Benefits of Investing in Shopping Mall

investing in shopping mall

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Are you someone who wants to diversify his/her investment portfolio?

Is residential real estate not your cup of tea?

If your answer is no, then we suggest you invest in a shopping mall today.

There are many benefits and rewards attached to investing in a shopping mall. It is not only a safe and secure option but it also provides you with a steady source of income. Some people prefer residential properties over commercial properties and vice versa. In short, the ‘commercial real estate vs residential real estate’ debate is always under the limelight. In short, retail is a type of commercial real estate investment that is always a good choice for investors.

Want to know more about the benefits of investing in a shopping mall as an investment?

This article is all about shopping malls as an investment opportunity. Let’s have a look at all these major benefits.

Projects marketed by brings an array of top-notch commercial properties for the people of twin cities. If you are looking for portfolio diversification and want to secure your hard-earned money, explore these hot-selling real estate properties and gain excellent returns and other benefits. 

1.Golf Floras:

Golf Floras are the epitome of luxury and class. It is located at the prime location of Bahria Town (Garden City) Islamabad. It is considered to be one of the biggest Luxury Residential Complexes in Islamabad. It is also considered to be one of the World’s Top 20 Luxury Resort Living. It is ideally located in Bahria Garden City on Golf Course and comes with a state-of-the-art Golf Course and Flora Hills View.

Golf Floras, a luxury project, features 600 plus high-end condominiums, best-in-class amenities, and lush landscaping with glorious views of the mountains, making it the most desirable Resort Living Community in the twin cities. 

Golf Floras is an ideally located gated community that offers 24-hour security and maintenance, retail, recreational, educational, and health facilities making it the perfect place for residents to power their dreams and enjoy vibrant living.

2.Amazon Outlet Mall:

The next option on our list is Amazon Outlet Mall. The investment at this Mall starts from as low as Rs.18 Lacs only. It is located at main G.T Road, Islamabad, and comes with seamless resale options and safe & secure investment. 

Amazon Outlet Mall is considered to be Pakistan’s first themed Mall. It is a perfect combination of fashion and architecture. It will be a one-stop destination for customers looking for designer brands and aim to make their shopping a delightful experience by providing the best indoor environment and facilities. The Mall will have a vast area reserved for recreation and leisure facilities such as restaurants, café, sauna, spa, gym, kids playing area, and a library.

Amazon Mall aims to create a fashion hub for the people of twin cities, replete with the latest and sought-after national and international brands. It will be a masterpiece of modern architecture and aims to become a hotbed of commercial activities in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, embodying cultural and commercial ideas.

3.Imarat Builders Mall:

Imarat Builders Mall is another excellent option for people who want to secure their money in the longer run. The investment starts from Rs.17 Lacs only. It is located at the main G.T Road, Islamabad. It is a very safe & secure investment opportunity in twin cities and a perfect way to diversify your real estate portfolio.

Imarat Builders Mall is a perfect opportunity to connect with reputable builders. Builders Mall is designed to offer an ideal retail space to several brands allowing them to showcase various products. Builders Mall caters to a wide range of audiences ranging from construction businesses, project developers, interior designers, and the general public and delivers specialized equipment that meets their specific needs.

Builders Mall is located at the heart of one of the twin cities’ most vibrant and prestigious neighborhoods. The booming retail market makes it a commercially viable opportunity to invest in. The Mall is designed to have everything from complete kitchen installations to high-quality furniture sets to modern sanitary fittings. Builders Mall will also cater to interior and exterior decor materials, exotic marble tiles, flooring, and wall designs. In short, Builders Mall provides a complete lifestyle solution to make your new home truly your own.

4.Mall Of Arabia:

Mall of Arabia is the perfect example of a combination of Arabian and Pakistani architecture. 

The investment starts from as low as Rs.19 Lakhs only. The Mall is located on the main Islamabad Expressway and comes with seamless resale options and safe & secure investment.

Mall of Arabia celebrates our Islamic heritage reflected in its Arabian architectural design. It is a celebration of our shared history, traditions, Islamic art, and architectural grandeur. The Mall also symbolizes the brotherly relationship Pakistan has with the Arab world.

Combining ancient motifs with futuristic detail, the Mall promises to blend folktale with inspiration, history with innovation, and celebration with awe.

Mall of Arabia is situated on the principal commercial and residential route known as Islamabad Expressway. The expressway seamlessly connects Islamabad city across its territorial limits from the Margallas to Rawat. Mall of Arabia sweeps across nearly 15 canals of prime real estate in one of the most dynamic areas of Islamabad. The Mall is located right in the middle of DHA and Bahria Town and accessible from Koral Chowk and T-Chowk and PWD.

The Expressway extension plan makes this an even more prime location for investors as getting to and from the Mall of Arabia will be as smooth as a ride on a magic carpet. The Mall incorporates deep-rooted heritage, exquisite architecture, world-class shopping, and incomparable entertainment under one magnificently opulent roof.  

5.Florence Galleria:

Florence Galleria is the perfect depiction of renaissance art and architecture. The properties at this place start from Rs.18.25 Lacs only. It is located in DHA Phase 2, Islamabad. 

