Lahore Smart City – Location, Plan and Features

Lahore Smart City - Location, Plan and Features

The Lahore Smart City (LSC) originates from the first-ever smart city, Capital Smart City, located in Islamabad. The project is powered by Future Development Holdings (FDH) and Habib Rafique Pvt Ltd. Given the huge success of the Capital Smart City, the Smart City in Lahore is bound to attract massive investments and smart living opportunities.

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The optimal location of Lahore Smart City


Smart City Lahore is a budding real estate project that has created a new buzz for investors and homeowners in Lahore. Its smart and innovative outlook sets it apart from other traditional construction projects. It is located in the expanding urban landscape of Lahore on the Lahore Bypass.

The location falls near Kala Shah Kaku and is readily accessible from the main roads of Lahore such as the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2), Lahore Ring Road, Lahore-Sialkot Motorway (M-11), and the central GT Road.


The Optimality of Location

The optimal location enjoys ample connectivity to the rest of the city, both the commercial centres and other progressive housing societies. The web of roads surrounding it is the key point accentuating investment incentives.

Therefore, many developers have targeted this locality as its range of amenities and conveniences are unparalleled. In its vicinity, you’ll find all daily life requirements from grocery stores to shopping areas to gas stations!


Lahore Smart City – An Overview

Lahore Smart City has come with a mission of disseminating a sustainable lifestyle on the premises of Lahore. It aims to not only provide a good quality of life but also affordable housing to target the rising population. With the dawn of smart homes and technology, it is high time that the concept of a smart city is incorporated into the developing world.

Therefore, LSC could not have come at a better time! From smart living to smart waste management systems to solar energy utilization – LSC is all set to redefine modern living in Pakistan.

The main features incorporate clean water plants, refined infrastructure development, feasible transportation plans, and a well-developed health care system to cater to every aspect of a resident’s life. In this way, LSC is going to be the new trendsetter in the latest real estate trends in Pakistan.

Investment wise this project has a great value because its worth will continuously hike in the coming years meaning that your investment today will have a multiplier capacity in the future.


NOC Status of Smart City Lahore

The Capital Smart City Lahore has received its due NOC approval from the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). This approval was granted to the project back in February 2021 with an allocated land of 16,000 Kanals. The area may expand further in the future. It is pertinent to note that the price of plots in LSC has increased after the NOC Approval.


Plots in Lahore Smart City

There are two types of plots that the LSC project has outlined for its two types of investors.

The Executive Block

Executive Block is open to investments from the general public of Pakistan with compatible prices. The slots available are quite a few for those hunting for opportunistic real estate investment windows. There are various sizes of plots available:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 20 Marla


The Overseas Block

Overseas Block whereby specialized plots with attractive features and benefits are present that are tailored according to the interests of Overseas Pakistanis. The plot sizes available in this block are also the same:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 20 Marla

Furthermore, the project also comprises a multitude of residential plus commercial plots.


Lahore Smart City Payment Plan 2022

Given below are the respective residential payment plan for this project as of 3rd March 2022 is as follows;

Sr. No

Type of Plot

Area (sq. yds)

Plot Size Marla

Lahore Smart City Plot Value

R/P/MS Fee


Instalments No.






























5Residential5001 Kanal8,050,0008,490,00015



You can download the entire payment plan from the website of Lahore Smart City. The bookings for commercial plots have been closed for now.

In totality, Smart City Lahore has come up with lucrative investment opportunities that are both affordable and profitable in the long run. The payment plan is finalized after inputting various requirements of the people and targets a wide sample of the population.

You can visit the Lahore Smart City Office to obtain more information however their booking method is quite simple. You will be briefed regarding various plot sizes, facilities, and amenities on a first come first serve basis. The package would probably include a down payment first. Given, that the project is up and becoming, the return on investment would prove to be quite profitable.

Investing at the initial stages of a residential project is one of the best investment strategies, especially if it has a proven record of success in previous phases. You get to occupy the central and most desirable places in the residential project first with a promised increase in return.


