A Comprehensive List of Made in Pakistan Products

Comprehensive List of Made in Pakistan Products

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the country’s exports amounted US $25.3 billion during the fiscal year 2201. This impressive growth is mainly due to the increased production of made in Pakistan products. Pakistan is a nation that has been blessed with thousands of natural resources that contribute to the overall GDP of the country. 

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To balance import spending, the country’s exports are playing an important role. During the years 2020 and 2021, COVID-19 affected the economies around the world, but Pakistani exports, especially textile products, witnessed exceptional growth. Pakistani products such as textile articles, cotton, rice, wheat, and leather have a huge demand outside the foreign market.

Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has compiled a list of Pakistani products that play an essential role in the country’s GDP.


List of Made in Pakistan Products


ProductPercentage in Exports
Textile Articles17.1%
Apparel: Knit12.7%
Apparel: Non-Knit11.8%
Leather Products2.66%
Precision Instruments1.91%
Natural Minerals and Stones1.82%
Fruits and Nuts1.67%


Due to a strong manufacturing base, several products are produced inside the country and are exported to other countries with trade agreements. Though Pakistan has been through several ups and downs with its manufacturing industry, the country has still managed to keep an impact on international stock markets.

Pakistan is largely an agricultural country, meaning agricultural products make up most of the country’s exports. Mangoes, dates, and citrus fruits are Pakistan’s major fruit exports. Rice, wheat, and cotton are the major crop exports of Pakistan. 

Pakistan’s economy is fragile with several factors affecting it every year. The country’s major crop and fruit exports have been on a decline during the last few years; however, the textile industry has covered the losses with excellent performance and growth in exports.


Textile Articles

Pakistan’s top export product is textile, which includes bed linen, bathroom and kitchen linen, table linen, clothing, and various accessories. The textile industry in Pakistan is spread across the country, with Faisalabad playing a major role. With hundreds of industries on both small and large scales, Faisalabad is ‘Manchester of Pakistan’.

The country Pakistan exported textile products worth $4,058,657,509 during the fiscal year 2020-2021. The rise in textile products has mainly been due to Covid-19. During the pandemic, most of the textile industry around the globe was shut down due to restrictions and rising fears of more casualties. However, Pakistan’s textile industry kept working despite the harsh conditions. So, the world had to rely on Pakistan for its textile product needs.

According to ‘The News International, the country’s textile exports jumped 37% during February 2022. Some major textile exports of Pakistan include carpets, knitted garments, non-knitted garments, curtains, sheets, automotive upholstery, fire hoses, industrial belts, rugs, and towels.


Apparel Industry

The apparel industry of Pakistan is another major industry, with knitted and non-knitted garments contributing $3,019,862,818 and $2,806,215,766, respectively. The clothing brands in Pakistan are world famous. With Germany and Belgium as growing markets of Pakistan’s apparel products, the country’s textile market is making a great impact.

Men’s, or boy’s suits, T-shirts, pullovers, jerseys, girl’s suits, gloves, pantyhose, and underpants are major apparel products exported by Pakistan. During the past few years, the US has emerged as the biggest apparel purchaser of Pakistan. Pakistan’s 40% of apparel exports go to the US market.


Leather Goods


Leather Products to show made in Pakistan Products


Another important export of Pakistan, leather, adds around $480 million to Pakistan’s export economy. Russia, Italy, France, Brazil, the USA, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia, and the Netherlands are the top importers of Pakistan’s leather products.

Leather goods such as bags, jackets, pants, shoes, and other daily-use products are the country’s top leather exports. Pakistan produces a large amount of leather each year that is exported either in raw form or in the shape of various products. During the fiscal year 2020-2021, leather products generated around $632,411,816.


Surgical and Precision Instruments

Pakistan is famous around the world for its surgical instruments. Pakistani exports generated around $360 million during the period of July 2022-2021, according to the Ministry of Commerce, making it one of the major exports in Pakistan. Surgical and dental instruments and various precision tools are exported to the UK, USA, Germany, Brazil, UK, Australia, Russia, and France.

These surgical instruments are produced in various cities of Pakistan. Sialkot plays an important role in producing large quantities of quality instruments.


Fruits and Vegetables

Pakistan being an agricultural country, produces large quantities of fruits and vegetables every year. Fruits such as mangoes, kinnow, guava, apples, dates, pine nuts, and vegetables such as onion, potato, capsicum, mushroom, garlic, and chili are significant exports of Pakistan. Pakistan is the 5th largest mango producer in the world.

During the fiscal year 2019-2020, Pakistan generated $730 million from fruits and vegetable exports. According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Pakistan’s fruit exports witnessed a growth of 3.8%.

Pakistan produces 110 kinds of mangoes and exports them to various countries around the world. It is the 2nd largest exported fruit product of Pakistan. Pakistan mainly exports mangoes to Iran, China, Japan, Germany, and Hong Kong.

Kinnow is another important fruit product exported by Pakistan. During the year 2020-2021, Pakistan exported 370,000 million tons of kinnow generating around $222 million in total. Pakistan exports kinnow mainly to the Philippines, Iran, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Russia, Malaysia, and UAE. 


Furniture Products

Made in Pakistan, furniture is famous all around the world due to its quality and excellent designs. Almost all the furniture products are manufactured in Punjab and then exported to various countries through Karachi. The UK, Germany, Spain, USA, and Italy are the major importers of Pakistani furniture.

China has recently started importing furniture products from Pakistan. This furniture industry is growing each day and generating high revenues. Furniture exports generate $8-12 million in revenue each year.


Footballs and Cricket Products


Football made in Pakistan Products


Sports products manufactured in Pakistan have high demand around the globe. Pakistan has provided the best quality football to FIFA for World Cups and several football tournaments around the world. From 1990 till now, Pakistan has been manufacturing footballs for FIFA World Cups.

Recently, FIFA announced that the football for FIFA World Cup 2022, ‘Al-Rihala’ has been manufactured by Pakistan. According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statics, the country has manufactured and supplied 37.28 million footballs worth $153.018 million to foreign countries.

Cricket products such as bats, gloves, helmets, pads, etc. produce a huge amount of revenue for Pakistan. Apart from cricket and football products, Pakistan generates revenue from other sports products such as basketballs, shuttlecocks, badminton rackets, tennis balls, and many others. 



The cereals export from Pakistan stood at USD 1717 million in 2016. China, Kenya, UAE, and Afghanistan are the main markets in Pakistan for this product. 

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