high ceiling feel more cosy and intimate. 

A coffered ceiling separates a series of recessed panels or boxes with moulding or trim. This type of ceiling can add a touch of sophistication to a space and can create a more formal or traditional look. 

Use Wallpaper or Wall Murals

Wallpapers or wall murals are a great way to incorporate a unique, personalised design. Wallpapers come in a wide range of colours, patterns, and styles. They can create a bold, eye-catching look that reflects your style and enhances the aesthetic of the space.

On the other hand, people apply wall murals to the wall to create a visually striking effect using large-scale graphics or images. Using wallpapers or wall murals can be a great way to add personality and character to your bedroom and create a truly unique space.


The key to choosing the right bedroom ceiling design is selecting the option that reflects your personal style and complements the overall space. This means considering the existing elements in the room, such as the wall colour, furniture, and accessories etc.

It can also be helpful to think about the mood and atmosphere you want to create in your bedroom. For example, if you want a cosy, intimate space, you might want to choose a ceiling design with warm, soft lighting and texture. If you want a more modern, minimalist look, you can opt for a clean, simple ceiling design with sharp lines.

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