Lahore Smart City Office

If you wish to visit the LSC site yourself and explore with a proper guide, you must visit their office. The Capital Smart City Lahore Office is located at 52 McLeod Rd at Garhi Shahu point of Lahore. Take a day out before investing your money and observe all the pros and cons of the location through a physical tour.


Lahore Smart City Master Plan

The proposed master plan of Lahore Smart City is given below.



Lahore Smart City Master Plan


The master plan showcases the optimal location of LSC that is present right on the Lahore Ring Road, connecting with Motorway M-2, and Lahore -Sialkot Motorway.

The key vision of the Lahore Master Plan centres around a smart urbanised living centre that promotes the latest smart living technology, promotes sustainable construction concepts and offers a holistic modern residential experience to its community.


What are the Smart Features of Lahore Smart City?


The Lahore Smart City Concept is the need of the time.


Here is a list of features that make the LSC a smart project with an innovative outlook:

24/7 Electricity, Gas, and Water Provision

The biggest setback in any residential society in Pakistan is an interrupted supply of water, gas, or electricity. Even the minimal chances of such cons can set back the value of investment made in the region. Therefore, it is highly important to assess the availability of basic facilities in any society before you make the decision to invest.

Lahore Smart City promises an uninterrupted flow of water, gas, and electricity to its residents, thanks to its inclination towards smart and innovative technology. This is another bonus factor about this residential project.

The Sui gas supply remains stable during the cold season. The water supply is always debris-free and drinkable. The underground electrification system is efficiently built to avoid any electrical hazards or breakdowns.

Automated Street Lights

Street lights are the centre of beautification in any residential area. Nor are they appealing in beautifying the aesthetics of a society but also very crucial for security and safe transport within an area.

LSC, therefore, has invested in automatic street lights so that no malfunction or unnecessary complication mar the steady shower of light in the society.

Uninterrupted Wi-Fi Across the Society

Smart societies cannot come without a healthy connection of WIFI. With work from home mode dominating with each passing day and our social life centred around steady internet connectivity, it is important to check internet facilities in any area before buying/investing in property.

LSC once again ensures a constant strong supply of WIFI connection to its residents so that you can carry on your online life in a hassle-free manner.

Automated Air Conditioning in All Building Structures

With the ever-changing climate and weather conditions in Lahore, the prime factor before finding the perfect place to live is good air conditioning systems. LSC provides automatic air conditioning systems in all the building structures, be it homes or offices.

Smart Traffic Control System

LSC’s smart traffic controlling system enables a smooth flow of transport within the society – definitely a break from the havoc of traffic hustle and bustle in the rush hours of the city. Well-built roads and automated traffic controls are the need of the time! This feature yet again highlights the pros of investing in the Lahore Smart Society!

CCTV Coverage Through Out the Society

Security and safe mobility around a residential area is the number one priority of any residential prospect. Thanks to the holistic planning of this smart city project Lahore, CCTV coverage encompasses the entire society. Hence, you can rest assured while your kids play outside, or your children go out for a walk in the nearby park, or you cruise around at night to get an occasional drive-thru ice cream!

Various Parts of Lahore Smart City

The multi smart homes new Lahore city comes with a wide range of entertainment, commercial, and residential units that grants its residents a wholesome lifestyle! Let’s take a mental ride to some of these spots!

China Village

The China Village in the smart city comes with various sizes of residential and commercial outlets. It has the best range of hotels and restaurants together with the calm of a “cristal lake”.

Aviation Village

Aviation village comprises multiple shopping areas, hotels, warehouses, exhibition halls, and other offices. It has an eco-friendly infrastructure that is designed to reduce waste generation and overconsumption of resources. In this way, it is a commercial hub that depicts not only entertainment but the evolved concept of a modern community through its sustainable features.

Hill Vista

Hills Vista houses some of the best residential plots in Lahore, surrounded by farmhouses and a golf club nearby. It is perhaps the main gem of the entire society that proffers affordable residential units with smart facilities, health care, good education, and functional IT services.

Financial Square

The main focus of the master plan is embedded in this financial square. As the title suggests, the area comprises commercial units for hotels and restaurants, banks, offices, and so on.

What does Lahore Smart City Promise?