Florence Galleria takes pride in being the first-ever Luxury Boutique Mall in the heart of the Twin Cities. This architectural masterpiece has access from Main G.T Road, Islamabad.

Presenting an international four-star hotel, the luxury suites promise a commitment to intrepid a vision of the Renaissance Era. Luxury and beauty are nestled in every detail, carefully designed at Florence Galleria. The hotel suites give a luxury opulence to make it a grand accommodation, welcoming true relaxation and indulgence and transforming your stay to be the best in your sanctuary.  

It also comes with a state-of-the-art wellbeing center where you can rediscover rejuvenation with the Specialized health Clinics containing facilities i.e. dermatology, dentistry, hair transplant, and nutritionist supplements outlets. 

The other amenities include Roof-top Dining, an Infinity pool, and numerous unrivaled Luxury brands.

Florence Galleria has an international 4 – Star Hotel, Luxury Hotel Suites, Gold Souk, Retail Shops, Health Club, Infinity Pool, and a Rooftop Restaurant.

Benefits of Investing in Shopping Mall

  1. Easy-to-lease Commercial Areas
  2. Less Risk
  3. A Simple Form of Investment
  4. New Lifestyle Trends
  5. Diversification of Portfolio
  6. Professional Ties
  7. Property is Maintained
  8. Shared Amenities

best investment opportunities in pakistan

 1. Easy-to-lease Commercial Areas

Interestingly, it is quite easy to lease out commercial properties such as shopping malls and retail outlets. The government is very flexible in giving lease to the investors. 

Unlike other real estate investment options, commercial real estate comes with less security deposit limits and termination rules. 

 2. Less Risk

Every investment comes with a certain level of risk. Risk cannot be ignored completely. However, with sound strategy and well-informed decisions we can mitigate the risk associated with investing in real estate.

When it comes to a shopping mall, the risk is low because it is spread across many people. When you buy a house, you are solely responsible for the risks attached to it. This is not the case with shopping malls because it is a shared space. This attribute also makes it a safe and secure investment option in Pakistan

 3. A Simple Form of Investment

If you are new to real estate investment, go with simple real estate options. By simple form what we mean is that you should select options that are secure and offer good returns. Shopping malls yield good returns as long as you are diligent.

Shopping malls as a form of investment are also simple because both new and old investors understand how shopping malls work. There is no rocket science behind it.

invest in shopping mall

By analyzing the latest lifestyle and shopping trends, it is safe to say that the trend of shopping malls will not be dying any time soon. 

The economic importance of shopping malls is also improving due to changes in the lifestyle of people. 

Now, instead of hovering cluelessly in the markets,  people look for one-stop shops or all-in-one mall where they can get all the things they want. 

Hence, to cater to the increase in demand for shopping malls, realtors will build more malls to meet this increasing demand. In short, investing in good shopping malls will definitely be fruitful in the future.

Zakat on an investment property is dependent on the income you are getting from it.

 5. Diversification of Portfolio

Shopping malls are an excellent option if you want to expand your portfolio. In today’s fast-paced world, diversification is important. Shopping malls are known to deliver safe and consistent results over a span of time.  

They offer good passive income opportunities and ensure that your portfolio remains on track. If you are looking to shift to a new niche, shopping malls are perfect for you. If you are still confused read house vs shop where to invest?

Also, apart from the diversification in property, you will experience diversification in tenants as well. Your tenants may include; food, banking, health and beauty services, automotive, and technology, and more. In short, it is easy to attract a stream of potential tenants. 

investment in shopping malls

 6. Professional Ties

If you are an investor who prefers good professional relationships, then shopping mall investment might be an excellent opportunity for you to get connected with like-minded people.

Owners of commercial properties are usually MNC’s and business owners. Unlike residential property owners, the owners of commercial properties firmly believe in B2B relationships which are built on professionalism and courtesy. When you are investing in real estate you should seek out someone who knows the ins and outs of real estate to guide you about mistakes to avoid when investing in real estate.

 7. Property is Maintained

In the residential sector, tenants usually harm the property. They break things around the house and make no efforts to keep the place maintained.  Get to know whether to invest in a house or not.

On the other hand, commercial properties such as shopping malls are well kept and maintained at all times. A huge chunk of sales comes from the outlook of shops, so the tenants leave no stone unturned to keep the place clean and tidy. 

Get to know the difference between zakat on property and property tax.

 8. Shared Amenities 

When you invest in residential properties, you have to pay for every single thing because you are the sole owner of the place and it is your responsibility to arrange all the amenities for the tenants. 

One of the biggest benefits of investing in a shopping mall is that you do not have to pay for all the amenities. The mall owners usually set up power systems, decor, security, and vice versa.

So, these were some of the major benefits of investing in shopping malls. Buying shopping centers is one of the best ways to secure your hard-earned money. Shopping center investments come with multiple benefits. Apart from getting a tangible asset, you also get monthly rentals and high ROI. What else do you need in a good investment?. Get to know the top 10 places to visit in Lahore. 

Get to know best real estate YouTube channels.

If you have any queries or suggestions, let us know in the comment section below. We will be more than glad to help you.

Happy investing!

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