Lahore Smart City is an epitome of metropolitan living that forges together a perfect combination of splendid architecture, smart technology, unparalleled town planning, state-of-the-art civil engineering and construction practices, and not to mention, innovative design.

The project aims to provide its residents with:

  • Residential places as per international standards
  • A smart and innovative outlook
  • High-value status
  • Ideal living experience
  • More emphasis on the usage of electrical vehicles
  • Meet the evolving expectations of the population w.r.t modern living
  • Convenience in payment plans


Facilities in Smart City Lahore


Smart City Town Planning


The project is undertaken with a keen eye toward providing an ample number of basic facilities and amenities to its community. From smart parking systems to waste management, the project ensures proactive and progressive solutions. Here are some of the facilities you would get to enjoy at LSC:

Parks and Playgrounds

Greenery is a major highlight of the society’s design with multiple medium and large-sized parks distributed around. Their walking paths and scenic beauty are the perfect escape at the end of a busy day.

The parks are lush green with special attention to cleanliness and neat design. Separate playgrounds are also allocated to ensure a wholesome family time where both adults and children can relax and enjoy their time.

Sport Areas

Smart Society Lahore comes with the best recreational and sports opportunities to facilitate a healthier manner of living in its community. The sports areas also enhance the worth of property in the region!

Open-Air Theatre

Open-Air Theatre is perhaps one of the best entertainment spots in Lahore’s smart living hub. It proffers the perfect ambience and vibe to go out on the weekend with a bag of popcorn and the company of your family or friends.

This modern entertainment feature also adds to the overall worth of this project. Such facilities are the most sought-after among Lahore’s population!


Life and health come first in the welfare of a society’s residents. Therefore, Lahore Smart Society has ensured multiple high-quality hospitals with qualified medical staff, efficient emergency services, and 24/7 medical availability.

Eighteen Land Boulevards

There are eighteen boulevards in the society, all sustainably designed and properly lighted that add a picturesque beauty to the society.

Magnificent Fountains

To add to the beauty and grandeur of the society, the Lahore Smart Society features a dancing fountain. It is one of the spots where you’d want to stop by each week, to ponder upon your jumble of thoughts alongside the soothing sound of the showering droplets. The elegant dance of the water in the air will surely be a refreshing treat to your eye!

Modern Infrastructure and Architecture

The smart society of Lahore comes with state-of-the-art infrastructure given its advanced features and meticulous master plan. There are well-planned spacious roads with green belts together with walking tracks that are spread throughout the society. The optimal infrastructure is designed to keep away clutter and traffic congestion at any given point.

The architectural sense of the apartments, malls, restaurants and other commercial units focuses on modern and smart design, specifically to target people of high urban taste and international clients.

Quality Education

Quality educational facilities in the vicinity of your residence, especially for younger children, are very integral to one’s peace of mind. Therefore, the society will include international level schools and colleges with qualified faculty so as not to compromise on your children’s educational growth.

Protected Community

You wouldn’t get a more secure place to live in than Lahore Smart City because of its wide smart CCTV coverage and lighting systems, you wouldn’t get a more secure place to live or invest in. The smart technology ensures a peaceful environment as the wide security coverage can detect any mishap or accident, immediately directing the security team to respond to any crises.

The society also offers 24/7 availability of its security staff and maintains a strict security decorum at entry and exit points.

Swimming Pools

The society will feature swimming pools of international standard with saunas and world-class equipment in order to facilitate the healthier lifestyle of its residents and save them from long queues and drives to a sports club or resort.

Jogging Tracks

Alongside the green belts, there is a beautiful flow of walking tracks to promote on-foot mobility and ensure a good jogging experience around the blocks.

Shopping Malls

The project will encompass some shopping malls that are to be handed over to various developers. The shopping malls are included in the plan so that they meet the shopping demands of the local populace and save their time cost.

Is Lahore Smart City Project Your Fit?

In the light of the information that has provided in this blog, the ground is now open for you to decide if the project is worth your investment. We hope the details here help you decide if this smart living society is the right fit for you – living-wise and investment-wise.

For more information regarding lucrative investment opportunities in Lahore, don’t forget to visit and let us help you make the best property decisions!

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